Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Let's talk TV...

I'm enjoying this season thus far, however I'm not too tough to please when it comes to Project Runway. I thoroughly enjoy watching designers create, so it really can't go wrong in my eyes.

Obviously, contestants get on my nerves. And the offenders still in it this season are: Elena and Gunnar Deatherage.

There is absolutely no way that Gunnar Deatherage can be his real name. I'm not buying it. I didn't like him last year when he "tried out" for the show (if you recall, they had 20 designers initially, but only 16 actually moved on. He was one of the four eliminated early.), and I still don't like him.

Elena is, well, not very nice. It's annoying watching her be so mean. Plus, I get that she has an aesthetic, but give me regular shoulders just once!

I have a few favorites, too. I do really like Melissa. I loved her blue dress last episode. Thisismybloghello commented yesterday that Melissa's dress was inappropriate for work, which I agree with for the most part. However, I still loved the dress, and would love to wear it to some function.

Another favorite of mine is Sonjia. Her style is fun and sexy and modern, and she is a likeable character. And  rounding out my top three of favorites is... Dmitry! I can't imagine he's in most people's favorites, but I like him. Although he looks like Snape, and I want to call him that when I see him, I can get over that!

If you like Project Runway, you might just like Face Off as well. Or if you like cool movie makeup, such as zombies and aliens. Tonight is the season premier of Face Off, and Buster and I are so excited! Even more thrilling is that they moved it up to 9:00 p.m., versus the 10:00 time slot it was in last year. AND... the episode is an hour and a half long! YES. 

Tonight they are doing some kind of Star Wars themed challenge, so should be fun!

Buster and I were ready to give up on True Blood after last season. Too many sappy love story themes. Too much sap turns both of us off.

After the second season of Game of Thrones ended, I canceled HBO. I wasn't planning on watching True Blood. That was, until, my good friend and co-worker gave me her info so I could watch it on HBOGO at home on the Xbox. 

Buster and I needed a show over the summer anyway, so this worked out.

And this season has been the best season in a couple years! The best villain character ever to grace the show made a reappearance, which has been fun. Some new plot twists coupled with limited cheesefests have given this show a much needed rejuvenation. Next week is the season finale, and I'm pretty sad it's going to be over!


  1. Okay I totally agree with you on Face Off! I am so excited for this new season. Now on True Blood, I was ready to give up on it after this season. I thought this season was all over the board and completely lost my interest. Of course I am addicted and will stick with them :) Have you tried American Horror Story? I really love that series!

  2. I will agree with you on Melissa's dress--it was beautiful. I just can't imagine a data processor, a courtroom attorney, a teacher, a doctor, or a senior VP being taken seriously if she showed up for work at 8am in that dress. Now, for cocktails and dinner schmoozing a client, sure.

    Can't wait for Face Off. I missed the first season, but loved the second season.

  3. I am in almost total agreeance with you on the PR designers. I like Vin's clothes but don't like how cocky he is. I also have the same top two as you.
    I've only watched a couple of episodes of Face off (last season) and it seemed pretty cool.
    And I have always been a True Blood and Game of Thrones fan. So we are spot on there.
    If you need a fall show, find a way to watch Dexter. It's awesome! I have all six seasons so far.

  4. Fun post! I totally agree with all of the Project Runway run-down. Dmitry as Snape...yes! I want to add Ven to the list of don't like. He's so smug.

  5. I totally love Melissa's dress. Though I have to admit Dimitri is my fave of them all. Ven is great in terms of technical skills and structure but his personality is lacking. You know I thought the same thing about Gunnar's name until I met someone at the mall (working in Nordstrom with the same name except spelled with an e). I said is that your real name and he looked at me like I was weird, as if that wasn't bad enough I asked to see his license. Go figure his name was Gunner and he went on to tell me its actually a popular name right now (which I looked up on nameberry). Who'da thought? I still don't like Gunnar from PR but the Nordstrom Gunner turned out to be cool.
    Anyway, I'm a die hard fan of true blood though I have to agree last season Sookie got on my nerves....oh wait, she gets on my nerves every season. But this season has been great. I can never wait for finale's I'm always scouring the internet for spoilers.....don't worry I won't post it here. Hubs hates when I spoil movies or tv shows.
    I seriously can't wait for Game of Thrones to come back and Downton Abbey.

  6. Love this post! I'm a huge fan of Project Runway, and yes, love Melissa's post! And that's hilarious about what you said about Face Off being like Project Runway. I feel the same way, but I haven't told my husband that because he likes Face Off but makes fun of me for watching Project Runway... :)

  7. Snape! Totally right!

    !!Spoiler alert!!
    I dug the premiere of Face Off, but what the hell was up with Joe being such a giant asshole? Seriously! Happiest moment of any Faceoff episode when he left. Douche.

  8. I used to watch project runway years ago when it was new. I really liked it, but then just lost track of it. We absolutely love face off and true blood! I really can't wait for face off to start again! Such a cool show!

  9. I stumbled upon your blog..Congrats on your pregnancy!! :) I'm currently 6dp3dt as a surrogate mother. I am hoping for great news just as you had.. Blessings..


  10. Uggg. I literally JUST started watching last season of True Blood (I watch it on DVD, so I'm always a season behind) and now I know it's going to suck and it will be at least a year before I can get the DVD's for the next season. Thanks a lot Kara! ;)


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