Thursday, March 31, 2011

The tale of my rude RE, plus other things

Today I am 4dpo and 6 days past trigger. Already! Can you believe that? This cycle is flying by!

Buster and I did in fact decide to BD. So, we did "it" on CD8, 9 and 11. I ovulated on CD11. I think that's giving us a decent chance, right? Especially with, I'm assuming, 4-6 eggs. I had 8 mature follicles, but my E2 levels suggest that only 4-6 of those follicles actually contained eggs.

I had progesterone supps leftover from last cycle, so I decided to use them. Today I called my RE office and spoke with a nurse. I asked her if she can call me in more progesterone, because I don't have enough to last me my full LP. She said sure. A few minutes later, she calls me back to say that she looked over my RE's notes from Sunday (my last appointment) and it specifically said, "No progesterone support."

So, she won't call it in until she talks to him in the morning. Lame! I don't even really like the progesterone, and I'm not convinced it did anything for me last cycle, but I like to give myself the best chance I can here! Is there any reason I shouldn't take the progesterone?

UPDATE: While I was drafting this post, I got a call from my RE office. I answered, and it was my RE. I get really crappy reception at work, so I tried to get outside as quickly as I could so we could have a useful conversation. Finally, I get outside. Here is how our conversation transpired:

Me: Can you hear me now?
RE: Yes
Me: Ok... [then I wait... thinking maybe he was going to start talking... I did leave a very detailed message with the nurse, after all.]
What was your question?
Me: Oh, I didn't expect you to call. I spoke with the nurse earlier and asked her about taking my leftover progesterone from last cycle. I don't have enough to get me through the luteal phase, so I was seeing if I could get a new prescription.
RE: (in a very sour manner) So, you tried to get pregnant on your own? [he's a quick one!]
Me: Yes.
RE: Well, I would hope that if you did get pregnant, probably with quintuplets or sextuplets, that there would be a vanishing one or two, and that you wouldn't need the extra progesterone. So, I don't really feel like it's necessary and would rather not write a new prescription.
Me: Ok then, thanks.
RE: Bye

He was SUCH a prick. Wtf is wrong with that guy?? I desperately wish there was another RE in my area, but unfortunately he's the only game in town. If I do in fact get pregnant this cycle, I am not going back to him. I will be calling my OBGYN instead, who is super nice and never a prick.


Yesterday I went to my local dollar store to get some tests, as I am testing out my trigger this cycle. Last month it tricked me, and I don't want that happening again! So I go in, grab the five tests I need, plus some other things, and head up tot the cashier. She sees the five tests. She proceeds to say, loudly and in a southern accent:

"What, you don't believe it? Or do you sell 'em?"

How about mind your own business, lady?! My good friend Sara made an excellent point. She said:

"What is it about pregnancy tests that make people ask stupid questions? Why do they have a fascination with knowing what you're going to do with a stick that you pee on? It's like a cashier asking someone with incompetence issues what they were planning on doing with their diapers. Or buying toilet paper in bulk... do you really want to know?! "

I'm sure the lady at the $ store had a ridiculously easy time getting pregnant, probably didn't take an HPT until she was like 10 weeks late for her period, and got a blazing line. Oh to be so lucky.


I wanted to give a little breakdown of my follicles and such this month.

Uterine lining thickness: 9mm
Right ovary follicles: 13.3, 12.6, 12.3, 10.5, 10, 9, 8, 7, 7
Left ovary follicles: 11.6, 10.5, 9, 7.7, 7, 6

Uterine lining thickness: 10.6mm
Right ovary follicles: 17.6, 17.3, 16, 14.6, 14, 13.6, 12, 12, 11.5, 8, 8, 7, 6
Left ovary follicles:
16.3, 14, 12.6, 11, 9.4, 8.6, 8.5, 8, 7.5
Estradiol level: 950ish
*Triggered this night, with a half dose of hCG (5,000 units)

Uterine lining thickness: 11ish mm (it was 11 something, but I wasn't able to get a copy of the notes b/c the computers were down).
8 mature follicles greater than 16mm
10-15 smaller follicles, some as large as 14mm, and some as small as 7.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

I was totally kidding about IUI#5, apparently.

I knew it was a possibility. I tried my best to push it out of my mind, though. I hoped that I'd only have 3-4 mature follicles this morning.

Double that.

I had 8 mature follicles. And I'm pretty sure my RE only counted mature as greater than 16mm. I had about 10-15 smaller follicles, and many of those were in the double digits of size.

So after the wanding, we go to the consultation room. My RE says to me, in regards to the 8 mature follicles, "If this was an IVF cycle, I'd be orgasmic right now."

Um. Ew. I begged my mind not to produce a mental image.

So he says that he will not go through with the IUI, that 8 eggs is just too many. He said I am now, again, at risk for OHSS, and that I need to monitor myself. Any signs of OHSS, and I should call the doctor or go to the emergency room. I have also been instructed to drink lots of gatorade.

He didn't tell me NOT to BD. What he did say was, "Obviously I can't keep you from having intercourse."

Well, thanks doc, for that crystal-clear insight into your thought process.

On the drive home, Buster and I had a nice talk about what we would like to do. I told him that I'd like to do some research online first, and then we can make a slightly more educated decision.

After reading that it's highly unlikely that all of my 8 large follicles contain mature, fertilizable eggs, we decided to BD.

Even though we did not do an IUI, I still feel quite hopeful with this cycle. I'm really hoping that half of those follicles have mature eggs in them, and we can get one or two to fertilize.

A girl can dream, right?


When Buster and I returned from the IUI, we found that Kelsey had (once again) destroyed my BBT thermometer. Ugh. This makes #2 (plus she had already gnawed on this one once, but I caught her mid-gnaw)! There couldn't be a worse day to lose my thermometer. Of course I had to run out and get a new one. I need to confirm ovulation tomorrow! :)

This is not my dog! :)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

*ahem* Announcing... IUI#5!

We have family in this weekend. My mom's twin sister, her husband, their three adult children and their partners. My mom and aunt's birthday is on Sunday. It is a weekend that will certainly be full of fun and shenanigans!

Yesterday late afternoon, I was scrambling around the house looking for something to wear and getting ready to head out to my parents' house, where all the festivities will be taking place. As I'm talking to Buster about whether or not my sister and brother are hitching a ride with us, I get a phone call from my RE office.

I answer, and it's my RE. My estradiol level was around 950, which was MUCH lower than he anticipated with me having all those eggs. That basically negates the chance of me getting OHSS. Yay!

So, my options are to a) trigger tonight and do the IUI on Sunday morning, or b) do nothing and hope that I ovulate on my own, which I may not since we've been tinkering with my hormones and such.

RE was sure to remind me, about 50 times, that I am at risk for high-order multiples (triplets or more) and wanted to know how I felt about Selective Reduction. I told him I don't know that much about it, and he explained the procedure to me.

I didn't like the sounds of the procedure, but I really can't put stock in the off-chance that miraculously we would fertilize ALL mature eggs, when we've never fertilized ONE. That sounds too much like winning the lottery or being struck by lightning, neither of which has happened to me.

I tell my RE that I will trigger. He tells me to do only a half dose--5,000 units of hCG.

We go in Sunday morning for the IUI. Number 5. I am going to request that they scan me first, just so we know for sure what we are dealing with.

 I was preoccupied all night long because of this phone call! We got home close to midnight, and I spent a good couple of hours researching online about the risk of multiples in a situation such as mine, and about selective reduction. I found one really informative study that basically said that my risk for high-order multiples & implantation would be much greater if my estradiol (E2) levels were greater than 1000. I also read some stats on a forum, and the ladies who got pregnant with high-order multiples had E2 levels well over 1500!

I'm nervous and excited and hopeful. Buster really wants to go through with the IUI. His reasoning is that if this one doesn't work, we really know something is up and we should just start saving for IVF and stop wasting our time with IUIs. I think it's a great point. I mean, this will give us our best shot at getting pregnant so far.

And because of that, I'm hopeful.

Friday, March 25, 2011

You don't want to die trying to have a baby, do you?

Ok, first an update on what I decided to do about taking more meds than my doc prescribed:

I had talked myself into taking 40iu of Follistim on the evening of my last RE appointment. That was Wednesday. After going back and forth on what I wanted to do for several hours, I finally decided to just do it.

So, I gathered up my Follistim from the fridge and got the bag o' goodies (Menopur + syringes + needles) from the spare room. Head to the bathroom.

First, I get out the stuff to mix up my Menopur. There are two vials you need, one is sodium chloride (which I think is just a fancy name for salt water) and the other is the drug, which is in a powder form in the vial. I get 1cc of liquid in my syringe, and inject it into the Menopur. I swirl it around a little so that all the medicine dissolves. Then I set it down and move to the Follistim.

Follistim is administered through a "pen" they call it, which kind of looks like a chubby ball point pen. There is a dial on it, and you can set the dosage yourself. I set it to probably 40 (it was on one of the dots between 25 and 50!). Because I'm mixing with the Menopur, I actually just inject the Follistim into the vial of Menopur, instead of stabbing myself with the handy-dandy Follistim Pen. I put the needle point on the rubber topper, and inject it into the vial of Menopur.


After I inject myself with the Menopur, take the needle off the Follistim pen and throw it out, put the cap on the Follistim pen and put it away, I realize that I don't recall which vial I injected the Follistim into: the leftover sodium chloride remaining in that vial, or the vial of the Menopur cocktail.

I became incredibly flustered at this point. I couldn't inject myself with more Follistim, because what if I already had?? So I just tossed the vial of sodium chloride and said to hell with it! It's too stressful messing with my meds.

I didn't realize until much later that I *could* have just went ahead and injected the sodium chloride anyway, since it was just water and wouldn't hurt me! But, I'm an idiot, and in my flustered state did not think about it.

Thursday I just did my normal dose of Menopur, no additional meddling with medicine!

Fast-forward to today. I had a follow up appointment.

As I was sitting in the waiting room, a smiling, happy couple came in with their beautiful little IVF baby to show off to everyone who works there. I know that they were most likely in my shoes at some point, and I am happy they had a baby. However... that is the absolute last place I want to be bombarded with tiny cute newborns! It was like a slap in the face. I'd have liked to give them a dagger so they could properly shank me.

Anyway, I get called back and they take my estradiol levels. Fossil Fran was the one who took my blood, and we were talking about the weather outside (which is cold and brisk, yet sunny). I told her the sun makes it bearable. She said "Yeah, I can handle anything as long as the sun is shining." I thought that was a great quote. I <3 FF! So after that, I was feeling hopeful, and even thought I had a wonderful title for today's blog post!

I head into the exam room and wait on the doctor and nurse parade to enter (all the while hearing the IVF baby cry ouside the door). They finally show up, and I assume the position. As soon as the u/s wand enters me, my RE says something about me having a billion eggs. Ok... I think I like the sounds of that.

My lining is at 10.6, which I think is good!
Right ovary follicles: 17.6, 17.3, 16, 14.6, 14, 13.6, 12, 12, 11.5, 8, 8, 7, 6
Left ovary follicles: 16.3, 14, 12.6, 11, 9.4, 8.6, 8.5, 8, 7.5

So, a plethora of eggs. The veritable army of eggs line should have been used today, not Wednesday!

After my RE enters some stuff in the computer, he says
"Well, our options are...
a) Abort the cycle"

He goes on to explain that I am at risk for multiple gestation and over stimulation. I start crying, but try to hide it. I spent an effload of money on meds and appointments, not to mention emotional investment! "Aborting" (could we have used a better term here, doc? Like cancel??) the cycle is the last thing I want to do.

"or b) attempt to coast."

Coasting means basically not do anything for a couple days, and I will go back in on Sunday for another u/s. Then we will go from there and see what happens.

He looked at me, waiting for me to say what I want to do. I told him, through a voice thick with the sound of choked back sobs, that I do NOT want to abort the cycle.

He says, "Well, you don't want to die trying to have a baby, do you?"

Well, Mr. Ray of Sunshine, not particularly. But I'm dying a little more each day, regardless if I'm having babies or not! So in essence, I am dying while trying to have a baby.

So, the plan for now is to coast, and hopefully by Sunday some of the smaller follies will have fizzled and the leading 4 will still be going strong. But if there are lots of eggs that day, I'm assuming Dr. Cheerful will not want to go on with the IUI. DH and I would still BD though, because I'm not wasting this cycle completely.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

An early morning wanding, a veritable army of follicles, and a dilemma

Is there a better way to start off a dreary Wednesday than being wanded by two people simultaneously?! I guess it depends on who you ask :)

Last night I had some EWCM. On CD6. Weird, right? I thought so. I still had some this morning when I woke up, so I guess it wasn't a fluke. I also woke up feeling incredibly bloated. I chalked it up to my over-eating at Outback last night (although honestly, I really didn't eat that much. I just had some Bloomin' Onion, which is not in my typical daily diet plan!).

So back to my appointment. There is a new resident/trainee/doctor-to-be this month. She is friendly, smiles, and speaks to me. She also has yet to yawn at my lady bits. So far, she's a keeper! She actually did my ultrasound last week, and then again today. She never can get the proper angle that my RE wants, so he always has to help her. Hence the first sentence of this post.

I could tell immediately that I had lots of follie action. Here is a rundown:
Uterine lining thickness: 9mm
Right ovary follicles: 13.3, 12.6, 12.3, 10.5, 10, 9, 8, 7, 7
Left ovary follicles: 11.6, 10.5, 9, 7.7, 7, 6

So, a crapload of eggs. And I'm only on CD7! It just seems... early(?) to me to have this many decent-sized follicles. But I suppose that's what happens when you are on 150iu of FSH and 75iu of LH.

My RE told me to stop the Follistim, and just continue with the Menopur. I go back in on Friday for another ultrasound.

Here is my internal dilemma: 2 cycles ago, I was on Bravelle. I started out at 150iu, which is pretty similar to what I have been taking the past couple of days. I had a similar early u/s, with TONS of follicles. My RE cut my dose of Bravelle down by half, and I continued on with 75iu. I ended up with two mature follicles. Two is better than one, don't get me wrong. But I've been at this so long, and this is my 5th IUI. I told my doc I want 3-4 mature follicles, and he said that's why we were doing the Follistim+Menopur.

I'm just afraid that if I stop the Follistim altogether, I will end up in the same boat as 2 cycles ago: 2 mature follicles, followed by a BFN.

So...I'm considering continuing to take *some* Follistim. Not the full dose, but maybe 25 or 50iu. Or somewhere in between.

Has anyone ever done something like this? I know the risks. I know it could lead to a canceled IUI cycle, or even OHSS. But, like I stated earlier, I wouldn't be taking the full dosage. Any advice or thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

Monday, March 21, 2011

New protocol, cheap dog toys and blocked Blogger

Happy Monday!

I would have updated earlier today, however for some reason my work has decided to block Blogger! Talk about aggravating. Hulu, Facebook, Youtube, Craigslist, Ebay... all of those are allowed. Just no personal blogs or websites. I guess I'll have to start watching TV at work instead of blogging!


I had an appointment with my RE on Friday morning. I went in thinking that I will demand him to make me more eggs, and to listen to me. Honestly, I'm not really a demanding person. Ok, Buster would argue with that, but not when it comes to my health professionals. I don't like when people tell me how to do my job, so I try to be courteous.

Luckily, he agreed with me about 3-4 mature follicles. I am currently on Follistim 75miu + Menopur. I believe the Menopur is 75miu of FSH and 75miu (? mg? Idk!) of LH. Yay for an extra hormone!

I had printed my Fertility Friend chart to bring in and show him my ridiculously low temps that started too early in my luteal phase. He brushed it off, saying you can't really go by BBT. He also (still) insists that a LP longer than 11 days is normal. Mine was 12 this time (where it had been 15-17 before the injectibles). That irritated me a bit, but oh well. I got the drugs I wanted, so I'm happy.

I go in Wednesday morning for an ultrasound. I fully expect to have lots of small follicles. I really hope he doesn't really dumb down the dosage of meds though, as last time he did that I ended up with only two!


I went to PETCO today and got Kelsey some treats and toys. I typically don't buy her stuffed animals because she loves unstuffing them, and it's usually just not worth it. I bought her a rope/stuffed animal with squeakers today. In less than an hour, she had the thing ripped in half, stuffing and squeakers out! I should have just given her six dollars to chew up.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Luck, or lack thereof.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

As "luck" would have it, today is CD1. AF arrived with a vengeance this morning.

I called my RE's office and made an appointment for tomorrow at 11. I will be printing my FF chart to show my RE the super low temps. Also to show the short LP.

Prior to using injectible meds, I had 15-17 day LPs. Every time. The past two cycles have been 11 and 12 days, respectively. That is unacceptable in my book. This cycle I was even on progesterone.


So tomorrow I will go in, demand some Follistim. And not some puny dose, either. I want lots of eggs.

How much more of this can I endure? This will be IUI#5. I'm exhausted just thinking about it.


Update on weight loss!

The Weight Watchers program I was in is now over. It was 10 weeks long. I lost 9.5 lbs. I'm ok with that. Obviously I'd have liked to have lost more weight, but without exercising, I'm happy with what I lost.

I ordered a weighted hula-hoop off of Amazon. It came in the other day. I'm going to try that bad boy out tonight! I thought it might be fun to watch TV (more like watch Buster play Call of Duty...) while "hooping". Kelsey will probably think it's a toy, however, so we'll see how it goes.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

And I want to know my fate if I keep up this way

Today was the day Fossil Fran said for me to test. I did, and it was a BFN. I'm not surprised. Not really, anyway.

I called Fossil Fran on my way to work this morning to inform her of the negative. I told her that my temps have been freakishly low, and asked if I should stop the progesterone so AF can show up. She said no, keep on the progesterone. I asked her if it can keep my period from coming, and she said yes, in some cases.

So... why am I staying on it? I actually didn't take it this morning. I will go home at lunch and do one of my twice-daily insertions, but man. I was hoping to just be done with progesterone and allow AF to show up so I can move on.

Yesterday, Buster and I decided that we are taking a break from the RE for a couple of months to pay off some bills. We still owe money on my LEEP surgery, which was back in August. We've also accumulated some nice bills from the RE and from Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy.

Yesterday I was ok with that idea. But, in the shower (where I make most decisions), I decided that I'd like to give it one more go. I want to ask beg demand force my RE to help me achieve 3-4 mature follies. 1 and 2 are not cutting it, not sure if he's noticed. I certainly have.

I also want to demand Follistim this time, as opposed to Bravelle. Just to switch it up. See what we get. You know. The old changearoo.

Now, all I need to do is convince Buster to be ok with one more month of a crazy, super-hormonal wife. That may not be too easy. Perhaps I should ask him, mid-BJ? He couldn't possibly say no then, right?? ;)

Wish me luck!

Oh, and I'm also quite open to suggestions. If anyone out there in blogland has any advice for me, I'm all ears!


Today's song o' the day is brought to you by Death Cab for Cutie. Here is "Bixby Canyon Bridge":

Monday, March 14, 2011


Ah... before anyone else leaves my blog because they think I might be pregnant...

After a 6 hour hold today on the same brand of test, I got a BFN. Actually, 2 BFNs. I'm thinking it was all a fluke. Somehow I was still getting the trigger or something. Things are once again right in the universe.

Don't worry. there is only stark whiteness in my future.

A sleepless night and a sleepy princess puppy

First, in hopes of brightening your Monday morning, here is a new pic of Kelsey, the spoiled little princess:

And now on to other news. Today I am 13dpt/11dpiui/10dpo (how's that for specifics?!). Fossil Fran told me to test on Wednesday, March 16. So I tested on March 12. I have the restraint of a toddler.

So on the evening of 11dpt/9dpiui/8dpo, I got a nice line on a $ store test. I knew it could still be the trigger lingering. I tested again the next morning, still a line. Still could be the trigger. Tested again this morning, still a line. It does not appear to have gotten either lighter or darker, but it is definitely pink. I have also peed on an Equate, Answer and EPT. All were negative.

I have no idea what is going on. The doctor in my head tells me that perhaps we have a fertilized egg bouncing around inside my ute. I'm hoping it decides to implant today, and I can get some potentially darker lines starting tomorrow.

But, who knows. Maybe it's a never-ending trigger. Maybe someone in the lab at Ovidrel thought it would be hilarious to put 100,000miu of hCG instead of 10,000 in one package...?

Also, because never-changing lines aren't confusing enough, my temperature the past two days has been bizarre, and that's putting it mildly. Yesterday's temp dipped below coverline. I was hoping it would recover today. Instead, it went down. Granted, I got a horrible night's sleep. My thoughts were just racing. You can check out my chart here.

 Pee stick comparisons:

Any insight or thoughts would be beyond appreciated. I'm driving myself completely nuts here!!!


Thinking of my friend Aub today! She is having her Egg Retrieval! Stop by and wish her luck :)


Friday, March 11, 2011

The Swindling of the Century. Oh, and me crying in the fetal position.

I have not been very bloggy as of late. Work has kept me super busy, and I've just not been very motivated in the evenings to come up with any witty posts.

I am 7dpo, and have had some "symptoms". That is in quotes because, as many of you are well aware, the chances of them being actual symptoms are slim. On 5dpo I felt really nauseous, and my face broke out a bit. 6dpo I had some major heartburn and indigestion, not to mention I was INCREDIBLY irritable. I'd love for these to be real symptoms. Only time will tell, though.

I'm also temping again, so if anyone wants to stalk my chart, feel free! :)

I will be testing on 12dpo, which is this coming Wednesday. That's when Fossil Fran told me to test. And I am putting my faith and fertility in those old, wrinkly hands!


Yesterday when I got home from work, I was on a mission. I threw our blankets in the washer, unloaded the dishwasher, loaded it back up, washed all the "not safe for dishwasher" items by hand, chopped up veggies for chili and got it started on the stove. After that whirlwind of activity, I was ready to sit on the couch with some delicious V8 Fusion Light Strawberry Banana juice. I poured myself a tall glass over ice, and plopped down on the couch. Right after I sat down and started to take a drink, Kelsey jumped up on the couch. She knocked the glass (which WAS glass, actually!) into my face and my lip got pinched between my teeth and the glass, and then it spilled all on my crotch.

Well, I had pajama pants on that were kind of thin, so I immediately stripped them off and threw them in the hamper. While looking for a new pair, I notice that the inside of my thighs are all sticky from the juice. I lost it! I started sobbing and crawled into bed in the fetal position and just cried. Yes, I realize how crazy that sounds. But all I wanted to do was relax and drink my damn juice! Ok, I really sound like a toddler now.


I had my very first acupuncture appointment on Wednesday. When I called to make the appointment, I told the acupuncturist that I struggle with infertility. She mentioned that she treats lots of ladies who have IF. She also recommended a detoxifying foot bath. Fine, ok. I'll do the foot bath too. Whatever.

So I go to the office on Wednesday. It was...weird. Just weird. The foot bath thing consisted of a tub full of hot water that I placed my feet in. Connected to the tub and in the water there was this electronic ionization device. It was connected to a box that had all kinds of buttons and controls on it. After my feet were in the water, she dumped in some powder and told me to keep my feet still.

Apparently it pulls out toxins in your body via your feet. Ok, weird. The water turned all brown and reddish and gross looking. The girl beside me, her water was greenish black. Apparently the color tells you where in your body the toxins are coming from. Mine came from my liver and kidneys and my female prostrate. Awesome. It was $40.

Finally I get called back for the actual thing I went there for. We go back into the room, and we sit down. The acupuncturist asks me some questions, such as how long I've been TTC, and where I am in my current cycle. I request that she does something to help with implantation, as I was 5dpo that day. So, she sticks four needles in my bells, one each on my feet, one in between my eyebrows, another on the top of my head and one each on my ears.

She then said that after reviewing the paperwork I filled out, she would recommend me taking a probiotic (acidophilus). "Ok," I say. Then she leaves me for 30 minutes.

When I'm all done, I go out to make my next appointment and to pay. She had set out some acidophilus for me. The tell me the cost, and I seriously almost shat myself. $155. Not including tip. W.T.F.

I knew that the initial acupuncture appointment is $85, and that the foot bath thing was $30. The freaking acidophilus was $40!!!!!! I was too embarrassed to complain, so I just paid and left. I gave her a $20 tip, which who knows if that is even acceptable. She didn't do the foot bath, the assistant did. I'm not tipping her for the damn pills, that's for sure! Ugh.

I left there feeling like I had just been completely swindled. But... with that being said, I think I will keep my appointment for next week. It will only be $60, and I will not be doing the foot bath again (which I feel was a crock, anyway).

Friday, March 4, 2011

IUI #4

Well, yesterday was the big day!

As I was waiting to be called back, I talked to the really sweet girl at the front desk. I mentioned the Oaf to her, and how he yawned at my lady parts. Also how he had unfortunate aim with the dildo wand. She got a big kick out of that. I mentioned that I think it might have been the first time he'd seen a vagina, and she said that he has a wife and two kids. I'm convinced those children are adopted. She said that he is no longer there, as February is over (I guess the residents are there a month...?). So, that's a relief! First good news of the day: no mo' Oaf.

I get called back and head into my home-away-from-home, AKA exam room 3. I strip down and hop up on the table and patiently await the arrival of the doc. I realize I forgot my cell phone in my purse, which I was planning on taking up on the bed with me so I could time that whole "Lay here for ten minutes" part (I'm apparently a really bad judge of how much time has passed). I really wanted to get up and get my phone, but I couldn't get the thought out of my head that while I was halfway there, the door would open and my bare ass would be on display for the train of doctors, nurses, residents, etc. who entered. So, to avoid that risk, I just stayed seated.

Fossil Fran enters. That's it. Just Fossil Fran. She has the sperm vial, so I'm assuming she is going to do my IUI. Initially I was a little disappointed. Shouldn't my RE be doing this procedure??

My disappointment quickly diminished, however. Fran spent a good bit of time talking to me about Buster's sperm. His post-wash count was 31 million with almost 90% motility, and was grade 4 (which she said is the highest grade of sperm). They had never told me the grade before, so that was interesting. I mentioned to her that we are on a steady decline of sperm, and that I was slightly disheartened by that number. Back in January we had 112 million post-wash, and last cycle it was 69 million post-wash. I really need to get Buster on a multivitamin.

Anyway, she said to not be discouraged because it was a great number. Ok, fine Fran! I will not be discouraged. I then asked her why we never do an ultrasound on the day of IUI. She replied that she always does one on the day of IUI. Hello! Fran! Where have you been my whole life?!

Fran does the IUI, then makes me put my feet up on the table and my knees in the air. She has me lift up my butt and she tilts the table so that "the sperm can swim downhill" (her words!). She told me to lay there for 15 minutes and then she'd be back to do the ultrasound. My RE never does any of this! I just lay on the stupid table with the sperm battling uphill and he has never said anything of it!

So after my nice power-nap, Fran comes back in. When my ute pops up on the ultrasound screen, Fran says, "See all those little sparkles? Those are the sperm." O.M.G! It was beyond amazing to see the sperm. They weren't actually sparkling, although how awesome would that have been? It was just a clump of white stuff on the black screen. They were right up by my tube! Where they were supposed to be! What smart little guys. I'm so proud!

Then, we take a look at my follies. I had a 24mm and a 19mm. Hopefully there are eggs in both and my chances are that much more increased. Fran believes they will both release. She also mentioned that my cervical mucus looked great.

I start progesterone suppositories on Saturday, one in the morning and one at night. She said for me to take an HPT 13 days from today, and if it's positive call them right away. She also said to have "intercourse" last night and today. Yes ma'am!

I am so much more hopeful about this IUI than I have been for others. I hope I'm not severely disappointed in a couple weeks, but that's the risk involved I suppose.

After the IUI, I get back to work and see a missed call from my boss. I call him back, and he tells me I'm getting a $2/hour raise. At this point I'm really on cloud 9.

Yesterday was a great day! And I feel like I haven't had enough great days recently, so I am incredibly thankful for this one.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Well I'm doing fine... I'm doing fine.

Yesterday I had an appointment with my RE. It was the last appointment before the IUI.

As you all know, I was hoping for 3 or 4 mature follicles. Instead I have one. Maybe two. I'm pretty devastated. I make one egg on my own, without all the extra expense. I'm just disheartened and jaded and pissed and sad.

I have a 19.3mm and a 15mm. Who knows if the 15 will actually rupture. I asked my doc and he said he didn't know, but that it wasn't the good one anyway.

I trigger tonight and go in on Thursday morning for the IUI. I will start progesterone on Saturday.

I already feel out and I'm not even in the TWW yet.


Today's musical selection is brought to you by the amazing Avett Brothers. It is entitled "Will you return?"
Enjoy! :)

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