Monday, March 14, 2011

A sleepless night and a sleepy princess puppy

First, in hopes of brightening your Monday morning, here is a new pic of Kelsey, the spoiled little princess:

And now on to other news. Today I am 13dpt/11dpiui/10dpo (how's that for specifics?!). Fossil Fran told me to test on Wednesday, March 16. So I tested on March 12. I have the restraint of a toddler.

So on the evening of 11dpt/9dpiui/8dpo, I got a nice line on a $ store test. I knew it could still be the trigger lingering. I tested again the next morning, still a line. Still could be the trigger. Tested again this morning, still a line. It does not appear to have gotten either lighter or darker, but it is definitely pink. I have also peed on an Equate, Answer and EPT. All were negative.

I have no idea what is going on. The doctor in my head tells me that perhaps we have a fertilized egg bouncing around inside my ute. I'm hoping it decides to implant today, and I can get some potentially darker lines starting tomorrow.

But, who knows. Maybe it's a never-ending trigger. Maybe someone in the lab at Ovidrel thought it would be hilarious to put 100,000miu of hCG instead of 10,000 in one package...?

Also, because never-changing lines aren't confusing enough, my temperature the past two days has been bizarre, and that's putting it mildly. Yesterday's temp dipped below coverline. I was hoping it would recover today. Instead, it went down. Granted, I got a horrible night's sleep. My thoughts were just racing. You can check out my chart here.

 Pee stick comparisons:

Any insight or thoughts would be beyond appreciated. I'm driving myself completely nuts here!!!


Thinking of my friend Aub today! She is having her Egg Retrieval! Stop by and wish her luck :)



  1. Um, this could be exciting! I would be going nuts, too...

  2. So strange, i hope its the beginning of your bfp!!

  3. OMG! I don't want to get hopes up, but I honestly think that line is getting darker the past 2 days!

    My trigger never lasted more than 7dpt. I know everyone metabolizes differently, but 13 days and still that dark!?!?!?! That is hard to believe. Can't wait to see what happens tomorrow and the next day!

    Your chart is definitely weird, so I'm going to ignore it completely. Ha!

    Stalking... :)

  4. I've been stalking all weekend. I have everything crossed for you!

  5. I hope it's staying the same or almost because at first it was picking up trigger, and now it's picking up baby! I really hope that's why. If it were only trigger the lines would be getting lighter, and they aren't.

  6. looks promising to me. keep us posted!!!!!!!

  7. This is so exciting!! On my cycle that worked, I tested on 12dpiui and had a faint positive and it ended up being the real thing!! I got a faint positive on an answer test in the morning and did a digital one later on that afternoon. I'm thinking lucky thoughts for you!

  8. Honestly, it looks like it may be getting slightly darker. I'm not sure though, but those lines are def there!!!
    I really hope the lines start getting darker and a better test starts showing a line for you too!!!

  9. lmao about the 100,000iu thing.

    It's still early, so it's hard to tell. My trigger was always out by 8dpo, and I was able to get true positives by 10-11dpo with FRERs. I've always found that they're most sensitive. Hoping that soon you get a positive for real and for sure ;) Good luck!

  10. Oh I'm hoping!!! I have no idea - I've always been terrible at reading pee sticks and charts, but my fingers are crossed!!!

  11. I am thinking this may be a good sign. Give it another day or two!

    Also, not sure if I told you yet or not but new b blog address:

  12. This looks like a great thing!!!!!
    I am hoping you implant soon and start getting more definitive lines!
    But I just can't believe that this is still the trigger, no way.
    Ahhhhhhhhh this could be the first of your many BFP for this cycle!!!!!
    Keep us updated!


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