Thursday, March 31, 2011

The tale of my rude RE, plus other things

Today I am 4dpo and 6 days past trigger. Already! Can you believe that? This cycle is flying by!

Buster and I did in fact decide to BD. So, we did "it" on CD8, 9 and 11. I ovulated on CD11. I think that's giving us a decent chance, right? Especially with, I'm assuming, 4-6 eggs. I had 8 mature follicles, but my E2 levels suggest that only 4-6 of those follicles actually contained eggs.

I had progesterone supps leftover from last cycle, so I decided to use them. Today I called my RE office and spoke with a nurse. I asked her if she can call me in more progesterone, because I don't have enough to last me my full LP. She said sure. A few minutes later, she calls me back to say that she looked over my RE's notes from Sunday (my last appointment) and it specifically said, "No progesterone support."

So, she won't call it in until she talks to him in the morning. Lame! I don't even really like the progesterone, and I'm not convinced it did anything for me last cycle, but I like to give myself the best chance I can here! Is there any reason I shouldn't take the progesterone?

UPDATE: While I was drafting this post, I got a call from my RE office. I answered, and it was my RE. I get really crappy reception at work, so I tried to get outside as quickly as I could so we could have a useful conversation. Finally, I get outside. Here is how our conversation transpired:

Me: Can you hear me now?
RE: Yes
Me: Ok... [then I wait... thinking maybe he was going to start talking... I did leave a very detailed message with the nurse, after all.]
What was your question?
Me: Oh, I didn't expect you to call. I spoke with the nurse earlier and asked her about taking my leftover progesterone from last cycle. I don't have enough to get me through the luteal phase, so I was seeing if I could get a new prescription.
RE: (in a very sour manner) So, you tried to get pregnant on your own? [he's a quick one!]
Me: Yes.
RE: Well, I would hope that if you did get pregnant, probably with quintuplets or sextuplets, that there would be a vanishing one or two, and that you wouldn't need the extra progesterone. So, I don't really feel like it's necessary and would rather not write a new prescription.
Me: Ok then, thanks.
RE: Bye

He was SUCH a prick. Wtf is wrong with that guy?? I desperately wish there was another RE in my area, but unfortunately he's the only game in town. If I do in fact get pregnant this cycle, I am not going back to him. I will be calling my OBGYN instead, who is super nice and never a prick.


Yesterday I went to my local dollar store to get some tests, as I am testing out my trigger this cycle. Last month it tricked me, and I don't want that happening again! So I go in, grab the five tests I need, plus some other things, and head up tot the cashier. She sees the five tests. She proceeds to say, loudly and in a southern accent:

"What, you don't believe it? Or do you sell 'em?"

How about mind your own business, lady?! My good friend Sara made an excellent point. She said:

"What is it about pregnancy tests that make people ask stupid questions? Why do they have a fascination with knowing what you're going to do with a stick that you pee on? It's like a cashier asking someone with incompetence issues what they were planning on doing with their diapers. Or buying toilet paper in bulk... do you really want to know?! "

I'm sure the lady at the $ store had a ridiculously easy time getting pregnant, probably didn't take an HPT until she was like 10 weeks late for her period, and got a blazing line. Oh to be so lucky.


I wanted to give a little breakdown of my follicles and such this month.

Uterine lining thickness: 9mm
Right ovary follicles: 13.3, 12.6, 12.3, 10.5, 10, 9, 8, 7, 7
Left ovary follicles: 11.6, 10.5, 9, 7.7, 7, 6

Uterine lining thickness: 10.6mm
Right ovary follicles: 17.6, 17.3, 16, 14.6, 14, 13.6, 12, 12, 11.5, 8, 8, 7, 6
Left ovary follicles:
16.3, 14, 12.6, 11, 9.4, 8.6, 8.5, 8, 7.5
Estradiol level: 950ish
*Triggered this night, with a half dose of hCG (5,000 units)

Uterine lining thickness: 11ish mm (it was 11 something, but I wasn't able to get a copy of the notes b/c the computers were down).
8 mature follicles greater than 16mm
10-15 smaller follicles, some as large as 14mm, and some as small as 7.


  1. I hope that this is THE ONE!!!
    Yuck your RE sounds awful! He probably knows he can be since he is the only one in the area, isn't that just the worst?

  2. Your RE sucks - I'm sure he's all smart and stuff, but how annoying to have to deal with bad manners! And I hate that someone asked you a question about the HPT's - mind your own business! I always make sure to go to men cashiers if available - they never ask questions...

    I have so much hope for this cycle for you!

  3. Geez what a bleep, did he not want you to bd?

  4. What an *ss!!! Can you go to walk in clinic and ask for a refill? Just bring in your other one that's about to finish and tell them you couldn't get into see your dr. I've done that for Clomid. You got to do what you go to do!!!

    Next time someone asks you about the hpts you should have smart comment or tell them to zip it and mind their own business. How rude!!

    I REALLY have a lot of hope for you this cycle Kara!!!!!

  5. I can't believe what a jerk your RE is!!!! Here's to hoping at least one of those little eggs gets fertilized!!! It should be like shooting fish in a barrel if you released 4-6 eggs. hehe

  6. Wishing you lots of luck! Man, what a dick your RE is. I can't believe he had the nerve to say something like that.

  7. Your RE is such an ass! Excuse the language... but he's an ass. Is there at least a different RE in the clinic you can start seeing regularly, are you sure there's no one else? I understand being stuck with a clinic, I've been there before, but damn. UGH!

    Hoping you catch one or two eggs, but not more than that! No HOMs :) Good luck!

  8. what a jerk on him. where's the closest RE besides him. I live in FL and have been researching RE isn't rude per say, although the "you're just not lucky" burns a little..i just never hardly see him and the is a nazi (i actually prefer her..she doens't mess things up but totally gruff) and the other shouldn't be anywhere near a doc idea what's going on...not exactly someone i like to get advice from.

    Your RE was just totally lame though. ugh..hate that

  9. WTF?!! I want to punch him, seriously!!!!!!! GRR

  10. Oh my gosh- what an ass!! I agree with going to a walk in clinic or your family physician, they will prob just give you the refill (esp because its not even like a "dangerous" drug, or something that requires more attn like depression meds). My doctor is so SURE im just doing it wrong, and that I will def get preggo with HIS help, that he refuses to plan the next cycle with me, because "you wont need another cycle"...uhhh why are they so egotistical

  11. That man is a horse's ass! I wish you could see someone else.

  12. Okay, Horrible RE, but amazing chances this month!!! A lining over 11 with 8 follies? You are sooo gonna be a momma of multiples this cycle!!! (but let's hope no more than 2-3)!!

  13. Wow your RE is awful! I hope that you can find another way to get progesterone.

  14. UGH! I'm sorry your RE went from just being weird to being a total asshole!
    What a piece of crap. I bet he's the type that gets super pissy when anyone defies him b/c he thinks he's ALWAYS right. What a dillhole.

    Anywho... good luck!! And UGH at that stupid cashier!

  15. Good luck with this cycle. Your RE sounds awful. I hope you dont have to go back there!

  16. I seriously hate when you buy pee sticks and the cashiers make obnoxious comments. I went and stocked up on opks at the dollar store, I bought like 10 of them and the lady says very loudly so everyone could hear "WOW that is A LOT of boxes! That's just....cute." My hubs just looks at me and says (in front of the rube lady) "Jaz, don't punch her even if she is a fertile bitch who deserves it." Luckily I didn't punch her, but believe me, it crossed my mind.


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