Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I can only be decisive for a minute or two.

Yesterday I was pretty convincing in my post, si? I was completely sold on the 2-month TTC break idea. I was at peace with it.

Well, a mere 3 hours after I posted my blog entry, Buster calls me from work during his break. He tells me he spoke with his co-worker (the one whose wife is taking Clomid!) last night and yesterday they had done their first IUI. I was kind of floored when Buster told me that he has TTC conversations with co-workers. And they were talking about IUIs!!! How bizarre!! But anyway, he proceeded to tell me how they laughed about the paltry selection of materials in the jack-off room. After Buster was done recalling their conversation to me, I said, "Man, that makes me want to do another IUI."

Buster replied, "Me too."

Him too?! I couldn't believe it! I knew he was ok with doing the IUI before, but it had been my idea and he just kind of followed along, going with whatever decisions I made. After all, I was the one doing the research on the subject. But to hear him openly say that he wants to do another IUI... it was a moment, lemme tell ya.

So we talked about our "break" and if we could adjust it to make room for an IUI. We decided, together, that taking the month of December off from TTC to relax and enjoy the holidays will be great for us, and that in January we will return to the RE and do an IUI, even though we won't have the dual insurance coverage. My insurance covers 80%, so that's pretty darn good!

I would like to apologize for my wishy-washyness. I guess I should have forewarned you that I am, quite possibly, the most indecisive person ever. But, I can't ignore Buster openly voicing his desire to do another IUI! It makes me happy to know that he wants to try whatever we can to make a baby. So, bring on December and a month of not worrying about TTC!

Monday, November 29, 2010

some have crumbled you straight to your knees

I have not been the best blogger as of late. At least I feel that way after taking a 3 day hiatus from blogging and reading blog updates. Oh, and I did not check my "baby boards", as Buster calls them.

I'm really surprised that I am as fed up with TTC as I am, honestly. I really never thought I would "take a break". But, here I am, the day before AF arrives, wanting that break. Actually looking forward to it. As I have already mentioned, I will no longer temp. I know when I am getting ready to O, based on CM, so we can still make some sweet love around O time.

Last night Buster and I had our "TTC break" chat. I just wanted to make sure we were on the same page, and we are. He thinks we should wait until February to resume really trying, and that works for me. I am still going to blog, although my posts may be a bit more infrequent, or maybe just not as interesting in regards to TTC stuff.

But, I hope you stick around. 2011 pretty much has to be the year I get pregnant, for the safety of myself and everyone around me ;)


And today, I present to you the song for which my blog is entitled: Red Right Ankle by The Decemberists:

Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday overhaul

As you might have noticed, I redesigned the blog! Not a total overhaul, but enough to satisfy my ever-changing tastes.

Thanksgiving was great. I stuffed myself silly, and paid the price early this morning from 2:30 a.m. until 4:45 a.m. when I couldn't sleep due to my upset stomach.

Buster is in the midst of a 4-day weekend, and I couldn't be happier! I have missed him so much, it will be nice to spend a whole weekend with no plans together. The only "plan" I have is to finish the 2nd Eragon book ("Eldest").

I have officially stopped temping! I like not waking up 30 times to check the time on my cell phone to see if it's temp taking time yet. I feel a bit more carefree.

I know that Monday is the "big" day for online shopping, but I couldn't help but buy some things on Old Navy's website. All their denim is $15! Plus I can get some stuff for Buster for Christmas for cheap! (I hope he's not reading this...).

Ok, that's all. Nothing exciting, and lots of randomness. Happy Friday! :)

Edit: This is my 100th post! I never thought, when I started this blog, that I'd have this much to say. Thanks for reading what I write. I can't even tell you how therapeutic this blog and the whole blogging community has been for me. Thank you <3

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What I'm thankful for right this second

I've seen several people receive great news today! And I could honestly not be happier for them. With all the good news floating around and the holiday spirit infiltrating my thoughts and mood, I caved. Yep. I tested.


I am currently thankful for the $1.00 box of Mike & Ike's that I am losing myself in. I should stop. I am starting to feel sick...

Doesn't it look like that box is throwing up the candy? That might be me soon.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Do you carry the words around like a key or change?

I don't want to be cynical anymore. I want to be hopeful, but I just can't bring myself to do it. I have already made up my mind that this cycle will be a bust, much like every cycle since mid-2007.

I've never seen a positive pregnancy test. Ok, that's a lie. I saw one once. I POAS a day after my husband injected me in the belly fat with a needle and syringe filled with hCG. It was a blazing positive. It was a cruel thing to do to myself, honestly, peeing on that stick. It fueled the fires of yearning.

That was in March of this year. I feel as if, this month, the fires have been doused somewhat. Don't get me wrong, I still want a baby more than anything (I've said this before, and I stand firm: I would give my left tit to be pregnant, although Buster may not enjoy that!). But this month is different. I have no desire to pee on a stick. The past several months I have done this starting at 7dpo. I don't even want to do it at all this cycle. I'm so...exhausted. Exhausted from seeing stark white where I wish a pink line would show.

I am jaded and cynical. I have even contemplated taking a couple months off and giving up my favorite TTC website. I'm not sure if I will do either of those things, but IF is wearing me down.

In February, Buster's insurance benefits will kick in. This means that treatment at the RE will be even more affordable than it was previously. Instead of being responsible for 20% of the cost, it will drop to 10% and some things may be covered completely by our joint insurances. Should I give myself a respite from temping and charting and forced BD sessions, and wait until February to resume with the RE?

This is the question I deliberate over this week of Thanksgiving.


And not for any real reason, or maybe just because I'm feeling a bit down. Here is a beautiful song that brings tears to my eyes. Bird Stealing Bread by Iron and Wine.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Harry Potter and the Abysmal Dinner at Texas Roadhouse

Good morning! It's 9am on a chilly Sunday morning, and I could not be happier. I will go in to detail in the next paragraphs, but I want to extend a warm welcome to any newcomers to my blog who may have stumbled upon it by way of ICLW. Welcome!

Last night, Buster (I have decided to name my DH, simply because "DH" is just too plain!) and I went to dinner at Texas Roadhouse then went to see the new Harry Potter. Dinner was sub-par, unfortunately. We don't go out to eat too often, so a disappointing meal is quite a letdown. Buster seemed to like his ok, but mine was bleh. Harry Potter, on the other hand, was great! However, because I'm such a nerd, during the whole movie I kept comparing it to the book. When Buster and I got to the car and were discussing our feelings on the movie, I noticed that the only things I said were negative. "That part wasn't in the book," or "They left out this whole story line!"

Overall, I really enjoyed our date night, regardless of the less-than-stellar dinner. Before we left, we took Kelsey over to my in-law's house. Because we were going to be gone from 7pm until 1am, we knew she'd much rather be playing with Buttercup (the in-law's Golden Retriever), and MIL loves dogsitting for us (she has stated several time she actually prefers granddogs to grandchildren. You can read about that here). I went and picked her up at about 8am, and I'm so happy to have her back! Here is a fresh, new photo of Kelsey, taken just for you! :)

Reasons I am happy this morning:
  • My online-friend Nicole had her baby girl last night, after a long 2 day labor. I am beyond happy for her, and can't wait to see photos of the little one!
  • I got my little pup back this morning!
  • I have ZERO plans today. I am so looking forward to being lazy and staying warm and cozy inside with Buster and Kelsey.
  • Coffee
  • Eragon. I'm reading the first book, and with less than 70 pages to go, I'm really enjoying it.
  • Fragments and scenes from Harry Potter that are still floating around my head
  • Oh. Big one here! I haven't been obsessing over this TWW. I don't even know what DPO I am. Can you believe that?! I really can't. With Buster starting a new job, Kelsey and her mild UTI+crystals in her pee, I've just been really distracted. But, per usual, I am not having any symptoms. I'm sure that means this cycle will end the way they always do, but I'm not even stressed or upset about it. Surprisingly.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

50 followers & Kelsey update!

I'm pretty excited to have 50 followers at this point. Thanks, followers, you have made my day! :)

So, after an hour and a half at the vet yesterday, with some of that time spent trying to keep a raging pit bull from eating my Kelsey, my little girl has a mild urinary tract infection and crystals in her urine. The crystals in her urine are what is causing her to be peeing more frequently and peeing inside some. She is now on an antibiotic and some special urinary tract health food. I hope this clears it up for my poor little girl!

Tonight we are seeing Harry Potter! I am beyond excited. We are also going to dinner beforehand, so it is officially a date night! We haven't had one of those in a while, and it will be nice to spend some time with my DH, whom I've missed terribly this past week.

I hope you all enjoy your weekends! I sure plan to :)

Friday, November 19, 2010

If I am lost it's only for a little while

It's Friday, and nothing will get me down today! But that doesn't mean the universe, or karma, or some higher power certainly isn't trying.

Here are the attempted assassinations of my good mood:
  • My cousin called me several days ago to see if DH and I would be interested in joining them at the Culinary Vegetable Institute near Lake Erie for an amazing culinary experience. Every month they bring in a guest/celebrity chef and they make a fabulous 4-course meal using fresh ingredients grown on their farm. DH and I had nothing planned, and after I spoke with DH he gave me the green light. For some reason unbeknownst to me, I waited until yesterday afternoon to call and reserve/order the tickets. $55 per person, so not exactly cheap. Then, last night at around midnight, DH gets a text from his brother saying that on the same day as that dinner, BIL and his friend will be having a joint 30th-birthday celebration. I hate disappointing people. Let that be known. So, either way we go here, we are disappointing someone! I think we are going to opt for the dinner since we already have the tickets bought, and try to make it up to BIL at some point.
  • I'm fairly certain Kelsey has a urinary tract infection. She had to pee way more than usual last night, and two of those urinations (is that a word? I don't think so, but I like it!) were giant trails of pee, as opposed to just puddles. She is almost potty-trained, but when she does pee in the house, it's a puddle. Well, these were rivers of urine, one stretching across the kitchen floor, and another stretching from the kitchen into the living room. This behavior concerned me, as I've not seen her do this before. After way too much time spent on googling, I determined that either she has a UTI or she is almost in heat. I called the vet, and they seem to think UTI. I am taking her to the vet in a couple hours, so we shall see.
  • My friend/co-worker and I like to spend our lunchtimes either walking, shopping or eating. This week I have not been a good lunch-buddy. I had to bail yesterday because I came in to work late and was spotted by my boss, which forced me to eat lunch at my desk. I promised her that today I would bring my workout clothes and we would walk at lunch. Well, I forgot to get them ready last night, and in the mornings I'm always running late, so of course I didn't get them packed. I felt awful about it, but we decided to go to TJ Maxx and Target instead (not a bad swap!). We typically leave at 11:30. DH wanted me to call him at 11:30 and wake him up, which I did. Then he tells me that his back is killing him and really wants some Dr. Scholl inserts for his steel-toed boots. I told him to stop at Walgreens on the way to work. He responds with, "And purchase them with what money?" Well, yeah. I have all the cash right now. So, I had to email my friend and disappoint her yet again. I feel like such a flake, and I hate it! Sometimes there just aren't enough hours in a day!

On a good note, however, my MIL would like to keep Kelsey overnight tonight, which is great because DH and I can sleep in and spend some "quality time" together! I miss him so much since he has started this afternoon shift. Every morning when I wake up, I go to the living room, turn on the laptop, and record my temperature on Fertility Friend. Well, when I did this today, I find this artwork left for me (click to see the larger image; you can read the fine print this way!):


Thank you all so much for the lovely compliments on my bangs! I really appreciate it :) I'm really liking them so far, which is great because I was pretty nervous.


And without further adieu, I give you Monsters by Band of Horses:

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bang Bangs!!

I got a new haircut yesterday! I've had the same hair forEVER! Long, dark, straight and layered. My hair refuses to curl, or to do anything interesting for that matter. But, I do appreciate the fact that it lays straight so well, and that I don't have to mess with it much in the mornings...just blowdry it and go!

So yeah, I decided to get bangs! Like bang bangs! Not swoopy-to-the-side bangs. Legitimate bangs. And I'm loving them! It's definitely different and going to take some getting used to, but I'm digging them. DH loves them too, thankfully!

A random lady I work with, whom I never talk to, came up to me today and was just positively gushing on and on about my bangs. I thanked her bashfully and then she said "They make you look sooo much younger and thinner!".

Well wtf did I look like before?? Sigh. People are annoying!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Fertilization Medication

Clomid is so unpredictable! Last cycle, taking Clomid on CD3-7, I ovulated later than normal (just by a day or two). I assumed that would happen to me this cycle as well. This cycle, I took Clomid CD4-8, and if anything I assumed I would O even later than last cycle. Well, I didn't! I O'd earlier by a day or two! Thankfully we had BD'd enough to cover it.

I'm actually glad I O'd when I did, due to DH's new work schedule (3-11pm shift!). We are having an interesting time adjusting to this new schedule, and I don't know when we'd fit in babymaking. It's tough setting aside enough time for even the obligatory "How was your day?"

I also did not take my temperature Sunday morning, because I slept in. And of course, that has proved to be the most crucial day. FF will not give me crosshairs because of this missing temperature. I was forced to go in and manually set my O date, which forgoes my coverline! Oh well. Not worth worrying about!

Last night DH made a buddy at his new job! Apparently, in their generic introductions to each other, the new buddy told DH that him and his wife are trying to have a baby, and have been for a while. So my DH says, "So let me ask you something. Does your wife take any fertilization medication, like Clomid?"

First of all, LOL @ fertilization medication! Cute. I really don't have a second of all, actually. But the new buddy's wife has apparently taken Clomid and goes to the same RE office that I go to (sometimes). DH and New Buddy lamented about how Clomid makes their wives psychotic. I was actually not offended at all to hear this, and in fact I was happy.

I'm glad that DH knows that I'm not an anomaly, that practically every woman struggles with her sanity while on "fertilization medication". What am I, a garden?! I guess I sort of am. Just the infertile kind. The garden nobody wants!

Monday, November 15, 2010

So please remember me, finally, and all my uphill clawing.

A gloomy mid-November day is struggling against the clouds to hang on. It so badly wants to get dark outside, but a light gray is all that is feasible at this time of the day. It is certainly depressing, but the weather could be much worse. It usually is, halfway through November.

I am getting ready to O. I had a slight temp rise today, but I'm not sure if that is indicative of O or not. I guess tomorrow's temp will give me an answer. DH starts afternoon shift today, so getting BD in won't be nearly as easy as it was before. I kind of hope I did O already, then at least I won't have to worry about it this week!

This weekend, I once again struggled with facing my infertility demons in unexpected places. Saturday night we went to dinner at my parent's house. I sat upstairs for a few minutes and was just zoning out watching TV. It was Grey's Anatomy, and the episode where they show Addison's new practice. She was talking about her infertility. I mean, I only sat down for like 5 minutes. She could have at least waited until I got up!

The other (kind of expected) show which had a slight infertility storyline is the Starz series Spartacus: Blood and Sand. DH and I watched this when it was on Starz, but we recently got the first season on Netflix just for a show to watch. I had forgotten how one of the main characters struggled with infertility. This is set back in old Roman times, and there was a scene in an episode we just watched in which a fertility shaman lady came to the infertile woman's house and performed some ritual to help her conceive. I wish I knew of a fertility shaman!

I googled infertility therapist today. Of course, there is nothing of the sort in my area. I also spent some time looking for any other reproductive endocrinologists in the area, and there are none. Just one! How sad. Hopefully I won't need to return to that clinic after this month, but chances are that I will.

And finally, I leave you with The Trapeze Swinger by Iron and Wine. It's a perfect song for a gray day!

Friday, November 12, 2010

all this time lingers, undefined

Absolutely nothing happening with me! I had yesterday off from work due to Veteran's Day, and I had taken a vacation day on Wednesday. So, I effectively had a little weekend in the middle of my week!

I was a good little housewife over my mid-week weekend. I made DH his favorite sandwich (which I had never made before!): The French Dip. Yesterday I made chili. Good food!

I probably still have almost a week until I ovulate. I know I've said this before, but the wait to O is the wait I dread the most! Give me the TWW any day!

I apologize that this is probably the most boring blog post in history. Hopefully things will get more exciting as I get closer to O!

And in closing, I leave you with Left and Leaving by The Weakerthans :)

Monday, November 8, 2010

I have seen your heart, and it is mine.

It's everywhere, and I can't escape it (wow, I totally just typed excape. I've never even said that, let alone typed it before. Gotta love Mondays...).

Infertility is following me. Stalking me. Chasing, pursuing, hounding. I can't shake it.

"Oh, some Clomid should get rid of that tireless hunter. No? That didn't work? Ok, how about some incredibly well-timed intimacy coupled with an Instead Cup or two, sprinkled with a dash more of 50 mg Clomid. That should defeat my faceless enemy! Oh, what? That won't work either? WHO AM I FIGHTING HERE? HE WHO SHALL NOT BE NAMED?? EXPECTO PATRONUM, YOU BASTARD!"

So yeah, that's pretty much me every 14th or 15th day past ovulation. Alas, my thoughts meander here.

Last night was Boardwalk Empire night. I really like this show, and I look forward to it every Sunday. Last night, there was a brutal infertility storyline. It probably wasn't even that awful to anyone who isn't currently suffering. But for those of us who are, it was gut-wrenching. I will detail the scene below, but beware of spoilers in case you watch the show!

The show takes place in the prohibition era, and obviously back then RE's were basically unheard of. Well, a housewife pleads with her husband to let her go to Manhattan (from Atlantic City) to see a doctor who can perform surgery to clear her blocked tubes. Her husband insists that if God wanted them to have children, he would find a way. She retorts with if God wanted us to die from [insert early nineteenth centry disease here] he wouldn't have produced the cure. She cries, and her pain is tangible. 

I know this pain. I hate this pain. DH and I were cuddling on the couch while watching, and I'm not sure if he could feel me tense up a bit or something, but he proceeds to rub my hand and arm in a comforting fashion. That was almost more painful than wondering if I'm going to be the 40-something-year-old infertile lady sitting at her dining room table pleading with anyone who will listen for the chance at motherhood. It breaks my heart to know that my husband knows how bad I hurt. He knew, without any reaction from me, that it was a painful reminder of my body's failures.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

grandpuppies vs. grandbabies

I know I'm asking for it with this post! DH doesn't like when I bring this up, but I have to vent! Last night we went to my in-law's house for dinner. Wait, I should probably back up.

Ever since my MIL has known that we've been TTC (she's know for a little over a year at this point), she has made some comments that have struck me as, well, insensitive. I'm fairly certain that they aren't meant to upset me, but sometimes I just can't help it. Here is a compiled list of things in recent memory that she has said that have left me feeling a bit confused/upset:
  • When we first told her that we were going to the RE way back in February of this year, she said she didn't want 13 kids running around. Because Clomid makes everyone have 13 kids, right? 
  • On that same day, later in the evening, she told me that it will happen when God has planned it, and that her mother had her last baby when she was in her late 40s (Keep in mind that her mother had 5 kids before that one...)
  • We brought little pup over to their house for a long weekend for the in-laws to watch, and as we left, MIL says "Now don't think you can do this with a baby, just drop it off for the weekend!". Fine, if we ever need a babysitter for a weekend, I'm one million percent positive that my mother would love the opportunity to watch her grandchild for a weekend.
  • Several weeks ago we attended a big party for my MIL's brother. During the party, I stepped outside with two of DH's female cousins while they had a cigarette. One of them has four children under the age of 7, the other has Endo and has been told the only way she will have a baby is IVF. Kids came up, and Endo Cousin told Fertile Cousin that I was on Clomid. So TTC was discussed, and during this time MIL happened by. She said something along the lines of "Keep the grandpuppies coming, not babies!". She was obviously talking to me, as the other girls would not have puppies that would be her "grandpuppies'.
  • Last night we went over to MIL's for dinner. As we were getting ready to leave, I hear her say that she'd rather have grandpuppies than grandbabies. I pull a face at DH, but he shoots me a "look" and tells me not to let it upset me, that she is just joking because neither myself nor my SIL has children yet.
Am I overreacting? Maybe she just says these things because she knows how badly we want a baby, and is trying to tell us that she loves us regardless? Who knows. It just really wears on me, and it's really dangerous ground to bring it up to DH, as he thinks she isn't serious about it.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Lucky ones...

Happy Friday!

We received some great news last night, which has successfully brought me out of my AF-induced TTC funk. DH got a new job! He interviewed for the job back in the spring, and didn't hear anything until last week. They called asking if he is still interested (um... YES!) and he starts Monday! I can't even put in to words, let alone eloquent ones, how excited and happy this makes us. It will give us some breathing room and hopefully cut down on some stress.

I had decided to not do another Clomid cycle, due to the crazy hormonal psycho it made me. DH agreed, and said that when/if he gets this job we could try fertility treatments again. Mainly because he won't be around me as much to face the brunt of my bitch-attacks, but also due to money. This morning I decided, however, that since he is starting on Monday, and will be working afternoon shift (therefore not seeing my much throughout the week!) that it was safe to try another round of Clomid. I took my first pill today, CD4. They say the 3rd one is a charm, right? Hopefully that holds true with my third round of Clomid.

On a random note, most of my blog titles are from song lyrics. I have decided that when I do that, I will post a video of the mentioned song, just for fun. I'm kind of bummed I didn't start this practice earlier, because I have quoted MANY great songs. But in case you see videos every now and again, you know why!

So without further adieu, I bring you Marry Song by Band of Horses:

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

looking for the patterns in static

I really have no news! I'm currently on day 3 of my Atkins diet induction phase, and feeling pretty good! I may be imagining it, but I feel like my pants are fitting a bit better already!

So, Mondo didn't win Project Runway, as most of you probably know by now. What a complete and utter disappointment! I really enjoyed the season of PR though, and will not let Gretchen's victory taint that for me!

 I'm feeling incredibly hopeful for my friend Lisa. Her pee sticks are looking incredibly promising, and I have everything crossed that this is the start of the baby she's waited so long for. She had a canceled IVF cycle and it turned into yet another IUI for her, but it may have done the trick!

I stumbled upon this post today, and it is an amazingly eloquent explanation of how it feels to be infertile. Plus, I am in love with her Golden Retriever pictured in the header! :)

I am not going into a political discussion here by any means, but are you finding that this election has left everyone crazy? My FB has turned into an explosion of arguments and finger pointing, and I'm so over it. As hard as it is to be an infertile on FB coupled with annoying political discussions, I think I am one more instance away from deleting FB. Which is big for me, as I count FB as one of my main sources of entertainment.

I found out about Dropbox today. It's an awesome free program that allows you to share a folder(s) amongst all of your computers seamlessly, and allows you to share files with others, even if they do not have Dropbox. Pft, who needs FTPing anymore?! It's great if you use multiple computers, or if you are in to photography or design. Here is a link to check out, if you are interested! :)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Cycle Day One

Yep. I won't lie, I feel a bit sorry for myself. I'm really, really trying hard not to, though.

So, I will post a picture of my baby girl. She makes me happy :)

Well, I'm finding my mood getting increasingly bitter and depressed. I'm doing everything right, and my body just will not cooperate. I'm honestly not sure how many more CD1s I can face. It gets so exhausting standing up after being knocked down month after month. I know, it's only standing up, how hard can it be? And honestly (as many of you know), really fucking hard.

Monday, November 1, 2010

crying babies, feminism and pee sticks

I just ran out to the post office at lunch to mail out 5 video games I sold on ebay. This post office is TINY and always has a long line. After I get in line, a few minutes later a mom comes in with her 4-month-old-ish baby. The baby was really cute, but I try not to stare at babies too much. I feel like the mom might get the feeling that I want to grab the baby up and run off with it. My looks of longing are bound to give me away! After a few minutes, baby starts to cry. I look around at the other people in line, and a couple older men kind of fidget, and I think to myself that they are probably annoyed by the sound of a crying baby.

I used to be annoyed by that sound. Back before I was TTC and I would encounter crying babies in restaurants or airplanes, I would be aggravated. But now, at the ripe old age of 29, I yearn to hear that sound from a baby of my own. I was envious of the mom and her crying baby. Sad that I can't soothe the cries of my little one.

Now, the simple solution to this problem is for new moms to just not bring their babies in public anymore, right?! ;)

And now, moving right along... When I first saw the HPT commercial (I forget which brand) that states "1 in 5 women misread a home pregnancy test," it infuriated me. Mind you, this was prior to my obsession with peeing on things. It pissed me off that whatever brand of HPTs was trying to make it sound like women are idiots, and we can't tell if there is a line or not. Or if there is a plus sign or not. The feminist inside me angered, I vowed to never use that product.

It's funny how today I can see how it happens. With so many faulty tests, evaps and indents, it's definitely not an exact science. I got an evap line on Saturday.

Perhaps you can't see it, but it's there. It is quite faint, but I would be lying if I said I didn't get my hopes up a smidge. Well, after peeing on two other cheapie tests that produced no discernible lines, I realized that the above test was in fact faulty.

My temp has dropped below coverline this morning, and AF should arrive tomorrow. It stings, but I expected it. I expect it every month.
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