Monday, November 1, 2010

crying babies, feminism and pee sticks

I just ran out to the post office at lunch to mail out 5 video games I sold on ebay. This post office is TINY and always has a long line. After I get in line, a few minutes later a mom comes in with her 4-month-old-ish baby. The baby was really cute, but I try not to stare at babies too much. I feel like the mom might get the feeling that I want to grab the baby up and run off with it. My looks of longing are bound to give me away! After a few minutes, baby starts to cry. I look around at the other people in line, and a couple older men kind of fidget, and I think to myself that they are probably annoyed by the sound of a crying baby.

I used to be annoyed by that sound. Back before I was TTC and I would encounter crying babies in restaurants or airplanes, I would be aggravated. But now, at the ripe old age of 29, I yearn to hear that sound from a baby of my own. I was envious of the mom and her crying baby. Sad that I can't soothe the cries of my little one.

Now, the simple solution to this problem is for new moms to just not bring their babies in public anymore, right?! ;)

And now, moving right along... When I first saw the HPT commercial (I forget which brand) that states "1 in 5 women misread a home pregnancy test," it infuriated me. Mind you, this was prior to my obsession with peeing on things. It pissed me off that whatever brand of HPTs was trying to make it sound like women are idiots, and we can't tell if there is a line or not. Or if there is a plus sign or not. The feminist inside me angered, I vowed to never use that product.

It's funny how today I can see how it happens. With so many faulty tests, evaps and indents, it's definitely not an exact science. I got an evap line on Saturday.

Perhaps you can't see it, but it's there. It is quite faint, but I would be lying if I said I didn't get my hopes up a smidge. Well, after peeing on two other cheapie tests that produced no discernible lines, I realized that the above test was in fact faulty.

My temp has dropped below coverline this morning, and AF should arrive tomorrow. It stings, but I expected it. I expect it every month.


  1. Kara, I'm so sorry. I understand!! Hugs!!

  2. I am so sorry! I know it's hard every month and it doesn't get easier. Here's to hoping for next month.

  3. Like I said before, it's just not fair!! You were sure it was my month, I was sure it was yours. Grrr....if I didn't live so far away, I'd take you out for a good stiff drink tonight. Here's hoping she's gone soon and stays away for a very long time! *big hug*

  4. So sorry sweetie. Sending you a big hug.

  5. (*hugs*) And yeah, those commercials make me bust up laughing because of how ridiculous they are. I can understand on occasion having difficulties, but really if you read the directions or use common sense... yes, evaps happen but I don't think they're that often (unless you are using a blue dye test, those are EVIL for evaps) And now I'm rambling :O


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