Wednesday, November 3, 2010

looking for the patterns in static

I really have no news! I'm currently on day 3 of my Atkins diet induction phase, and feeling pretty good! I may be imagining it, but I feel like my pants are fitting a bit better already!

So, Mondo didn't win Project Runway, as most of you probably know by now. What a complete and utter disappointment! I really enjoyed the season of PR though, and will not let Gretchen's victory taint that for me!

 I'm feeling incredibly hopeful for my friend Lisa. Her pee sticks are looking incredibly promising, and I have everything crossed that this is the start of the baby she's waited so long for. She had a canceled IVF cycle and it turned into yet another IUI for her, but it may have done the trick!

I stumbled upon this post today, and it is an amazingly eloquent explanation of how it feels to be infertile. Plus, I am in love with her Golden Retriever pictured in the header! :)

I am not going into a political discussion here by any means, but are you finding that this election has left everyone crazy? My FB has turned into an explosion of arguments and finger pointing, and I'm so over it. As hard as it is to be an infertile on FB coupled with annoying political discussions, I think I am one more instance away from deleting FB. Which is big for me, as I count FB as one of my main sources of entertainment.

I found out about Dropbox today. It's an awesome free program that allows you to share a folder(s) amongst all of your computers seamlessly, and allows you to share files with others, even if they do not have Dropbox. Pft, who needs FTPing anymore?! It's great if you use multiple computers, or if you are in to photography or design. Here is a link to check out, if you are interested! :)

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  1. **HUGS** I'm sorry AF showed up for you :(

    Boo Gretchen!!

    Boo FB too. I have an account, but I never go to it. I could never get in to all of those sites, like myspace, twitter etc.

    Politics and religion always seem to be 2 topics that will instantly get people riled up. I hate election time.


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