Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Fertilization Medication

Clomid is so unpredictable! Last cycle, taking Clomid on CD3-7, I ovulated later than normal (just by a day or two). I assumed that would happen to me this cycle as well. This cycle, I took Clomid CD4-8, and if anything I assumed I would O even later than last cycle. Well, I didn't! I O'd earlier by a day or two! Thankfully we had BD'd enough to cover it.

I'm actually glad I O'd when I did, due to DH's new work schedule (3-11pm shift!). We are having an interesting time adjusting to this new schedule, and I don't know when we'd fit in babymaking. It's tough setting aside enough time for even the obligatory "How was your day?"

I also did not take my temperature Sunday morning, because I slept in. And of course, that has proved to be the most crucial day. FF will not give me crosshairs because of this missing temperature. I was forced to go in and manually set my O date, which forgoes my coverline! Oh well. Not worth worrying about!

Last night DH made a buddy at his new job! Apparently, in their generic introductions to each other, the new buddy told DH that him and his wife are trying to have a baby, and have been for a while. So my DH says, "So let me ask you something. Does your wife take any fertilization medication, like Clomid?"

First of all, LOL @ fertilization medication! Cute. I really don't have a second of all, actually. But the new buddy's wife has apparently taken Clomid and goes to the same RE office that I go to (sometimes). DH and New Buddy lamented about how Clomid makes their wives psychotic. I was actually not offended at all to hear this, and in fact I was happy.

I'm glad that DH knows that I'm not an anomaly, that practically every woman struggles with her sanity while on "fertilization medication". What am I, a garden?! I guess I sort of am. Just the infertile kind. The garden nobody wants!


  1. Lol @ your DH. But glad he found another guy to bond with over this stuff.
    Hopefully this will be the last time or clomid for ya and you can just blame the craziness on preg hormones :D

  2. That's so perfect that DH has someone to relate to and I agree that it is nice for them to know we aren't the only crazy ladies...haha

  3. That's too cute about your DH!! I'm glad he has someone he can bond with over this gardening! That's crazy that you O'd earlier, I'm thinking I will too. Fingers crossed for us both!!

  4. Time to make friends with new buddy's wife!

  5. That's so cute that he talks about it! Maybe he will have someone to talk to, I always worry about my husband, because I have the TTC blog world and he doesn't talk to anyone about this stuff!

  6. ha!! Yet another reminder that we bascially get a Ph.D. in IF while our husbands kind of are along for the ride. Funny stuff.

  7. LOVE IT... thats great he has someone else going through the same thing in a quick guy way that im sure they will never get into depth about but will feel that for sure! WHoot Whoot

  8. Fertilization medication, ha! thats so cute. You know those shows about cute stuff kids say? I think they should have one for husbands. lol

  9. I just came across your blog from another blogger. First of all, I love the convo between the two husbands - classic! Second of all, I have gone through two unsuccessful IUIs also and have just recently gone to a chiropractor who kind of threw my world upside down. Have you been to one or tried acupuncture? I know I've heard a lot of women talk about but I never thought I would. Now, I'm giving it a try. Just thought I would put that out there if you are looking for other possibilities to get you your BFP! With any luck, all of us IF'ers will get ours SOON!!


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