Monday, March 21, 2011

New protocol, cheap dog toys and blocked Blogger

Happy Monday!

I would have updated earlier today, however for some reason my work has decided to block Blogger! Talk about aggravating. Hulu, Facebook, Youtube, Craigslist, Ebay... all of those are allowed. Just no personal blogs or websites. I guess I'll have to start watching TV at work instead of blogging!


I had an appointment with my RE on Friday morning. I went in thinking that I will demand him to make me more eggs, and to listen to me. Honestly, I'm not really a demanding person. Ok, Buster would argue with that, but not when it comes to my health professionals. I don't like when people tell me how to do my job, so I try to be courteous.

Luckily, he agreed with me about 3-4 mature follicles. I am currently on Follistim 75miu + Menopur. I believe the Menopur is 75miu of FSH and 75miu (? mg? Idk!) of LH. Yay for an extra hormone!

I had printed my Fertility Friend chart to bring in and show him my ridiculously low temps that started too early in my luteal phase. He brushed it off, saying you can't really go by BBT. He also (still) insists that a LP longer than 11 days is normal. Mine was 12 this time (where it had been 15-17 before the injectibles). That irritated me a bit, but oh well. I got the drugs I wanted, so I'm happy.

I go in Wednesday morning for an ultrasound. I fully expect to have lots of small follicles. I really hope he doesn't really dumb down the dosage of meds though, as last time he did that I ended up with only two!


I went to PETCO today and got Kelsey some treats and toys. I typically don't buy her stuffed animals because she loves unstuffing them, and it's usually just not worth it. I bought her a rope/stuffed animal with squeakers today. In less than an hour, she had the thing ripped in half, stuffing and squeakers out! I should have just given her six dollars to chew up.


  1. ohhh boooo to work blocking that. Do you know how you can set up a mobile email address somewhere under settings so that you can email from your cell etc.. well then you could just email posts to that address and they show up! just an FYI

    And comeone follies grow grow grow!

  2. Bleh, so stupid that work would block blogger but not those other sites.
    YAY for starting injections though! I'm glad your doc agreed with you and well, here ya are! heh FX for some nice follie growth!

    Oh our dog Cid used to do the same thing to his toys. He still does it every once in a while now, but he's gotten better and some of his toys still have their stuffing in them heh.

  3. Our dog does that same. Chews everything to bits!!

    Boo on blocking blogger!! Gl wed!!

  4. Glad they're giving you more meds, hope it works :) Yikes about the dog, mine don't chew on things anymore... and never really played with toys. But when they were younger, they used to chew on everything... it was a pain. Well... at least she got some enjoyment out of it? lol

  5. What wonderful news - a new protocol! I hope this is exactly what it takes!!!

    I don't know what I'd do if my work blocked blogger - it would be awful!

  6. HOW DARE THEY block blogger! Sonsabitches. Kelsey will grow out of that stage. Or she won't. Time will tell :)
    Yay for more meds! You didn't even have to give him the bitchface. Love it!

  7. I am also on a new drug protocol this month hoping for some more follicles. Here's hoping that it works for both of us - good luck!


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