Saturday, March 26, 2011

*ahem* Announcing... IUI#5!

We have family in this weekend. My mom's twin sister, her husband, their three adult children and their partners. My mom and aunt's birthday is on Sunday. It is a weekend that will certainly be full of fun and shenanigans!

Yesterday late afternoon, I was scrambling around the house looking for something to wear and getting ready to head out to my parents' house, where all the festivities will be taking place. As I'm talking to Buster about whether or not my sister and brother are hitching a ride with us, I get a phone call from my RE office.

I answer, and it's my RE. My estradiol level was around 950, which was MUCH lower than he anticipated with me having all those eggs. That basically negates the chance of me getting OHSS. Yay!

So, my options are to a) trigger tonight and do the IUI on Sunday morning, or b) do nothing and hope that I ovulate on my own, which I may not since we've been tinkering with my hormones and such.

RE was sure to remind me, about 50 times, that I am at risk for high-order multiples (triplets or more) and wanted to know how I felt about Selective Reduction. I told him I don't know that much about it, and he explained the procedure to me.

I didn't like the sounds of the procedure, but I really can't put stock in the off-chance that miraculously we would fertilize ALL mature eggs, when we've never fertilized ONE. That sounds too much like winning the lottery or being struck by lightning, neither of which has happened to me.

I tell my RE that I will trigger. He tells me to do only a half dose--5,000 units of hCG.

We go in Sunday morning for the IUI. Number 5. I am going to request that they scan me first, just so we know for sure what we are dealing with.

 I was preoccupied all night long because of this phone call! We got home close to midnight, and I spent a good couple of hours researching online about the risk of multiples in a situation such as mine, and about selective reduction. I found one really informative study that basically said that my risk for high-order multiples & implantation would be much greater if my estradiol (E2) levels were greater than 1000. I also read some stats on a forum, and the ladies who got pregnant with high-order multiples had E2 levels well over 1500!

I'm nervous and excited and hopeful. Buster really wants to go through with the IUI. His reasoning is that if this one doesn't work, we really know something is up and we should just start saving for IVF and stop wasting our time with IUIs. I think it's a great point. I mean, this will give us our best shot at getting pregnant so far.

And because of that, I'm hopeful.


  1. First, have a great time with your family this weekend. It sounds like you guys are going to have lots to look forward to! Second, I am so excited and hopeful for you this cycle. I am praying so hard you are just two weeks away from your BFP!!! <3

  2. First... UGH at your stupid ass doctor!!! I get wanting to be cautious, but saying those things to you.... good lord.
    Anywho, good luck with the IUI!!! I would totally move forward as well. Just b/c there are that many eggs doesn't mean they're all good or will make it ya know?
    FX that you catch at least one of them though! WOOOOO!

  3. How exciting! I'm also very hopeful for this IUI! good luck tomorrow!!!!

  4. Good luck tomorrow!! Hope everything goes well!

  5. I'm so excited!!!! I can't wait to hear what you see when you get your U/S before the IUI. I am thinking at least 3 mature, maybe 4. :)

  6. Have fun with your family, try not to get too stressed out :)

    And glad you get to move forward with this cycle, hoping you catch at least one!!! Good luck!

  7. good luck with this IUI!!!!

  8. Wow, great news!!!
    I agree with Buster, I think this is a great chance to either get pregnant, or feel more comforatablre moving to the next step.
    I am so excited for you, good luck today!!!!

  9. I am so hopeful for you guys this cycle! Good luck, and I'll say a prayer for you. And hey, even if they all work, you can get a reality show on TLC and I'll send you some diapers. ;)


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