Friday, March 11, 2011

The Swindling of the Century. Oh, and me crying in the fetal position.

I have not been very bloggy as of late. Work has kept me super busy, and I've just not been very motivated in the evenings to come up with any witty posts.

I am 7dpo, and have had some "symptoms". That is in quotes because, as many of you are well aware, the chances of them being actual symptoms are slim. On 5dpo I felt really nauseous, and my face broke out a bit. 6dpo I had some major heartburn and indigestion, not to mention I was INCREDIBLY irritable. I'd love for these to be real symptoms. Only time will tell, though.

I'm also temping again, so if anyone wants to stalk my chart, feel free! :)

I will be testing on 12dpo, which is this coming Wednesday. That's when Fossil Fran told me to test. And I am putting my faith and fertility in those old, wrinkly hands!


Yesterday when I got home from work, I was on a mission. I threw our blankets in the washer, unloaded the dishwasher, loaded it back up, washed all the "not safe for dishwasher" items by hand, chopped up veggies for chili and got it started on the stove. After that whirlwind of activity, I was ready to sit on the couch with some delicious V8 Fusion Light Strawberry Banana juice. I poured myself a tall glass over ice, and plopped down on the couch. Right after I sat down and started to take a drink, Kelsey jumped up on the couch. She knocked the glass (which WAS glass, actually!) into my face and my lip got pinched between my teeth and the glass, and then it spilled all on my crotch.

Well, I had pajama pants on that were kind of thin, so I immediately stripped them off and threw them in the hamper. While looking for a new pair, I notice that the inside of my thighs are all sticky from the juice. I lost it! I started sobbing and crawled into bed in the fetal position and just cried. Yes, I realize how crazy that sounds. But all I wanted to do was relax and drink my damn juice! Ok, I really sound like a toddler now.


I had my very first acupuncture appointment on Wednesday. When I called to make the appointment, I told the acupuncturist that I struggle with infertility. She mentioned that she treats lots of ladies who have IF. She also recommended a detoxifying foot bath. Fine, ok. I'll do the foot bath too. Whatever.

So I go to the office on Wednesday. It was...weird. Just weird. The foot bath thing consisted of a tub full of hot water that I placed my feet in. Connected to the tub and in the water there was this electronic ionization device. It was connected to a box that had all kinds of buttons and controls on it. After my feet were in the water, she dumped in some powder and told me to keep my feet still.

Apparently it pulls out toxins in your body via your feet. Ok, weird. The water turned all brown and reddish and gross looking. The girl beside me, her water was greenish black. Apparently the color tells you where in your body the toxins are coming from. Mine came from my liver and kidneys and my female prostrate. Awesome. It was $40.

Finally I get called back for the actual thing I went there for. We go back into the room, and we sit down. The acupuncturist asks me some questions, such as how long I've been TTC, and where I am in my current cycle. I request that she does something to help with implantation, as I was 5dpo that day. So, she sticks four needles in my bells, one each on my feet, one in between my eyebrows, another on the top of my head and one each on my ears.

She then said that after reviewing the paperwork I filled out, she would recommend me taking a probiotic (acidophilus). "Ok," I say. Then she leaves me for 30 minutes.

When I'm all done, I go out to make my next appointment and to pay. She had set out some acidophilus for me. The tell me the cost, and I seriously almost shat myself. $155. Not including tip. W.T.F.

I knew that the initial acupuncture appointment is $85, and that the foot bath thing was $30. The freaking acidophilus was $40!!!!!! I was too embarrassed to complain, so I just paid and left. I gave her a $20 tip, which who knows if that is even acceptable. She didn't do the foot bath, the assistant did. I'm not tipping her for the damn pills, that's for sure! Ugh.

I left there feeling like I had just been completely swindled. But... with that being said, I think I will keep my appointment for next week. It will only be $60, and I will not be doing the foot bath again (which I feel was a crock, anyway).


  1. hmmm interesting how darn quick it adds up though eh! am super stoked to read a post by you... super emotional eh ? that makes me hopefull even in dark times at your end :D

  2. Are you taking anything right now? When I took the progesterone supplements i cried ALOT. Hoping its a sxs though!!

  3. Good luck! i did the accupuncture a few times, but every time she would want me to come back 2 or 3 times week! ummm no, expensive!. and my insurance covers it with a co pay, so i didnt tip (i figured its medical related, and she billed the crap out of them!)..but she was always making me buy tea bath for my feet and wanted me to do it every night (didnt tell me what for though). she said i had "cold feet" and i needed to warm them to help with implantation, i should prob go back because my feet are still cold and im still not preggo

  4. I tried acupuncture, but it was with my doctor cousin teaching my husband how to do it on me. Who knows if it would have worked or not if DH hadn't been so much of a perfectionist that he flipped out when it seemed like the needles were in the right place as well as when they seemed wrong.

  5. I have definitely done that - been in a bit of an emotional place, and then when something small happens, just completely lost it! Don't worry, it happens to the best of us! And the acupuncture - wow, that's expensive! I think you can get the probiotics at a vitamin store or something for less money. And I've never tipped an acupuncturist, personally. I hope it works though!

  6. That's pretty much how my acupuncture appt went down too!!! Minus the foot bath. They charged $70 for some damn herbs.... and I was in the ritzy part of town, so I was too embarrassed to raise a scene in a lobby full of people... so I paid and left in a huff. Then to top it off, I haven't taken the herbs cause I'm scared they're going to interact with my thyroid meds!!! Boy, I'm a piece of work!!! hehe

    Did you like the actual acupuncture? I didn't feel too different, but I guess you can't tell from one visit. I hope it works for you!!

  7. What a suck-fest :(

    We've all had moments (days? Weeks?) like this, it just seems to be part of deal. I'm sorry you're feeling down and hope that a weekend away from work and some r&r will get you back to a good place.

    P.S. One of my coping methods is yoga, even 10 minutes using a DVD.

  8. I've been to a clinic where I had my acupuncture, was given a 6 week supply of herbs and sent on my merry way. Two weeks later they changed the protocol for the herbs and wanted me to buy others and stop taking some of the herbs they originally sold me, but I flatly refused. I think they were trying to scam me! I do believe in acupuncture and herbal medicine but it was just getting more and more expensive every time I visited that clinic. They went broke and closed down about 6 months later, I wonder why!

  9. Oh, I always hate hearing stories like yours. I'm a huge advocate of Acupuncture, but I do understand that there are some very shady "businesses" out there. I have never tipped an acu therapist. The places I've been to have never even had that as an option, they are strictly medical facilities. And you wouldn't tip your dental hygenist, would you? (lol).

    As for the herbs, my acu lady charges an arm and a leg too. But she explained that she uses brands that are higher quality products, and I trust her.

    I'm so sorry to hear about your terrible experience. I think you have the right idea though, maybe just get the acupuncture and get the hell out of there - no herbs, no foot baths (?!)...

    Wishing you luck this cycle!

  10. First, I've had days like that too (*hugs*) I think anyone with infertility can relate.

    Also, I would have felt swindled too! Yikes! I've never been, but wow.

    Hoping the rest of your TWW goes quickly and you get positive results :)

  11. Seems like the herbs is where they get the big $$. I've read too many women complaining about being surprised w/ herbs and the cost at their acupuncture place. I'm sure they count on the people being too embarassed to tell them no.
    At least you know for next time though :D


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