Sunday, March 27, 2011

I was totally kidding about IUI#5, apparently.

I knew it was a possibility. I tried my best to push it out of my mind, though. I hoped that I'd only have 3-4 mature follicles this morning.

Double that.

I had 8 mature follicles. And I'm pretty sure my RE only counted mature as greater than 16mm. I had about 10-15 smaller follicles, and many of those were in the double digits of size.

So after the wanding, we go to the consultation room. My RE says to me, in regards to the 8 mature follicles, "If this was an IVF cycle, I'd be orgasmic right now."

Um. Ew. I begged my mind not to produce a mental image.

So he says that he will not go through with the IUI, that 8 eggs is just too many. He said I am now, again, at risk for OHSS, and that I need to monitor myself. Any signs of OHSS, and I should call the doctor or go to the emergency room. I have also been instructed to drink lots of gatorade.

He didn't tell me NOT to BD. What he did say was, "Obviously I can't keep you from having intercourse."

Well, thanks doc, for that crystal-clear insight into your thought process.

On the drive home, Buster and I had a nice talk about what we would like to do. I told him that I'd like to do some research online first, and then we can make a slightly more educated decision.

After reading that it's highly unlikely that all of my 8 large follicles contain mature, fertilizable eggs, we decided to BD.

Even though we did not do an IUI, I still feel quite hopeful with this cycle. I'm really hoping that half of those follicles have mature eggs in them, and we can get one or two to fertilize.

A girl can dream, right?


When Buster and I returned from the IUI, we found that Kelsey had (once again) destroyed my BBT thermometer. Ugh. This makes #2 (plus she had already gnawed on this one once, but I caught her mid-gnaw)! There couldn't be a worse day to lose my thermometer. Of course I had to run out and get a new one. I need to confirm ovulation tomorrow! :)

This is not my dog! :)


  1. Keeping my fingers crossed that this cycle works for you!

  2. Well, darn! Sorry you had too many matures ones :(

    I hope that you still manage to Ov 1 or 2 and get lucky though :) Hoping for you!

  3. Oh...I wish I didn't instantly visualize things that I read or hear...ewwwww!

    Well, meh. I'm so sorry the IUI was concelled. I hope things turn out for the best though! (As in no OHSS and a big old BFP!)

  4. That sucks that the IUI was canceled, but I am very hopeful that this cycle will work!!! Everything's crossed!

  5. Well, I'm still incredibly hopeful for this cycle! I definitely wouldn't have done the IUI either, but I'd for sure get some good BD in. Like you said, you've done this a long time - too long to not give such a promising cycle a shot. Hope OHSS isn't in your future.

  6. I'm still very hopeful for you Kara!!

  7. I hope that this works (and that you don't get your own show in the process!)
    Thanks for the dog story, cracked me up and the picture is just perfect!

  8. You know that is how Kate ended up with the sextuplets. She had ohss and then BD! At this point that would not be such a bad thing though. You might get your own show!

  9. Im sorry you couldnt do iui but you have to have a good chance even going natural with eight, right?

    Love the wrods on the pic lol!!

    Gl Hun!!

  10. Sorry about the crazy cycle and the thermometer, but here's hoping for the very best. I love that pic by the way :)

  11. First off, you have the cutest puppy ever!!!
    Secondly, sorry about the cancelled IUI, but I hope the BDing really did it for you!
    Thinking of you and I hope your 2ww goes quickly!

  12. I would definitely BD too, I mean its kind of silly to think after all you've been through all 8 would fertilize anyway. I hope you get one or two good little eggs! I had to lol at your photo too... we've walking in the room to find things like that before. Pillows and dogbeds shredding, patio carpeting ripped up (thankfully we didn't like it anyway) and ink-pens chewed and smeared all over the carpet. Oh the joys of owning a puppy ;)

  13. Wow, your doc is just... wow.
    Anywho! I would totally get to BDing as well! Hell, there is absolutely no guarentee that all 8 will fertilize and my own RE said that twin pregnancies nowadays are no problem for most women w/ advances in health care.
    FXFXFXFX for a sticky one or 2 in there!!!

  14. That is a tough call to make. I had the exact same issue with IUI#4...and we decided not to try 'naturally'. I kinda wish we would never know. (Isn't that the fun of infertility?) I wish you all the best luck, though!


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