Wednesday, December 26, 2012

37 weeks... aaaaand I'm on bed rest

First of all, I hope all of you out there in blogland have had a wonderful holiday season.

Buster and I had a great Christmas. He really spoiled me. He told me he did so because this is the last Christmas I'll be getting spoiled. Fair enough. But I'll gladly take some extra presents this year!

In preparation of being "full term" at 37 weeks (yes, I realize that for some ladies it's not until 39 weeks, depending on baby's size, growth, etc. But I'm assuming that since Henry has been measuring ahead, it's safe to say I'm full term at 37), I purchased some red raspberry leaf tea and some evening primrose oil. Started both on Christmas Eve (37 weeks exactly), in hopes that they may aid in an easier labor. Probably won't, but I figured it can't hurt to try.

Today I had a doctor's appointment before work. I am currently 37w2d.

Right off the bat, my blood pressure was high (140/90). Not high enough for them to send me to L&D, but high enough to take note.

I peed in a cup, like I do every time, and brought it in the exam room. I noticed the nurse taking a little longer  reading the results (usually they just look and toss), and comparing the stick to a bottle. Red flag, right?! So I ask her what's going on. I had some protein in my urine (+1 on the scale, to be exact). Now I'm not exactly sure what this means, but I can tell you this: I've never had protein register on those dipsticks before. Even when my last 24-hour urine catch came back with 310 protein, it wasn't registering on those little sticks.

So today, it registers on the stick.

The nurse then hooks me up for my scheduled NST. It lasted about 40 minutes, and during that time Henry was one active baby. His heart rate was good, as were his movements. And I was having contractions every 12 minutes.

Maybe that's nothing, and my doctor didn't seem too concerned, but for a soon-to-be first-time mom, that sounds kind of... real. I only felt a couple painful cramps/twinges during the NST, and I'm assuming that's when the contractions were. I'm such a noob, I don't even know when I'm having a contraction.

After the NST, my doctor comes in. He says he wants to check my cervix, but he doesn't expect much to be going on. He leaves, I undress from the waist down, and clumsily amble back up onto the table.

Doctor returns with nurse. I lay back, expecting a speculum. Or some kind of instrument.


Doctor jams his hand up in there.

Um, OUCH. Fucking shit that hurt. He told me I might feel some pressure. If by pressure he meant excruciating pain, sure, I felt that. Now I know what it feels like to be fist.ed (yes, I broke that up on purpose. Don't need any pervs here!).

In an amused and surprised voice, he tells me that I'm 3 cm dilated and 80% effaced.

Holy shit!

He then asks me how much I do around the house. How much I do at work. Then says,

"Ok, well you are officially done working now."

So he put me on bed/couch/chair rest. I can get up to pee, get something to eat, etc, but he doesn't want my seat getting cold.

I'm also doing another 24-hour urine catch (my third of this pregnancy). Buster will drive me to the hospital tomorrow so I can drop off my piss, and also have some blood drawn to check my liver and kidneys.

I go back to the doctor on Friday. My doctor said that if he had to induce me at that point, he wouldn't be heartbroken. Apparently I'm a good candidate for induction due to already being dialted/effaced. And that coupled with me being 37+ weeks, I guess that makes me induceable.

So yes, it's been an eventful day!

How far along?
37 weeks and 2 days today.

How big is baby?
No clue! Babycenter says he weighs 6 1/3 lbs and is 19" long. I still think he's bigger, based on me measuring ahead. They did not do a fundal measurement today, so I'm pretty much in the dark here.

Weight gain?
Yes. And that's all I'm going to say about that.

Belly photos?
I've decided to take my weekly photo in the same shirt. This way it should be easier to tell if he officially drops, right?

So, here is last week's photo:

And today's photo:

Nope. Other than me wanting to eat every single Christmas cookie I can get my swollen, chubby hands on...

Not a great week for sleep. Several nights saw me up, tossing, turning, and restless. On one night in particular, I woke up when Buster came to bed at 1:30 a.m., and could not fall back asleep. I spent some time perusing Facebook on my phone, catching up on blogs, Googling, etc. Finally around 4 a.m. I start to get tired, and drift off. And then Kelsey wakes me up because she has to pee. Lovely. So I struggle out of bed and hobble to the back door and let her out. I crawl back into bed after and promptly fall fast asleep.

Until 5 a.m., that is. When Buster wakes me up because I'm snoring. Which sends me into a rage. My rage in turn sets him in his own rage, and we yell at each other. Then he (pretty much instantly) falls back asleep. I lay there and cry. Then I fall asleep at 5:30 a.m. Only to be woken up one hour later by my alarm. Oh, fun.

Yes, yes I know. Get used to no sleep. This is my body's way of preparing me. Etc, etc. But at least when Henry's here, I can look at his sweet little face and feel like at least there is an excellent reason that I'm awake! Instead I look at Buster's face, and contemplate smothering him with my pillow.

Symptoms [...of impending labor]?
I've had some pretty bad lower back pain the past couple of days. Wasn't sure if this was a labor sign or just a sign that I have bad posture.

Been losing some plug each day, but not much, and none has been blood-tinged. Until today, that is. My cervical check left me bleeding and losing bits of bloody plug (hot, right?!).

Had loose bowels today. I know that can be an impending labor sign... my body trying to clear itself out.

And finally, been having Braxton Hicks that sometimes are accompanied by cramps and painful twinges. Most are not, but some are.

So obviously labor will be happening sometime soon (my due date is 19 days away), but will it be sooner rather than later? Only time will tell at this point...


  1. New Year's Baby! New Year's Baby! Seriously, that would be so awesome if little Henry was the first baby of 2013... stay put on that couch/chair/bed until Dec. 31, and then start doing some aerobics or something. :)

  2. Yay! Maybe thats not the right response to bed/couch rest?... But yay that Henry is coming! And it sounds like he knows whats up, allready taking care of dialating things down there, way to go Henry!

    As for sleeping... I hated it when people laughed when I said I was tired and told me that it was good prep. Its totally different! I was tired once Marek came but at least I could comfortably sleep while he did, when you're giant pregnant and pre-pre-eclamptic there is no point even trying to sleep. Also blue and I had a long "heated" discussion about waking a snoring Lindsey. "Not allowed under any circumstance while I'm gestating your child!"

  3. Woot woot, Henry's coming!!!

  4. Its coming!!!

    Henry will be here soon!!!!!!!

    you probably won't be on bed rest were more than 2 weeks without going into labor. So enjoy it!!!!!!!

  5. Um...I am in a rage thinking about buster waking you up! Some nerve!

    So exciting that you're getting close! Hopefully your resting goes well and you don't have to be induced!

  6. Enjoy your bed rest! Keep cooking him as long as he'll let you! I delivered 3 weeks early and my babies wound up in the NICU for 7 and 10 days, not saying yours will but keep him in if you can! Good luck, it's so exciting!

  7. That's normal when they check how dilated you are... and annoying/uncomfortable/painful you name it! But it's the only way they can tell you, unfortunately.

    37 weeks is generally considered "full term" although they prefer 39wks- but usually after 37wks they won't stop labor. Although the BP and protein are a concern, taking it easy and keeping a close eye on things is the best course of action.

    You are doing great! And you look fantastic! It won't be much longer now!

  8. Henry is about ready to make his appearance. Try to get some last minute rest and prepare to meet your little boy:-)

  9. Good luck. I hope you make it a bit longer, but if not at least you'll get an extra tax deduction. haha And a beautiful baby of course!

  10. Oh, those cervix checks frickin SUCK!!!! Pressure my ass.
    Anywho, sounds like Henry is gonna be here in no time :D Can't wait to see photos of that cute little sucker! hehe
    And also be prepared once he arrives to still have those feelings of wanting to smother your DH when you're exhausted. They don't really stop until baby is sttn... and even then...

  11. Oh wow Kara! This is exciting!!!!

  12. Just an FYI... When I was pregnant I started getting high BP readings around 32 weeks and they crept up and up until I was around 36 weeks and consistently 145/90 at the lowest. My highs were around 170/95. My dip stick never registered protein at my appts, but when I was 37 weeks I couldn't get the BP below 180/95 and finally L&D D told me to come. My BP was 195/112 when we checked in and they made me stay overnight to do my first jug catch and monitor. While there they checked me at 2cm and 75%. I was having contractions every 4 minutes for awhile too. Well of course my jug catch was way over the threshold and they induced me two days later. They told me that just like BP, protein in urine fluctuates which is why it is best to do the 24 hour catch so they can see the whole pic and not just a snapshot. I just know I had Pre-e for much longer.... I was sooooooooo swollen the whole pregnancy for one.... Anyway. Induction was a breeze (1 dose of cervadil needed only, no pitocin) and my body went right into contracting and 4 hours later baby was here! Doc says our bodies know when something isn't right and do what they are supposed to do get baby out safely and quickly. Hopefully the same is true for you!!! Good on your docs for staying on top of it.... I feel mine didn't take my BP concerns seriously although all ended up just fine. :) good luck! (This is kelly from little Looman log which I have since deleted for privacy reasons.)

  13. You sound like you're getting so close! I had crazy lower back pain the day I went into labor. Also, even though you won't get a ton more sleep after you have the baby, I promise that it will be better than trying to sleep while pregnant. There is nothing worse than trying to sleep while essentially having a fat watermelon strapped to the front of you. Hang in there and take your EPO and drink lots of water!

  14. What an eventful appointment. Um yeah checks hurt like HELL!!!! Why do people leave that part out of this whole pregnancy thing? Also, I hate when people say just get used to the no sleep. I'm telling you right now you will not be getting any sleep, BUT your body will be back to normal and you will be waking up for a precious little boy. Not because your back hurts or you have to pee for the 50th time. No sleep for a baby is soooo much better :) I'm excited to see when he will come. PS I'm a bit jealous too. At this point I feel like I might be pregnant forever.

  15. Ugh, internals at that point in the pregnancy are THE WORST.

    Don't feel silly for not knowing what contractions feel like - there's no way you could have any other point of reference. Your mentiining of the lower back pain caught my attention - my labor started with lower back pain. But I'd had back trouble my entire -pregnancy so I just thought my back was hurting *more*. Then I went in for my appointment at noon and my midwife told me I was 4cm - 80% effaced, lol. In retrospect I think my labor had started the night before...

    SO close, now. Can't wait to read the big announcement!

  16. Any day now! You are going to do great. And once little Henry joins you, do NOT feel bad sending him to the hospital nursery so you can sleep. I was adamant that hubby and I could handle the LO in our room and the nurses actively encouraged us to keep her in our room. But, with the little one there, I couldn't sleep that first night in the hospital (even when she was sleeping she was loud!). So the next day we made the decision that she would go to the nursery at night. The nurses still brought her in every 2-3 hours for me to nurse, but at least for those 2-3 hours I could actually sleep. Take advantage of every opportunity to sleep while you can!

  17. Yes, enjoy your bed rest! I was foolish enough to work up until the day before my c-section and now I think, WTH was I thinking! :) I can't believe how close you are to meeting your precious baby!
    You look beautiful, btw!
    Happy New Year to all of you! :)

  18. Just catching up! How did Friday go? So excited for you!


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