Wednesday, March 20, 2013

my return

Today, the first day of spring, marks my return to work.

Spring is lovely, work is not.

I cried on my way here. Buster took Henry to daycare, so I said my goodbyes at home. He was sound asleep in his car seat, ready to be loaded in Buster's truck (it has a full backseat, don't worry!).

I miss Henry terribly. I haven't decided if I will pick him up after work or if Buster will. Typically, Buster will be doing it, since it would add an extra hour or so onto my evening commute. I could technically see and cuddle Henry sooner if Buster had him home already by the time I get home, so that's the plan  for most days.

But today I may pick him up, just to hear first-hand from M (the lady who will be watching Henry at her in-home daycare) how he did. You know how getting information from a man is... difficult, to say the least.

So not only have I returned to work, but this also marks a return to blogging for me. It was extremely difficult for me to find the time to pen a post while being at home with Henry these past ten weeks (yes, it's been TEN weeks already!). But now that I'm back at work, and forced to sit in front of a computer, I will be blogging!

I've missed this space, and I'm looking forward to filling any remaining readers in on how the past ten weeks have been for us!

Here are some Henry photos from the last month:
6 weeks old

7 weeks old

2 months old!

I love this picture. 


  1. He's so cute it hurts! I know today is going to be really tough but I've heard it gets easier from here!

  2. He is so so precious!!! Glad to have you back. Having a baby must be so sweet :) I some times try to convince myself that I dont have a baby because maybe I can't handle it being a 24/7 job? But it just seems that the good would out weigh the bad right?

  3. Welcome back! He is so adorable, look at those pouty lips! Hopefully your first day back at work goes well, Henry does fantastic at daycare, and you get into a new routine easily. One perk about working outside of the home is how you look forward to going home and holding that sweet baby every evening!

  4. First of all, welcome back. I know it has to be hard to start a new schedule with Henry after being home with him for ten weeks. It will all fall into place.

    My oh my what a handsome little boy he is and those blue eyes. Such a cutie.

  5. He is adorable! I am sure the first few weeks will be the hardest for you but it will get better!

  6. Welcome back! Henry is absolutely adorable!
    Look forward you reading all about his first months. Hope today goes by quick so you can get back on loving that little guy of yours.

  7. Oh my gosh, I can't believe you have to be back at work already!! That's insane... you should move to Canada and get a year of paid mat leave. :) Still, I'm glad you're back to the blogging community, so at least if you can't spend all your hours with Henry, you can write about how awesome he is and post lots of pics here!

  8. That has to be really hard. I can only imagine. Hopefully the transition will get easier for you as time goes on.

    Welcome back to the blogosphere too.

  9. He's such a sweetie! I'm glad to see you blogging again, even if it does suck that you have to be back at work to make it possible. Hopefully the days go by quickly!

  10. Oh, he is such the looker! Good luck on the return to work. It does get easier. In these days of "leaning in," it's tough to talk about working and motherhood without launching into what is perceived by some as a full on mommy war. But I will tell you this: for me personally (and I am certain that this isn't the case for most anyone else), working makes me a better momma for a multitude of reasons. Maybe working will make you a better momma, too. (That being said, I'm with yeahscienceblog...I'd take a year of paid maternity leave. I got 6 weeks paid, 6 weeks unpaid, and frankly felt very fortunate to have any time at all.)

  11. I know how it is to go back to work. It's hard, but I have to believe it will get easier. Your little guy reminds me of mine...those cheeks and blue eyes.
    I am glad I am the one to pick up my son because I can see him sooner (in my case), but I still hate dropping him off with someone else.

  12. He is soooo cute!! I hope going to work gets easier. It definitely did for me!

  13. Awww, I bet it was difficult leaving him. Hope you got lots of snuggles when you saw him afterwards though :)

    He is so cute!!!

  14. welcome back to blogging!

    I hope everything gets better and settled in with you going back to work!!!!


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