Saturday, October 22, 2011

Embryo Report: Day 3 and Day 4

I'm not even sure if anyone cares to read this info, but I figure it might help people in the future who obsessively google looking for reassurance. Like me.

Day 3 Embryo Report:
2 embryos @ 8-cell
1 embryo @ 6-cell
4 embryos @ 4-cell
3 embryos @ 2-cell

The 2-cell embryos did not grow from Day 2 to Day 3. All of the embryos are graded B or C, which is average.

After this report, I became a bit worried. I obsessively googled, which only increased my anxiety. Several of my embryos are lagging behind, which scared me. I even had a nightmare last night, in which all of my embryos died. It was awful.

Today could not come fast enough.

Day 4 Embryo Report
All 10 embryos are still in culture, which means they are still growing! Great news!

2 embryos are compacted
1 embryo @ 8-cell
2 embryos @ 7-cell
2 embryos @ 5-cell
1 embryo @ 4-cell
2 embryos @ 2-cell

The two compacted embies are right on track! This elates me. The 8-cell and two 7-cell embryos are one day behind. They will culture the embryos for 7 days total, so I'm ok with them being a day behind. As long as they make it to blast, who cares, right??

The two 5-cell and one 4-cell embies are two days behind. The embryologist told me that they can sometimes lay dormant for a day, and then start progressing normally. I hope this is the case with these ones, and they catch up by Day 7.

The two 2-cell embryos... well, I'm giving up on them. They must have grown slightly from yesterday, but not enough to gain a whole cell. I'm assuming they are a lost cause at this point.

Overall, I'm quite pleased with this report. We have 2 that are looking great, and 3 that are looking quite good. I would be more than happy with 5 snowbabies!

I will be calling again tomorrow, and will update you all on the report. We might have some blasts by tomorrow...


  1. I love to read your reports! If you didn't post them, I would be left wondering how things are going.

  2. As a fellow googler, I love your updates...keep them coming!!

  3. Stalking you and your embies :)

  4. The stalker (and possibly future IVFer) in me loves the updates! Keep them coming! Glad to hear so many of them are growing!

  5. Fellow IVFer, though a few weeks behind you, and I love reading your updates. So happy to hear that they are coming along! Hoping the best for you!


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