Wednesday, October 12, 2011

monitoring + awkwardness

I had my first monitoring appointment this past Friday. I was nervous, but I kept telling myself that it was going to be fine. This clinic does this all the time (monitoring appointments for patients who are seeking treatment elsewhere, that is).

The waiting room was packed. I had a hard time hiding the "Maybe all of you should just run on out of here and find a good doctor" look from my face, but hopefully no one picked up on it. Or hopefully they did. Either way...

When I checked in at the front desk, I handed them my lab order. This was on letterhead from Alderaan, and specified what bloodwork was to be done, as well as the ultrasound.

I got called back soon after for the bloodwork. Afterward, the nurse sent me on to that oh-so-familiar exam room 3. I strip down, hop up on the table, and wait. Nervously.

In walks my former RE.

"Did you have a nice break from me?" he asks, smiling.

Wow, he's pleasant! Jovial, even. Maybe this won't be awkward at all!

I ramble on about how it was a nice break from the medicine and treatment, that it can get overwhelming, blah blah blah. He then proceeds to tell me that his daughter is struggling with infertility, and now when he sees patients, he thinks of his daughter. This is a new development since I've been here last, I'm certain.

I think we are bonding...?!

The wanding took literally a minute and a half. Tops. When it was over, he says, "I'll see you next door."

Wait, what?

Next door is the consultation room. Where we talk about where we go from here. And I don't go anywhere from here with this clinic.

I get dressed and head on over, apprehensive.

I sit down, and my former RE starts going over my previous cycles, IUIs, meds, etc. The whole time, my thoughts are screaming at me, "Why is he doing this??? I have to tell him! I don't want to do this, this is going to be awkward!!!"

So, after he was done looking at all of my failed IUIs, he says, "Let's discuss our options."

Um, let's not.

I interject and explain to him why I'm there.

The mood in the room visibly changes.

He finishes up and sends me on my way.

I couldn't get out of there fast enough.


  1. Oh, wow... awkward is right. But you know, he should probably check that stuff first. Try not to sweat it!

  2. D'oh! That is awkward...but I agree with the previous comment - he should have checked on that first. I am kind of curious to know what the options were going to be...

  3. Get out of town! I can't believe he would pull this - you are doing a clinical trial for Pete's sake. I'm so sorry this made you uncomfortable and sincerely hope he will be more professional, too!

  4. Oh dear....that's too bad he wasn't aware why you were there from the beginning. I wouldn't worry about it, though. If he got jerky about it after he realized what was going on, it's just further proof that he's not a very good doctor.


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