Friday, April 26, 2013

Henry's nursery

This post is incredibly overdue. All the way back in October, I posted the plan for Henry's nursery. And although I loved that storyboard, only one thing pictured in there is actually in Henry's nursery.

The one item that made it is the Henry shelf. And the nursery is not actually completely finished. I still need some wall art, and I'd like a lamp. But for the most part, it's in working order.

I was borderline obsessed with getting a gray crib. And when you Google it, the most popular gray crib is the Oeuf Sparrow crib. It's $760. Instead, I had found a gray crib from Walmart that I was set on purchasing.

But then... plans go awry. My aunt and uncle offered to give us my cousin's old nursery furniture. It was white, which wasn't my first choice for crib. But, it was free. And in AMAZING condition. This was some quality furniture! So, instead of purchasing furniture, we were given a crib, changing table/dresser, and an armoire.

The crib and changing table/dresser.

As for the glider.... that was a huge decision. I waffled back and forth if I would even need one, since we have a rocker recliner in the living room. In the end, I (finally) found an affordable gray one that I liked on Amazon. Without ever having sat in it, I ordered it. And I couldn't be happier!

Instead of the cute chevron crib sheet and crib skirt, my grandparents bought us a crib skirt and several sheets from Pottery Barn. I wouldn't have spent the money on them myself, but sure, I'll accept the gift! They also got us a crib blanket and rug (bye bye chevron rug idea)... and all of the sudden, our nursery theme went from only colors/patterns to elephants!

Curtains... ugh. Curtains were the most difficult thing to find. Back when I was planning the nursery, gray and yellow decor items were more difficult to find. So, I found a fabric I liked online, and we had curtains made. Of course now, Target has some lovely gray, yellow, white, and tan chevron curtains that would have been perfect (and much more affordable), but oh well. We had curtains, a pillow, and a changing pad cover made out of the elephant fabric.

And finally, we purchased a white cube shelf that was fairly inexpensive. I tracked down some yellow fabric bins for the cubes, and our bookshelf was complete!

Oh, and something not pictured... the mobile. I loved the elephant one from Etsy that is in the storyboard above, but we didn't want to spend quite that much. Instead, I got a paper circle mobile from Etsy for about half the cost. Here's a photo from the Etsy listing:

So imagine that hanging over the crib.

I am very pleased with how it turned out! Someday I really need to get some wall art up, though. You know, before Henry grows up and moves out!


  1. That is a gorgeous nursery!!! I'm totally in love with it!!!! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Cute, this is a great nursery!!!!!

  3. I really like it :) And I'm not usually a fan of yellow lol. It is very cute though and came together very well!

  4. I am sorry I haven't posted in awhile, my iphone wouldn't let me and my open ID never works here (grrrr..) Anyways, long time follower, haven't commented in awhile as I am busy mommying... and congrats again on H and I LOVE the nursery!

    Jess at

  5. Wow! This is so cute, I'm way impressed!!!

  6. Adorable! Love the elephants.

    How's Henry been sleeping these days? And you, how've you been sleeping?

  7. Where did you get that adorable round elephant rug?

  8. Where did you get that adorable round elephant rug?

  9. I'm doing my baby boy's nursery with an elephant theme too! Where did you get the rug from?

    1. Hi Sandra Lee! I got it at Pottery Barn :)

  10. Would you want to sell the rug? Pb kids don't sell it any longer and we are looking for this one. Please let me know. Thank you


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