Wednesday, October 3, 2012

plan: nursery

I'm starting a series of posts where I detail my plan for something. Riveting, I know. Today's subject is Henry's nursery.

Initially, I wanted to do a soft, calm beachy theme. Seafoam green, pale aqua, etc. But in typical me-fashion, I changed my mind!

I decided that I didn't want to go with a theme, per se, but more of a color scheme. Or you could call my theme "pattern mixing". But enough talking about it, here is the nursery styleboard I put together:

Nursery styleboard!

My favorite color is gray, so of course I was inclined to include gray in the color scheme. I had seen a couple nurseries done in gray and yellow, and I loved it. So I decided to run with it.

Buster painted the nursery walls back in August. We had a discussion of what we'd like to do in there, and I figured it wouldn't be painted for months. Then one day, soon after, he just decided to paint it. I love that man. We did three walls in a light, cool gray. The fourth wall has gray and white vertical stripes. The crib will go on this wall. I absolutely love the paint job and the color.

My pièce de résistance in the styleboard was the crib. I fell in love with the thought of a gray crib. It's so... different. And gray. And I found one on WalMart's website that I not only loved the simplicity of, but the price was amazing as well ($199!). Apparently it's similar to some fancy-pants Oeuf Sparrow crib that retails for $700+. At least that's what the reviewers were saying. I have no clue what constitutes fancy nursery furniture, and would never, ever spend $700 on a crib.

I had planned on purchasing two pieces of the Hemnes line of dressers (in white) from Ikea, and using the top of the smaller dresser as the changing table. I thought the white would go well enough with the gray crib, and I could pull it off.

But this styleboard was done two months ago, and naturally some things have changed.

My aunt and uncle have generously offered to give us their high-quality, expensive nursery furniture that they used for my cousin (13 years ago...). It's white, and simple enough (I'm not one for frills on my furniture). It was a drop-side crib, but they lent the furniture to my aunt's sister when she had her baby boy, and her husband permanently affixed the drop-side so that it no longer drops. It comes with a changing table with drawers underneath, and an armoire. The crib also has a drawer underneath. I am very thankful that they are offering this to us, as it will save us a lot of money.

Also, another change is the glider. As much as I adore the white and yellow pinstriped Little Castle Lullaby glider rocker pictured in my styleboard, it's pricey. The chair and ottoman together total about $450. While I realize that's really not too bad of a price for an upholstered rocker glider, I'm just not sure I feel comfortable forking over the money for it. And with that color of a glider, I'm not sure I could use it in another room down the road.

Plus, for my birthday back in August, Buster got "me" a leather rocker recliner for the living room. So, I will have that option for nursing/rocking/what-have-you.

So, instead of the glider, I'm thinking of going for the Poang Rocking Chair from Ikea. The chair plus the ottoman would be about $230, and I think I could fit it in to another room easily someday.

The Poang Rocking Chair from Ikea
Henry's nursery and the living room are about 15 feet apart, so if the Poang happened to not be incredibly comfortable for long stretches, I could always head out to the super comfortable leather rocker recliner. All you mothers out there... what do you think of my chair plan? I know I probably sound naive. And that's because, well, I am! Any advice/thoughts/insight would be much appreciated.

After showing my mom the styleboard, and a couple items I like on Etsy, she purchased this one for me:

The first piece of wall art for Henry's nursery!

It hasn't gone up on the wall yet, as we are waiting to actually get the furniture and set it up first. But I'm excited to have some decor already!

The mobile on the styleboard is from Etsy. Buster says he can make one for cheaper than they are asking, but we'll see. I'm sure he can make one, but will he by the time we need it? That's the real question.

The wall art is also from Etsy, but it's more of an idea of what I like. I will just design the wall art, and have it printed cheaply at Sam's. That will save us some money, plus I'll get full creative control!

The rug is fabulous, right? It's so affordable for a great design: $79! It's from Urban Outfitters. They also have other lovely patterns in the gray (like herringbone!), so I'm not completely sure I'll be going with the chevron pattern.

So, now you know my plan and what has changed since its inception. More changes will happen, but as soon as we have the finished product completed, I will be sharing photos!


  1. Love your mood board!!! It is going to look soo cute all together!!

  2. Beautiful color pallet and I really love the moon board also. Can't wait to see the finished product.

  3. My entire nursery is from Etsy! Wall decals, mobile, wall art, fabric, bookends, and shelf art. I love Etsy so much!

    On the chair, I was all, "we don't need a rocker/glider and I'll use the living room." Like you, the rooms are 10-15 feet apart. My husband told me I was insane and bought me the upholstered glider and ottoman. Best thing I've ever been vetoed on in my entire life. You want something comfy in that room - you will spend tons of time in it. It is worth the money. $450 is not bad when you consider the options. You're getting a great deal on the furniture, etc. Splurge on the glider. But do get a more neutral color (solid grey?) so that you can use it somewhere else later. We got chocolate brown and know it will transition well to another room later on. But then again, if yu want the pinstripes, get it!

  4. I really like the gray and yellow. I also didn't do a "theme" but rather just had a color scheme. I think it was easier to accessorize and down the road it will be easier for her to pick what she likes.

  5. DEFINITELY invest in a really comfy glider. Go sit in some and try them out. I spent hours in mine and now that baby #2 is on the way I am investing in one that is much more comfortable than the old one!!

  6. i LOVE LOVE LOVE your theme. Very chic yet simple. I'm quite jealous of your creativity and sense of style!

    As far as a chair goes, I spent a LOT of time in Abby's room her first year (A LOT) and I am so glad I invested in a leather rocker recliner for her room. I slept with her in that bad boy many times, especially when she's sick (I still do this). A chair with wooden arms, while cute, just will not be comfy enough. That's just my opinion.

  7. Looove it! :D If I had the brain cells and energy to do a fancy nursery it would definitely have been gray and yellow, I love that color scheme!

    My only comment: I was planning on using the Hemnes dresser as a changing table, too. BUT. It is too tall to comfortably change diapers on, which we luckily discovered before ordering it. Maybe for a newborn it is ok but soon it will be very awkward.

  8. Love this! We did a gray and yellow nursery, too. :)

  9. Very cute and clean design! I'll be honest, my mom gave me her glider and I put it in the nursery... we hardly ever use it. It doesn't help that we have him in our room... still. It has just been a lot easier for us to have him in our room, I like being that close at hand. I do use it when he plays in the nursery, but even then I'm usually on the floor with him. He liked being swaddled/cuddled in the beginning more than rocked. I would opt for the cheaper one myself.

  10. Beautiful color palette!!! But then again I'm biased cause I'm using grey as well. Oeuf cribs are usually on sale on but $199 is a steal for a crib. I've had my eye on one from Oeuf and one from Nurseryworks. Can't wait to see your pics when it's all done. I'm still in the process of clearing out the nursery room which is currently the guest room.

  11. Oops forgot to mention I just sold our two Poang chairs with ottomans on Craigslist. Half an hour after I posted it someone bought it. Those chairs are comfy.

  12. I will be intrigued to hear how the Poang works for you. We have one in the living room and my husband keeps suggesting that it would be good for our (someday) nursery.

  13. Love it all! How beautiful!

    My big splurge was the glider and I have not regretted it for one single second. Make sure it's comfortable. Some things I love about it that I never thought about before I got it: It reclines. It has a "brake" on it so you can make it stationary to make it easier to stand up from when you've got your arms full of sleeping baby. The ottoman has a little platform that pulls down and makes the ottoman stationary, so you can bend your knees and you don't have to have your legs stretched out all the time.

    Can't wait to see the pictures!

  14. Love the Elephants, so sweet.

  15. I have that exact Poang rocker! We looked at a ton of different gliders and rockers and I wasn't a fan of anything under, it seemed, $500 (and the ones I really liked were much more than that). So the Poang it is, and I have to say, even though I'm not nursing in it yet I'm impressed with how comfy it is. They do have a matching ottoman if you want to put your feet up, too!

  16. Awesome, I love it all!

    Gray is my favorite color too, people think I am crazy. I have gray as an accent in our nursery, but I wish I was as daring as you and had made it one of the main colors!

    We used our glider in our nursery, but honestly, not that much. We have a ranch style house, so if I want comfy we would go to the recliner in the living room right down the hall.

  17. Cant wait to see it all finished!

  18. I have a yellow walled/ gray furniture nursery as well! We love it, partly because it turned out lovely and partly because if we happen to be lucky enough to have a second, we don't have to worry about the color. We bought a bunch of furniture from Ikea and painted it gray (including the Hemnes that we used as the changing table). But the last time I was there I saw that they now carry the stinking Expedit line in gray. Augh!! Also, check out dalidecals for some great wall decorations. We got a glider (present from the grandparents) and we planned on putting it in the nursery, but here we are a year later and it's still in the living room. It's my favorite chair. And when my father in law visits, it's the only chair he will sit in!

  19. Loving all of it! Can't wait to see it all put together!

  20. Love the chevron rug. Love the colour scheme. It's AAALLLL good!

  21. I think this is a great idea! It's a nursery he can grow into and won't be too baby later. The colors are great and I can't wait to find out what the finished product looks like.

  22. Love it all! The vertical stripes are perfect, and the gray crib just FEELS special!

  23. Can't wait to see what it all looks like in the end! We got a great rocking chair that is super comfortable. For the first few months, it was in the living room as I did most of my nursing there. In the middle of the night, I lived in that rocking share, watching TV and nursing my baby. Once the night-time feedings started decreasing, we moved the rocking chair to Alex's bedroom, and we use it for evening feeding and book reading. One thing to make sure is have at least a low step stool or something to put your feet on - so much more comfortable, and super important for nursing!

  24. Great colors. If we had had the money, we totally would've bought a grey crib for Zoe. There is a REALLY expensive one... the Romina Imperio. We saw it at a baby furniture store and fell in love with it.... and then we saw the price rofl.

    Anywho... I love what you have so far.

    As for the chair... I honestly only use my glider/ottoman when I'm pumping. Maybe when Zoe is actually sleeping in her nursery I'll use it to soothe her, but right now, it really was just a luxery. We only paid $150 for it anyway (bought online w/ free shipping.. woo!) so not too bad.
    Looking at the Poang chair you posted... buy a much much thicker butt cushion for it. Our glider has a thin cushion as well and it hurts your ass to sit in it for long stretches.

  25. I love that gray crib. I've been drooling over it for a while. Right now that is what I want in our nursery! Loving the color scheme.

  26. I love the color scheme! I think we'll do something similar for our baby's nursery, focusing on a color scheme/patterns rather than a set theme.
    As for the glider/rocker question- I too suggest buying the comfier chair. The issue with the Poang is that the arms aren't padded. Based on my experience taking care of the infant I nannied, it is very helpful to have padded arm rests when feeding the baby because even with a feeding pillow chances are your arms will need somewhere to settle and the wood will likely make you sore after a while. If you want to cut down on cost a bit, you could buy a nursing stool rather than an ottoman-

  27. I freaking LOVE your colour scheme! I agree about the chair.. the Poang is nice but you need a cushy comfy chair for night nursing/sleeping in. I slept with Wes the first month in my arms reclined in the chair (paranoid about SIDS yada yada)

    Looks like you have everything together! Getting so close - - hope you are well!

  28. This is random and long after your post, but I was just on Land of Nod's site and saw they have a really cute bedding set that's all gray and yellow. I bet you've seen it already but thought I'd share just in case you hadn't. Here's the link:


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