Friday, October 19, 2012


Holy shit, I'm in the third trimester.

Can you believe that? I can't. While the first 16 weeks of this pregnancy seemed to absolutely crawl by, the past two months have just passed me by so quickly! My little man will be here before I know it. So, so crazy.

I had a doctor's appointment yesterday. I was 27w3d. It was my normal monthly appointment, plus some perks. Those perks being a) my glucose test, and b) an ultrasound to check on the location of my placenta, and the length of my cervix.

The glucose drink wasn't that bad. No, I wouldn't willingly choose to drink it, but it didn't make me gag or anything. It burned the back of my throat a bit, and that was my chief complaint.

After I chugged the drink, I headed back for my ultrasound. I was really looking forward to this ultrasound. I hadn't seen my little guy on the screen since my anatomy scan at 18 weeks! And my, how he had grown...

First, the tech measured his leg bone. She told me he was tall. Then after all her other measurements were completed, she told me that he was measuring two weeks ahead (at 29w2d) and that she estimates him to be 2lbs15oz! I know those measurements can be off, but holy crap! I've got a chunker!

Henry is also head down, still. He was head down at my fetal echocardiogram a month ago, and he's still that way. I'm taking that as a good sign, and hope he just goes ahead and stays that way until D-Day.

I asked the tech for a potty shot. Even though I've been told twice he's a boy, I've still been paranoid! I would love a boy or girl baby just the same, but I worry about all the crap I've bought and been given. So, she pulled up the potty shot and instantly said, "Yep, he's all boy!". And I saw his little balls. So now I am 100% convinced he's definitely a Henry!

She also gave me some photos, and we got a great profile picture! Check out my cute little man:

27w3d profile shot!
I am just so in love with that little chubster!

Next I met with my doctor. I've gained (gulp) 33 lbs so far!!! Yikes. But, my doctor isn't concerned at all. He wasn't even going to mention weight gain until I brought it up. He told me that I could have been eating only vegetables this whole time and still have gained this much weight, and that everyone is different. I explained to him that I'm not eating horribly unhealthy...but that I'm not turning down pumpkin desserts. He told me not to turn them down, and to go to town at Thanksgiving and Christmas. I told him he was the best doctor ever.

I start going in every two weeks now. Shit is getting real!

And here you can see me + those 33 lbs:


  1. Congratulations on the third semester! And you look gorgeous - I'm not sure where you're hiding most of those 33 pounds.

  2. Oh, you look amazing! I'm so jealous you get to see your little one by ultrasound again. I haven't seen my girl since 20 weeks!

    I'm not turning down any desserts either! :)

  3. You're looking great! And so is sweet little Henry. :)

  4. Aghhhh wow it is going so fast!!!!!!

    What a great profile! He is cute!

    You look great, enjoy this pregnancy, you totally deserve to!

  5. You look amazing :D
    And awesome profile pic too. He's a cute chunky monkey.

  6. Tiffany (blue ocean)October 19, 2012 at 6:16 PM

    You look so good! I gained over 60lbs! It was madness. I love reading how you write. It's so funny ie: his little balls LOL!!! Too cute!!

  7. You look fabulous! Glad things are going well. I really wouldn't worry about the weight gain either :) I was due Dece 24th and I definitely went to town on the holiday goods LOL. It was awesome... well the heartburn wasn't, but the food was! I didn't gain anything at all, then blew up like a balloon in the last trimester- everyone really is different! As long as your doctor isn't concerned, then it's all good. Take care!

  8. Yay! Welcome to the 3rd trimester!

    Jealous you get to do every-two-week appointments now - mine start at 32w.

    You look great!

  9. Don't let their measurements of baby freak you out!!

    My little man was measured to and projected to be over 10 lbs and he came out 6 lbs 5 oz at 38 weeks 1 day!! A huge shock. They had me terrified for months about birthing a giant baby!! :)

  10. I am so happy to be joining you in act 3. It's such a blessing to be here, in a more 'comfortable' zone and know they can really and truly save this baby should he come.
    You look great and I am excited to read your next update.

  11. Yay!!! Third trimester - how wonderful! You look fabulous!!!

  12. Yay!!! Third trimester - how wonderful! You look fabulous!!!

  13. You look wonderful! That baby boy has an awesome profile! He is going to be one cute baby:) Hope the last trimester goes just as quickly for you and I will be looking forward to baby pics!

  14. Congrats on the 3rd tri! You look beautiful :-) What an awesome pic of your baby <3

  15. Oh wow - third tri! Can you believe it?! You and Henry both look great. I've already gained over 15 pounds. I was thinking about it the other night, and realized I'd gained one and a half of my cats. I have no idea where all that weight is either! Happily some of it is in my boobs. :) lol


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