baby Henry updates

I wanted a page where all the past (and future!) baby updates would be in one place. Easy access!

Belly photo collage:

08/13/2012 - Anatomy scan at 18 weeks. After a little scare due to incorrect information, all is well! Baby is still a boy!

Baby Henry at 18 weeks.

08/01/2012 - Optional gender scan! Ultrasound tech is 95% sure we are having a BOY! 

Weenie shot!

07/03/2012 - NT (Nuchal translucency) ultrasound at 12w1d. Baby was measuring 12w2d, with a heart rate of 164 bpm. Baby was moving its little arms and jumping around a little. My baby is adorable, if I do say so myself.

Baby at 12w1d.
The bottom of baby's foot. I think my u/s tech loves these shots.
Baby's arm, bent at the elbow.

06/21/2012 - Unscheduled ultrasound, due to my neurosis and self-induced panic. I was 10w3d, and baby was measuring 10w4d with a heart rate of 172 bpm. And it looked like a baby. And was kicking its little legs and waving its arms. *Swoon*

Baby curled up in my ute, at 10w3d.
The bottom of baby's foot! How adorable, right??


06/12/2012 - Third ultrasound at 9w1d! Baby's heart rate was 178 bpm, and was measuring 9w4d.
9w1d ultrasound; measuring 9w4d

06/07/2012 - Second ultrasound at 8w3d! Baby's heart rate was 179 bpm, and was measuring 8w5d.

8w3d ultrasound; measuring 8w5d


05/29/2012 - First ultrasound at 7 weeks! Baby's heart rate was 144 bpm.

7w1d ultrasound; measuring 7w4d

8dp6dt/14dpo - 124
10dp6dt/16dpo - 317
16dp6dt/22dpo - 6,289
23dp6dt/29dpo - 32,961


05/03/2012 - BFP at 4dp6dt!


04/29/2012 - Transferred one day-6 expanded blastocyst.


  1. I love this! <3 Now bring on the bump pics :-D

  2. I LOVE this 'thread' (not sure what it's called) So awesome to follow this way

  3. I love your 21 week shirt! Looks quite similar to my 30 week shirt! ;)

  4. Awesome! I like that all your pics are together! :)

  5. Love the belly pic collage!! You look fabulous!

  6. you look great and you have such cute maternity dresses!!!!


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