Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My new goal: 10 for 30

This year I am turning 30.

 Yes, that's me up there. Crying. Ok, my hair is longer, but you get the idea.

My 18-year-old self made the decision that I would be done having children by the age of 30, because I didn't want to be an old mom (obviously my 18-year-old-self was a freaking idiot!).

I don't want to turn 30, but I'm really relishing moving on to a new chapter in my life. I'm ok with leaving the twenties behind me. I'm sad about my fleeting youth, but hopeful for a new beginning.

As I've blogged previously, I am still doing Weight Watchers. It's been 16 weeks, and I haven't been the most diligent dieter. Sure, I do great most of the time. I've also cut out a TON of my snacking. And I've lost 11 pounds. But after 16 weeks, I really had hoped to have lost more weight. Or to have been down a size.

June 14th marks our 3rd wedding anniversary. August 21st is my 30th birthday. It's a big summer! Which leads me to my newest goal...

I will be a size 10 by my 30th birthday.

I've always been embarrassed about what size pants I wear. Always. I'm slightly bigger boned, and even when I've been so skinny that my hip bones have been pointy and a danger to those passing me on the street, I've never been smaller than a size 8. When I was a size 8, I looked anorexic.

On our wedding day, I was a size 10. It worked for me. I felt great at that size, even though I was still ashamed to admit my double-digit size. What is up with that? I hate feeling like I'm fat just because I can't (and will never be able to) fit into a size 6. I guess this is the effect that media's fixation on women's weight has on us. Sad, right?


Here are some photos taken around the time of my wedding, in June of 2008:

Me bossing my sister around, as usual! :)

Bridal shoot
Buster and I
That was then.

And a bit more recent:
Nov 2010:
No, that's not Carnie Wilson. It's me.

Dec 2010:

So yeah. You can tell by my face that I've chunked up a bit. I don't even have any full body shots to post because I've been avoiding cameras like the plague! Now I have lost 11 pounds since those pics, but I'm nowhere near where I want to be quite yet. I'm currently in a size 14 (sometimes a 12...).

I bought the 17-Day Diet book last night at Walmart. Not really worth the money, imo, but I'm still going to do it. It works ok with Weight Watchers, and then after the 17 days I might just go back to my normal Weight Watchers (which will feel like a treat, I'm sure!). The 17-Day Diet is basically South Beach or Atkins, but a little more lenient on the fruit. Oh, they want you to eat yogurt twice a day as well.

Along with the new diet (which will start after I properly hit up the grocery store), I'm am going to walk or hula-hoop every day. Yes, I said hula-hoop. I bought one of those weighted hoops. Fancy, right? I have yet to use it, but I'm sure it will be TONS of fun... (sarcasm!).

If you read this far, congratulations! Now you will know what I'm talking about when I mention 10 for 30!


  1. Oh shush you! You look amazing!

    Anywho, you've already lost 11lbs so I know you'll lose what you want to reach your size 10 goal :D

    Don't eat already sweetened yogurt. Even the lite stuff. It's filled with high fructose corn syrup. Go for Full fat Plain Greek yogurt and put your own fruit and whatever else in to it.

  2. You were such a pretty bride!!! I would have NEVER guessed you were a size 10 in those pictures!
    I am in the same boat, except my thing is my butt. My pants all gap in the waist, but I have to go up a size to fit my ass in just about anything.
    Good luck with your new diet plan!!!!!

  3. Love the wedding photos! 11 lbs is awesome by the way! I hate how the media makes us feel like zero is a size, its not! And its hard enough to be infertile but to be worrying about losing weight on top of that is hard. I have no doubts that you'll reach your 10 for 30 goal!

  4. Wow, your wedding dress was beautiful, and so are you!! Congrats on the 11 lbs!!

  5. You're so, so, so gorgeous now - seriously, you're beautiful (I'm not hitting on you, promise - he!) but do whatever makes you feel good.

    (I just started WW to lose about 10-15 lbs; first time in my life I've done a diet, argh!).

  6. First off, you look amazing...seriously gorgeous.

    I've been trying to follow The Primal Blueprint diet for a while now. I feel pretty great and drop weight like crazy when I stick to it. Unfortunately I have a hard time sticking to anything. It sounds pretty similar to what you're doing and might give you more meal and snack ideas. Also, here's some info as it relates to fertility (I hope I'm not overstepping here).

  7. Holy crap I about fell off my seat at the Carnie Wilson comment :D
    I just saw you in February, there's no way I would have guessed you were a size 14. I think you are beautiful, but I DO understand wanting to be your best self and I can appreciate taking control of something you can control! Can't wait to see you at the end of June! <3

  8. Congrats on the 11 lbs!!! That's a great start, and you WILL reach your goal. :)

    Also, you are GORGEOUS in all the pics. ALL of them, do you hear me?

    30 was my "age to be done having my kids," too. Sometimes you make life your bitch, and sometimes it makes you its bitch. For what it's worth, I loved turning 30 (had a big ol' party) and have loved my 30's so far. More relaxed, people around me are growing up, I'm more focused and becoming a better decision-maker. Just sayin' - age ain't all bad. ;)

  9. You willdo great i am sure!!! Its so weird sizes for sure i am a 12-14 sometimes 16 and we look soooo different in size lol... but anyways, you will do great and healthy and happy is what counts right! :D

  10. Size is just a number - you are beautiful regardless of what is written inside your pants! Those wedding photos are fab!

    I also wanted to be done have my 2-4 kids by the time I was 30 too, mainly because I was afraid of an increased risk of problems. So much for that plan! I guess we just don't get a say sometimes.

    For what it's worth, the 30's have been awesome so far. I feel so much more comfortable in my own skin and just being me. I think you will love it!

  11. P.S. The 30s were a GREAT decade!

  12. You are lovely.

    As someone who has struggled her entire adult life with her weight, I could relate to this post. Weight Watchers is a good program, and 11 lbs lost is great! Keep up the good work.

    I once thought I would be married and have at least one child by 30. I'm now 40 and still hoping for a first child. I didn't even meet my husband until I was 36, so you are WAY ahead of me. ;-)

  13. Wow I love your bridal pics! such an awesome dress.
    Honestly you look fine. Last year when I went on a fertility diet I lost too much weight and I landed up skinny (you don't want that). Hope you find the size that's right for you.
    best wishes from Heather

  14. What a beautiful bride you were! 11 pounds is respectable! Keep up the good work!


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