Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Stagnation, 10 for 30 update, and swimsuits.

And no, not a nation full of male deer. Although that would be interesting.

Stagnation: Stuck in an established routine; mired in monotony; caught in a stultifying sameness.

Tell me that's not the best definition ever! "Mired in monotony" and "Stultifying sameness" are awesome potential blog post titles.

But anyway...I am so boring as of late. This TTC "break" (of sorts) leaves me feeling further and further away from my end goal. But the testing I'm doing, although not necessary, will end up proving helpful in the end. I hope.

I had another blood draw yesterday. This was to replace the unusable blood. So, in the past two weeks I've had my blood drawn 3 times. OVER IT!

My follow-up consultation with Dr. Sher is Tuesday, May 24th. I'm really excited to hear the results of my tests, and to see what he recommends as far as a plan of attack. I also rescheduled my consultation with the clinic in Pittsburgh. I wanted to be sure I had my appointment with Dr. Sher first. So the Pittsburgh consult is Saturday, June 11. Basically forever away.


10 for 30 update!

I am now on day 3 of the 17 Day Diet. Yesterday was also my weekly Weight Watchers meeting. I was down a pound and a half, which brings my total weight loss to 12.5 lbs. I like the sound of that! 12.5 just sounds so much better than 11. I'm hoping to get close to 15 lbs down by next week!

The 17 Day Diet seems to be going ok. The biggest struggle for me is not eating something sweet before bed. Last night I cracked and had a fudgsicle. Hey, it was only 100 calories! I figure if having a delicious 100-calorie fudgsicle in the evening keeps me going with the diet, it is well worth it!

I also joined, and I like it a lot so far! Great online nutrition tracker.


My friends and I were talking about swimsuits for the upcoming summer. Last year, I bought this suit from ModCloth:

ModCloth suit!

It is a great suit! Fits wonderfully, feels good, looks good. I think it will still fit me, even if I lose more weight, although it might be too big in the boobage (unfortunately those seem to be the first to go when I lose weight!).

I'm also excited to get back in to this suit:

Juicy Couture suit!
It's a Juicy Couture suit that I bought 2 years ago at TJ Maxx for $40! What a steal. It is really comfortable and cute, but I was getting a bit big for it, unfortunately. I'm hoping it fits better this summer. Also, that pic up there really makes me want to grow my bangs out and go back to a middle part. Hmm...

I think I'm going to need to hit up TJ Maxx again and check out suits. Perhaps I will do that today at lunch...



  1. Congrats on the weight loss :) Sorry for the stagnation though, I always found break tedious, yet oddly refreshing.

  2. Cute suits!! Way to go on the weight loss, it so hard!! I am growing my bangs out, wish theyd grow faster!!

  3. Congrats on your weight loss!! I'm on myfitnesspal too!! Look me up, same name as tww!

    Sorry about the stagnation, I understand that all too well!

    I think you'd look great with your bangs grown out!

  4. Nice work on the weight loss - you're a rockstar! I can't wait to hear what Sher says in your follow-up. I bet it will be interesting... And those are awesome swimsuits - you're going to rock them this summer!!!

  5. WOO! Congrats on the weight loss! Sounds like you are doing great on it so far :D
    You're gonna be rockin those swimsuits this summer!

  6. Well, a little indulgence does not hurt. Those swimsuits are great, and I hope you look fab in them.

    We are also struggling with Unexplained IF (it is so fun, right?).

    Good Luck!

    ICLW #44

  7. Found your blog through ICLW.

    Congrats on your weight loss! I hope you get some much needed answers from Dr. Sher; my understanding is that he's one of the best.

    Good luck!

  8. Congrats on your weight loss and good luck on your upcoming consults.

    I got a good giggle out of your stagnation joke. It sounds like a joke my husband would make. I am sorry you are feeling that way though.

    ICLW #6

  9. Those suits are absolutely adorable! But you just made me realize I really need to go swimsuit shopping. Which I'm not so excite about! :|


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