Monday, June 11, 2012

some pregnancy stuff

As you may have noticed, I haven't been posting too much.

Mainly, I don't want to blog about this pregnancy because if something should go wrong, I'd have plenty of painful reminders. And being the masochist that I am, I will go back and read them. I still go back and read blog posts from the pregnancy that resulted in miscarriage.

But today, on my 9-week milestone, I'm going to blog about some pregnancy-related randomness. And hope that tomorrow's ultrasound goes well.

  • Applesauce. I haven't bought applesauce at the grocery store since, well, maybe never. All of the sudden it is my favorite thing in the world. I've been buying the unsweetened kind, and it's delectable. Yes, delectable. 
  • Onion bagels + cream cheese. 
  • Macaroni and cheese. Even the kind with powdered cheese.
  • Carbs stuffed with carbs. Yes, I'm referring to Pierogies.

  • My nips hurt. Not all day every day, but I notice it at least once a day. 
  • Headaches. This is a relatively new symptom for me, just starting a couple days ago. Tylenol does dick for me, so I've resorted to putting a warm (hot) compress on my face. That temporarily helps. Staring at a computer screen does not help.
  • Before I went on vacation, I was having some slight morning sickness. One night in particular it was quite bad, and rendered me positively useless. While at the beach, the nausea feeling subsided. Only to be replaced with...
  • Reflux/indigestion/heartburn. Ok, it's not full-on heartburn. I've never had acid reflux before, but I think this might be it. Prior to this issue, I was craving orange juice. Now, anything that acidic is torture. Red sauce, OJ, fizzy drinks, garlic. All have triggered this reflux-ish feeling. It's not fun, but I think it might be better than morning sickness.


While on the way home from the beach, Buster and I stopped at a roadside produce stand to get some peaches and homemade jam. Last night, we both decided to have some toast and jam. He got four pieces of white bread out, and I popped them in the toaster. When they were almost done, I told him to check them because I didn't want mine too dark. He responded by stating that he likes his dark, and all four pieces were for him. Cue bitch face. Cue tears. Cue emotional breakdown over TOAST. And it's not like those were the last four pieces of bread, either. Damn hormones.


I've always been self-conscious about my weight. Ever since adulthood, I've fluctuated between 145 and 180, happiest at around 155-160. I've never been stick skinny, and never will be. That's just not my body. But I hate seeing big numbers on a scale. Due to the above-mentioned cravings (just call me Carbie Barbie), I've gained 6 pounds this pregnancy.

According to, I'm only supposed to gain 1-4.5 lbs the first trimester. Oops.


  1. I am loving mac n' cheese (the old style with powdered cheese) and boy is it showing. I also love carbs and any fruits - love that it's prime peach season!! The only veggie I can get down is artichokes, I am loving them with mayo.

    I love your applesauce idea, I think I am going to get some! Healthy too!

    Good to hear from you!

  2. This is your time to gain weight and not worry about it. Until you get a diagnosis of gestational diabetes, live it up! It's a once/twice/not-that-often in a lifetime opportunity. Happy for you!

  3. my friend gained 10 pounds her first trimester. Don't worry about it, seriously! I think everyone is different.

    Also, I'm the carb queen too and my husband had the nerve to criticize my eating choices a couple of weeks ago. I may or may not have had a breakdown in a restaurant.

  4. DON'T worry about the weight gain - seriously, just let it go! So funny about crying over toast. It's amazing how quickly the hormones can take over! So glad to hear that things are going so well - enjoy that ultrasound!!!

  5. I'm so glad you can eat enough to gain poundage! I was also up about 6 lbs in the first three months. Now I'm up like 10? Maybe 12. Carbs are beautiful.

  6. Blog! Blog, blog, blog! Because you will enjoy reading it when this baby is here! I know it's nerve wracking :( But try to as much as you can, you deserve to enjoy this!

    And as for the weight gain- don't worry about it! It's not like you gained 25 lbs in 9 weeks, right? Even if you did, as long as you and the baby are healthy, it's ok. Don't stress about it. Carbs help those morning sickness days!

  7. Glad to hear from you and things are progressing smoothly. For the headaches try a cold towel draped over eyes and forehead. I get migraines (A LOT) and sometimes for regular headaches it helps. Sounds like a healthy pregnancy is underway.

  8. Congrats on 9wks. Every day and week is a milestone.

    And you enjoy those cravings!

  9. This post made me laugh! I am feeling a lot of those things too and when you mentioned the foods you were craving I immediately wanted all of it. LOL! I also feel like crying for no reason which I just push off as baby crazy.

    I am glad you are starting to embrace this pregnancy. I know how hard it can be and the challenges. You are doing well and I am right there with you.

  10. Yes, the carb cravings are the worst!! You just want all carbs ALL the time!!

    Anywho, it's great to see you post at least every once in a while :) And so happy that everything seems to be going great!!!
    Hopefully as your pregnancy progresses even more, you'll feel like posting about it more often :)

  11. Oh my, I was 'Carbie Barbie' too. I cannot get enough of the buttered biscuits from Chick Fil A and am right there with you with the bagels and cream cheese, mac and cheese, and apples/applesauce. The over the counter Priolsec helps a lot with the heartburn. Tums only made me gag.

  12. I gained 6 lbs between weeks 9-12 but then didn't gain any for a bit. It'll all even out!! Now I'm packing on the lbs but that doesn't stop the icecream intake!! So happy for you!!


  13. Yay for 9 weeks! Thanks for the update. Thinking about you often.


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