Friday, July 6, 2012

Another milestone

And it pretty much went like this:

Welcome to 12 spend your evening vomiting up V-8 Splash.

But let's rewind a bit, shall we?

On Sunday, Buster and I went to church with my grandparents. Because of the derecho that hit a couple nights prior, the power was out. And it was close to 100 degrees outside. Inside, I have no idea. But it was absolutely stifling. No air flow (other than me fanning myself with the bulletin the entire time).

As the sermon went on, I felt it. A migraine. Lovely.

That night, I had the worst migraine of my entire life. I woke up at 2 a.m. crying. My head felt as if it had been split in two with an axe, and it was throbbing. I got very little sleep.

Monday morning (my 12-week milestone!), I went in to work. I looked and felt like a zombie. I was nauseated because of the migraine. No food sounded enticing. Neither did water. So, for lunch I had an egg biscuit and a big ol' glass of V-8 Splash. But I still felt like death.

I somehow managed to survive the day. I headed home at 4:30, and crawled straight into bed upon my arrival. Fetal position + cold compress + blankets over my head. Unfortunately I started to feel more and more sick at my stomach.

You know, the kind of sick that makes you wonder, "Do I need to take a shit, or throw up?" (I'm classy, I know). So, I sit on the toilet. Nothing.

Buster gets home (he went out to get me an old-fashioned ice bag and some Vick's... "natural" remedies I read online). I head out to the kitchen and decide I'm going to make myself some chicken noodle soup, hoping that it would help my queasy stomach.

I dump the soup in a bowl, throw it in the microwave, and immediately head to the kitchen garbage can. I proceed to vomit until nothing is left in my stomach, and I'm dry heaving like a frat boy who drank a fifth of whiskey the night before.

Needless to say, I won't be drinking any V-8 Splash for a while.

That was my first vomiting of this pregnancy. And I really hope it's the last.

Amazingly, after throwing up, my head felt a bit better. And my stomach felt 100% better. Not sure if I got sick because of the pain of the migraine, or if it was morning sickness, or a combination. Regardless, it was a rough night. But I still had my doctor's appointment to look forward to the following day...

(ooooh the suspense, right?)


  1. Oh man - so sorry you were sick, we've all been there! Hope you feel better soon.

  2. I threw up just once too at about 12 weeks as well. I thought i was in the clear for vomit and all of a sudden i was just so ill. Hope you dont get anymore migraines!

  3. I dont think after this story I will ever be able to drink V8 splash, lol. Sorry about the sickness and migraines are the absolute worst. I started taking COQ10 and within weeks they were much better. I couldnt stand that prescription crap they had me on.

    Congrats on 12 weeks!

  4. 12 weeks! And first vomit! Woohoo! Just kidding. Well, about celebrating the first vomit. Hope it was a fluke, and you have an easy 2nd trimester. Oh yeah! 2nd trimester!!! WOOHOO!!!!!

  5. I've thrown up three times. Luckily it was all in my 4th week and I haven't felt nauseaus or anything since. Sorry about the migraine but yaaaay you've reached the 12 week milestone. Here's hoping for a symptom free, migraine free second tri.

  6. Not sure if they have this in the US but in Canada most mamas are prescribed Diclectin if they have nausea. It's mainly a vitamin but with something else in it too, and apparently very safe. Hope you're doing well!

  7. Congrats on 12 weeks! Any type of red food/drink is horrible when you are throwing up.


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