Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Big V (and other updates)

Monday marked my 24th week of pregnancy. While I don't sit around thinking about viability, it is still another milestone I'm more than happy to have reached.

I'm not sure what my next milestone should be. Passing my glucose test? That seems like a good one, but doesn't nearly pack a punch like the Big V. Birth of my son? That definitely packs a punch (right to the vag), but that seems so far away!

Here is a belly pic at 24w2d:

So, I realize I left you guys hanging in regards to my fetal echocardiogram last week.

My appointment was Thursday afternoon at the local university hospital. I get there and head up to the OBGYN, which is in a building adjacent to the actual hospital. I was actually five minutes early, which is basically unheard of for me. So I was pumped.

I attempt to check in, and I'm told that I do not have an appointment up there. The lady looks me up, and tells me I need to check in at the hospital, and then go up to the cardio floor. Oh...

So I make my way over there and finally get up to check in on the cardio floor of the hospital. By this time I'm five minutes late. I check in, and go sit in a smaller waiting room down the hall from the main waiting room (which was completely jam-packed). There are so many people waiting. And they are all waiting for news of a loved one who is having a heart cath, or a stent put in, or some other kind of serious heart surgery. I felt completely out of place.

After 30 minutes passes, I go back to the desk and ask if I was forgotten about, since I was sitting in the smaller, less visible waiting room. She asks why I'm there, and then proceeds to tell me that "fetals are always running late".


After 30 MORE minutes, I go back to the desk. There has been a shift change, so I talk to a new lady. I tell her my appointment was an hour ago. She looks mortified, and calls someone. Then tells me that the ultrasound tech is missing. She eventually gets the tech on the phone, and then asks me if I can wait another 15 minutes, and the tech will be down. Well, lady, I've been here over an hour, I'm not going to let 15 more minutes keep me from this ultrasound!

I finally, finally get called back. The ultrasound was not as exciting as I envisioned. I had to turn my head at a horribly awkward angle to even see the screen. And when I could see the screen, I really had no idea what I was looking at most of the time. Plus, the tech really didn't talk to me much during the 40 minute scan.

But all of that annoyance aside, Henry's heart looks great! They were able to rule out 95% of congenital heart defects (which is all any fetal echocardiogram can do, apparently), and that has me feeling quite pleased.

My glucose test and next doctor's appointment is in three weeks. And prior to that, Buster and I will be heading to sunny Hilton Head, SC to attend a family wedding. I've never been to HH, so I'm pretty excited. We will be spending five days down there. This will be our last vacation sans-baby, and we are both looking forward to relaxing on the beach. And I finally get to wear the cute maternity swimsuit I purchased late in the summer!

Good stuff :)


  1. Yay for 24wks! That's great the ultrasound looked great, but how annoying about the wait and everything. Enjoy your trip :)

  2. Congratulations!! Glad things continue to go well with Henry. As for some additional milestones, some good ones are 28wks (95% survival rate), 32wks (much lower chance of needing breathing support), and 37wks (medically full term). Enjoy your vaca!

  3. Have fun on the babymoon! :) Glad the echocardiogram turned out well.

    Gosh the glucose was a big milestone for me. It felt like it took a lot of thought and preparation, waking up early, sitting there for hours, getting blood drawn. I was so happy when it was over, I wanted to celebrate!

    I don't know why, but your webpage doesn't come up well on my firefox at work :( So I will have to check your photo again at home.

  4. So glad that everything went well, waiting is sooooo frustrating. Congrats on the big V, it is a great feeling.
    It's funny Hubby and I were in HH when I was 29 weeks pregnant, it is beautiful.
    Take care, you look fantastic!

  5. Congrats on viability! Congrats on good test results! And I'm so jealous about the beach!

  6. Have I told you how much I love the name Henry? Well, I do! Congrats on the good news. 24 is big, but the echocardiogram results are even better!

  7. Glad it went well. That is the upside ego having an ultrasound degree, I get to know what I'm looking at...but then when they find stuff theres no hiding it lol.

  8. Congrats of viability! I had to have a fetal cardio ultrasound too, on my first. Amusingly, the OBGYN sent me only to be told by the Cardiologist that the defect he was looking for (the one I have) developes AFTER birth :). But they took a good look anyways :D. Glad to hear it was all good!

  9. So glad your ultrasound went great! And yay for viability!!! You look great!


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