Monday, November 5, 2012

30 Weeks

Because I'm pretty much the laziest blogger ever (ok, I don't think that's it, honestly. I have a whole blog post written in my head about why I was so much more interesting when I was fighting the good fight, but that will have to wait), I'm stealing the weekly update template from Jules at The Quest for Little Lambies.

How far along?
30 weeks today! Time is flying. My doctor's appointments are every two weeks now, which is insane. In a month, they will switch to every week.

How big is baby?
According to Babycenter, Henry is about 15.7" long and weight close to 3lbs. I realize that these are just averages, and feel that Henry is larger than what the average might be. At my 27-week appointment, I had an ultrasound to check cervical length and the position of my placenta. During this ultrasound, the tech measured Henry's thigh bone, and exclaimed that he's tall. At that appointment, she estimated him to weight 2lbs 15oz. At my 29-week appointment (I was 29w3d), I did not have an ultrasound. But, my doctor measured my belly, and I was measuring 32 weeks. I know it's not incredibly reliable, but I just have a feeling I've got a big boy cooking. Time will tell...

Weight gain?

Ok, as much as I'd like to leave it at that, I won't. At my 27-week appointment, I had gained 33 lbs. Yep, 33. I asked my doctor if he was concerned with this, and he said not at all. I didn't even look at the scale at my 29-week appointment.

Maternity clothes that fit me in my second trimester no longer fit very well (if at all). For example, I ordered several tunics a couple months ago, to wear with leggings. At this point, the tunics barely cover my ass, and look pretty stupid with leggings. I guess they are just long shirts now. And even though I'm at the point where I don't want to be purchasing any more maternity clothes, I did order two maternity dresses from Old Navy. I figure those should cover my ass for the next 10ish weeks.

Here are my 28 and 29 week photos (haven't taken the 30 week one yet...):
I love this shirt so much that I bought it in another color.

Wearing aforementioned tunic (minimal ass coverage).

Don't mind how exhausted and shitty I look! I was starting to come down with a cold, it was pouring the rain outside, and I had gone to the grocery store after work. That photo was taken right when I got home, before I peeled my clothes off.

Not particularly. And probably not anything different than normal, honestly. I'm obsessed with anything pumpkin, but that's me every year. This year I just have an excuse to eat it.

Ah, sleep. How easy you used to come to me. Not so much now. It's increasingly difficult to get comfortable. I end up on my left side for the majority of the night, but sometimes my hip will go to sleep or hurt really badly, and I'm forced to turn. I'll switch to the right side for a while, but that doesn't last very long. As a last resort, I end up propping two pillows up in the nook of the Snoogle, and trying to sleep elevated. Once that become unbearable, I switch back to my left side and hope my hip has gone back to normal.

Other than the whole trying-to-get-comfortable thing, I'm also dealing with some insomnia. It happens a couple times a week. I'll wake up in the middle of the night (usually at around 2 a.m.) and cannot fall back asleep. So I lay in bed and browse Facebook and Pinterest, and wonder if I should get up and actually do something. Or wonder if me turning on the lamp would wake Buster up. Usually after an hour or two, I get tired again.

I find myself with some kind of indigestion or reflux. I'm not too knowledgeable on either of those things, as I've never had to deal with them prior to pregnancy. Whatever it is, I often feel like a burp will lead to vomiting. This happens mostly at night. Thankfully I've not vomited, but just get that yucky taste in my mouth like it's right there, knocking at the back of my throat. Lovely, right?

I've already gone into detail about insomnia, so there's that.

I'm getting the occasional Braxton Hicks contraction. This is usually brought on by me bending over completely at the waist to pick something up. After, I'll stand up, and my uterus is very tight and hard, and sticking out a bit further. It goes away after a minute or two.

And finally... I'm experiencing pregnancy-induced constipation. I thought I was going to get away without it affecting me, but alas, I was wrong. I've added Colace into my daily supplement routine, and that has seemed to help immensely. And if I forget the Colace one day, I'm pretty much miserable. So Colace daily it is.


  1. For the reflux, try adding an extra pillow if you're only sleeping on one pillow. Also avoid tomatoes and greasy food. I also had to cut out soda and OJ. (I stuck to milk and water.) For me, this mostly eliminated the reflux, and it had been pretty unpleasant. you look great!

  2. I have reflux pretty bad and I take Prevacid for it and after a week it was pretty much taken care of. It's a daily pill but it's let me eat and drink most of what I want and I don't have issues at night anymore. Try it!

    I also am having a really hard time with falling asleep. I can't sleep on either side due to squished lungs and my back hurts when I lay too flat. Then in the morning I get sciatic nerve pain from laying on my hips. Sheesh! I need to get a comfy recliner I guess!

  3. I got pregnancy insomnia pretty bad. I had really bad heartburn and nausea too. I didn't vomit, but I constantly felt like I was going to. I remember keeping tums on hand at all times. Have you mentioned it to your doctor? They might be able to recommend an OTC medication or prescribe you something.

    You look wonderful :) It's hard to believe you're 30wks now!

  4. Urgh I remember how bad the acid reflux gets during the third tri! Do yourself a HUGE favour and ask your OB for ranitidine, it's prescription Zantac (safe for pregnant women) and you take two a day no matter how you feel. It definitely brings it down to a more bearable level. For me it never took it away, but without it, my nights were hell, waking up almost chocking on throw up. Yeah sorry that's probably TMI! ;) Anyways, it's worth looking into!

    And you look fantastic! :)

  5. I didn't get indigestion that much, but when I did, Tums were my friend and seemed to do the trick for me.
    And yeah, the trouble w/ sleeping is TERRIBLE. And it pisses you off when people tell you to "get sleep while you can! hardyharhar.."

    Anywho, you look beautiful :) I'm sure all of that weight is going to come right off of ya after you have your little Henry :)

  6. For the insomnia, it's really weird, but if I drink a glass of milk I can usually go back to sleep. Never voluntarily drank milk until I got pregnant either :)

    Like some of the other commenters, I also started sleeping on an incline on my back. I can't sleep on my side too well because she crushes my lungs. If I prop myself up well enough, I can back sleep OK.

  7. Love this update! You look awesome- and definitely looks like your belly popped between weeks 28 and 29. And yes- if your little one was almost 3 pounds at your 27 week appointment, you have a very healthy baby in there! We hit 3 pounds 6 ounces around 32 weeks, but our babe has been measuring "petite" in the 19th-20th percentile.

    This past week I've started to take a warm bath every night before bed, and it has really helped both my achy body relax AND I've been sleeping better than I have in awhile! Might be worth a try. Lack of sleep in pregnancy stinks. : )

  8. Looking amazing, as usual! I can see a little bit more of a pop at 29 weeks :) It's amazing how fast they grow at this stage! I felt like overnight that my tummy grew three inches. lol

    So happy for you :)

  9. You are looking adorable lady!

  10. Thank you for commenting on my blog today! You look great :)


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