Friday, November 16, 2012

31 weeks

How far along?
31 weeks! Ok, well actually 31w4d, but close enough, right?

How big is baby?
According to Babycenter, Henry is over 16" long and weighs about 3.3lbs. At my appointment yesterday, he was measuring 32 weeks via fundal height. So much for him measuring two weeks ahead! Apparently he's done being huge. But, then again, I saw a new person yesterday (a midwife instead of my normal doc), and she was young. Younger than me. Which is fine... I mean, you have to start somewhere, right? But when she was attempting to find my sternum, she never actually pressed on it. She pressed around it, and then measured my fundal height. I found that to be curious. I wish I would have had my appointment with my same doctor, in retrospect, just to see how he would have measured my fundal height.

Weight gain?
No idea. I didn't look at the scale yesterday at my appointment. I'm boycotting it, actually.

Belly photos?
Here are my 30 and 31 week photos...

No longer do we have an empty wall in the nursery! Got the bookshelf put together :)
And yet another improvement... picked up the yellow canvas drawers for the bookshelf.
As you can see, I'm trying my best to live in comfy clothes. Although work makes that difficult. I peel off my work clothes as soon as I get home, and throw on the yoga pants instantly. Ahhh....

Nothing new. Although due to the recent Hostess news, I find myself really wanting a Twinkie...

Well, thankfully I haven't had any real bouts of insomnia since last week. Although, my new thing is waking up every 30 minutes to change positions. Maybe every 30 minutes is an exaggeration, but it certainly feels that often. After one particularly shittastic night, I felt like a zombie the next day. I forced myself to stay up an extra hour until 11 p.m. the next night in hopes that I could pass-the-fuck-out. And it actually worked! So I've been staying up until 11 now, but I'm finding myself wanting to sleep in an extra hour in the morning because of it. And that's no bueno for me getting to work on time.

First, thanks for all the comments and advice after my last weekly post! I actually implemented several of the suggestions.

I'm still battling the reflux, but Tums have helped tremendously! Last week was the first time I've ever purchased those little suckers, and man, they really work wonders!

Other than that, I've noticed that my energy seems to be dwindling a little. Nothing too extreme, but enough that I can tell.

And finally, I've been having some serious joint pain in my fingers. I wake up, and my hands just feel...arthritic. I don't actually know what arthritis feels like, but I imagine it feels like this. Every joint in every finger is sore. As the day goes on, they get better, but still a I googled, and it seems this is normal due to increased fluid at night while you sleep. It's more annoying than painful, to be honest. So I guess I can deal. But... I got Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 this past week, and I'm worried how my fingers will do for a long stretch of gaming. I haven't had time to break it out yet, but this weekend I plan to put in a couple hours. If my fingers allow it, that is.


  1. I can't believe you're already just about 32 weeks! It feels like just yesterday that we were all getting poked, prodded, and wanded. Unreal!

  2. Wow, getting really close now! It's nice to see you posting more. You look great!!

  3. Oh the sleep issues! I have the same problems and nothing ever feels comfortable! I'm sorry about the joint pain, that sounds rough.

  4. Just wanted to comment that I am still battling sore joints...and my son is almost 4 months old! My fingers are too swollen for my wedding rings even. :-( It's not typical so I'm sure you won't have to deal with them this long (I'm hoping it will get better when I stop nursing at a year).

    FYI you are just cute as a freaking button!

  5. You're looking wonderful. Almost there!

  6. You look great, so stinking cute! Cannot believe we are both SO close to meeting our little boys!!

    Also for my acid reflux, I have found that taking a pepsid (my doctor gave the go ahead) a few hours before bedtime allows me to get more sleep, so I am not waking up due to that nasty pukey taste in back of mouth. I only take it during the day if I know I am going to eat something that usually makes it flare up (like things with garlic in them).


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