Monday, July 26, 2010

some updates!

So things are moving right along with our business venture! I have a meeting today with the Small Business Development Center here in town, and this week we will also meet with a local commercial property powerhouse and see what some options are for our location. Mom, sis and I have been talking about it non-stop since we had the idea!

Also, I am 7dpo today. I usually never have any symptoms, but I did have some AF-like cramps around 4dpo, but who know what that could mean! Besides that though, everything is just like normal. I'm trying to hold out on testing, but I'm thinking I may test tomorrow. Looking at my chart, there seems to be a dip on 6dpo, and I'm *hoping* that it's an implantation dip. If so, by tomorrow it should show up on a test. Here's to hoping!

1 comment:

  1. Exciting news on both!!! My fingers are crossed for you!


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