Thursday, July 1, 2010

This day is defeating me.

Why are all my posts so emo?? Well, my doctor called today. She wants to do surgery to remove the level 2 cells (??) that she found on the biopsy. The other place ended up only being level 1, and she said that my body *should* get rid of it on its own.

During my last appointment, right after she did the colposcopy and biopsy, she talked to me a bit about what she saw. She thought it looked like level 2. She told me then that 60-70% of the time your body will get rid of level 2 cells (?? still not sure if that's the right word to be using?) on its own. I wonder why the change of tune all of the sudden? I guess I will find out in about 2 weeks when I go in to meet with her to discuss the surgery. She said something about the level 2 being in my DNA or something?? I have no idea what that meant.

I just feel like nothing can go right for us. This day is defeating me.


  1. Ugh. I'm sorry you are going to have to do surgery... that just totally blows. (((hugs))) Can't we just catch a break for once!!?!?!? UGH!

  2. I had surgery to remove "pre-cancerous" cells - if you're having the same type of surgery I can assure you - it's very quick and I had no issues. I went out to lunch then picked up DH from the airport a few hours later :) Dr said a lot of cramping - had none.

  3. @Kelly - Thanks sweetie! Yes, catching a break would be amazing!!!

    @Rachel - I hope mine is the same as yours then! I'm not really afraid of the surgery per se, just more annoyed that my lady parts have crap on them! Lol. Thanks so much for your reply, it makes me feel loads better! :)


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