Thursday, February 3, 2011

Two is better than one, right?

My appointment this morning went well!

After I arrived and was hanging out in the waiting room, alone, I decided to chat with the receptionist. She is really nice to me every time I come in, and she knows my name and is quite sweet. As much as I'd love it if the receptionist at my RE's office didn't need to know my name, it still makes one feel welcome.

So I approach her and mention my doc, and ask her if he hates me or if he is "that way" towards everyone. She knew immediately what I meant, and said, "His bedside manner sucks!"

Well, it's good to know I'm not alone! I told her my friend Aub's theory that he is bored with making babies for people. I also told her that the only time he really showed some genuine excitement during one of my appointments is when I told him that my husband is an Electrician. He told me he always wanted to be an Electrician someday (Bizarre, I know!). I joked to the receptionist that I would have assumed plumber would have been a more suitable transition, but whatever. She liked that joke, which made me like her even more.

She also said she wouldn't say anything to him, which I believe. And actually, it's not like I really said anything that was too harsh. I mean, his bedside manner DOES suck, and I didn't even say it!

So we get interrupted when the hippie nurse (wearing fur-lined, tie-dye crocs) calls me back. She's always very happy and I like her a lot as well. I told her that her shoes were fancy, and I heard the receptionist laugh. We talked of the Crocs for a few minutes while she escorted me to my exam room.

This time, I just sat on the table like a normal person—not like it was a show-and-tell exhibit and my lady parts were the attraction. Dr. RE comes in, followed by yet another strange doctor man, and then hippie nurse. I get into position, and thankfully this time Dr. RE dildos me.

He starts reciting the size of every follicle out loud, so hippie nurse can write them down. I hear lots of numbers below 10, some above, but none higher than 13. This is all on the right side! One of the last ones he says on the right side is 18.7mm. Hmmm.

He moves over to the left ovary. Another half-dozen small follicles later, I'm starting to really worry. Please don't let me just have one mature follicle again! He is swirling the wand around and I can tell he got into a heavily-populated area (perhaps a village of eggs?!). He calls out that there is an 18.6mm on the left side. He finishes up (meanwhile random strange doctor man is yawning. YAWNING! I mean c'mon, my vagina isn't that boring, is it?!) and tells me to meet them next door when I'm dressed.

I head into the consultation room with Dr. RE and the weird doctor man who has yet to say anything (he must be learning a lot from my RE). Dr. RE says that we got more than one follicle, which is what I wanted. I agree (even though I'm secretly just a tad disappointed I didn't have 3 or 4. But more on that later). He says he wants me to trigger tonight and we will do the IUI on Saturday morning. He also mentions that tomorrow is his birthday. So I say, smiling, "So you are going to be feeling a little rough on Saturday morning from celebrating?"

He responds that he might feel rough from coaching a hockey game that they will most likely lose. I tell him that perhaps he will have good luck on his birthday. He mentions that he will be old enough to collect social security. Then somehow we start talking about how he wants to retire to South America. Wow, what a difference in his attitude and demeanor! He was actually happy talking about Chile and Argentina!

Then he looks at his laptop and says, "Where was I? Oh yes, hCG trigger..." I then apologized for making him come back to this harsh cold reality. And that was it.

At least I know he's not a robot.

Dr. RE wants me to only take half of my trigger shot, which would be about 5,000miu (iu? miu? I never know which to use here). He doesn't want me to take all of it just to avoid overstimulation.

So there we have it! Like I mentioned earlier, I was a tad disappointed with only 2 mature follicles. I was really hoping for 3 or 4, just for an even better chance of conceiving. But, two is double what I normally have. So I'm ok with those numbers.


On a random note, I was nominated for several awards in the past couple weeks, and I really appreciate my fellow bloggers thinking of me! I am currently too overwhelmed and busy at work to re-award those awards. I apologize, but I do really appreciate you ladies thinking of me! <3


  1. Yay for the 2 follicles and yay for triggering!!!
    Boo for the weird yawning doc, but yay for the other friendly folks :D
    FX for a BFP!!!!!

  2. I'm telling you, sweetie - he loves my mom's case and she's got hives. HIVES. Methinks it's time for him to move on to South Africa and be an electrician. I'm so excited for this cycle for you. BFP time!!!! :)

  3. Two is GREAT!!! Are all triggers the same? Im new to this. I took ovidrel that is 250mg so how many units is that? Sorry for asking, now back to you. Im glad your doc was a little more open this time around. I cant believe the other doc yawned!!

  4. Well, this is great news, and good luck :) I'm glad your Dr. loosened up a bit.. I hate it when I feel like I'm "inconveniencing" the Dr.. So annoying!

  5. 2 is totally better than 1!!! I think we always want more, but for an IUI, I think this is a nice number.
    I love your description of your doc office, so funny. Boring vaginas, ha!!!
    good luck on saturday morning!!!!!

  6. Kara- your posts always make me laugh! I love the way you describe people, I can just picture Hippie Nurse and Dr. RE. Yay for two follies! I will be praying for you and your IUI!!

  7. 2 is definitely better than one!!! Good luck! And that's hilarious about your conversations...

  8. Yay for 2!!! Oh, and I'm glad you got Dr RE to show some passion - about something anyway...

  9. Woohoo for 2 follicles! That's great, and they're excellent sizes too :) Fingers crossed this cycle works for you!

  10. Yay, two is better than 1!!!!! Can't wait to hear how Saturday goes!!!

  11. Thnking of you lady! 2 sounds like a good number to me!!

  12. That is awesome to have two follicles that size! Oh I just hope this is it for you! It is Saturday morning right now so I am sending positive vibes your way!!! :)

  13. hi kara, its me layla from tww. i was just reading your blog and i have renewed hope for u this cycle. u are really a strong and kind lady and i cant wait till u get your bfp. i know i will cry because u are one of the ladies who have touched my heart. btw, i didnt tell u, but we call my 6 yr old kara. she chose it for her nikcname.

  14. Congrats on 2 follies!!!! I know you said you were busy and maybe not able to post about the awards you have gotten, but that has not stopped me from giving you an award on my blog anyway! :)


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