Monday, June 13, 2011

Some days, like rain on the doorstep

I want to apologize for my infrequent blog postings! I'm not sure what my problem is. I often think of good posts to write, and then just don't. Lack of motivation and lack of TTC happenings are to blame. I'm committing to getting back into it. Not all of my posts are going to be TTC related, however, because I just don't have much action going on in that department at the moment.

Ok, now that I got that off my chest...

Hi! I've missed you, blog friends!

Have I mentioned before how indecisive I am? If not, please consider yourself warned. So yeah, I canceled the appointment with the RE in Pittsburgh this past Saturday. Buster and I had a talk, and decided to postpone IVF #1 for at least 6 months. We are going to work hard to pay off some debt so that we don't need to take out a loan or open a new line of credit to finance our IVF.

It's the "adult" thing to do, right? After all, not only have I officially been an adult for 11+ years, but I will be THIRTY in 2 months and 2 weeks. Responsible decisions are all the rage at this age (I'm a rhyming machine, I know).

I'm not going to lie, I was sad on Tuesday, the day we made the decision. Super-sad-face-panda sad.

But, by Wednesday I was feeling better. I attribute that to not only realizing and knowing that we are making the right decision, but also to my healthy eating choices and exercise. Having something to focus on makes anything more bearable (!!!! get it?!!!).

Speaking of my healthy choices...

I'm down 17.3 lbs since January! And I've lost 6.3 lbs since joining! I freaking love that website! And I've also been Shredding...

Please know that while looking for this image, I endured looking at images of people's hands that were caught paper shredders. Damn you, Google images!!
Nope, not that kind of shredding! I've been doing Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred! It's going very well! I did skip this morning, due to a slight strain in my calf muscle, but will be back on board tomorrow morning.And I'm trying out Zumba tonight for the first time ever. Should be interesting...

I've been eating incredibly healthy, and I'm quite proud of myself. Buster is proud of me too :) Nothing feels quite as nice as when he tells me how good and skinny I look. Love that man! <3


Artist: Iron & Wine
Song: Fever Dream

Enjoy! :)


  1. I love Iron and Wine!

    And I've heard such great things about the shred! Maybe I should work on getting some willpower myself! :)

  2. Great job on the weight loss!!! Wow, you are seriously kicking some bootay! :D

    I'm glad you're ok with postponing the IVF. Being an adult and making those decisions is difficult sometimes.

  3. Yeah we have missed you! You will LOOOVE Zumba and rock it, its so much fun!!! and KUDDOS to that much weight loss,you are rockin it! :D

  4. Wow, you are doing such a great job with the weight loss!
    Thanks for the update, I miss hearing about you!!!

  5. Nice work on the weight loss - I'm so happy for you!

  6. ICLW #56

    Being an adult is not fun when you have to make adult decisions, but congratulations on the weight loss.


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