Thursday, December 29, 2011

The absurd things that melt my heart

"Don't stab our baby in the face."

Yep, that made me swoon.

Would you like some background? Of course you would!

My nighttime routine is asinine. It makes me dread going to sleep.

Right now, it consists of:

  1. Topping off my glass of ice water
  2. Taking out my contacts
  3. Brushing my teeth
  4. Washing my face
  5. Popping in a progesterone supp
  6. Putting on a panty-liner
  7. Getting my Lovenox syringe & alcohol swab out and setting them beside the bed
  8. Plugging the charger into my cell phone
  9. Getting my Boo-Boo Buddy out of the freezer and setting it on my bedside table
  10. Adjusting and turning on my heating pad
  11. Once in bed, applying Boo-Boo Buddy to whichever side of my stomach I'm going to be jabbing
  12. Playing Words with Friends while I wait for my stomach to numb
  13. Once numb, cleaning the area with the alcohol pad
  14. Fanning the area dry
  15. Opening the Lovenox syringe, removing the lid
  16. Squeezing together a fold of fat to jab
  17. Hoping that it doesn't hurt 
  18. If the jab seems like it will hurt, choosing another numbed spot
  19. Sloooowwwwly inserting the Lovenox, as to prevent stinging. If it starts to sting, I stop and wait
  20. Dispose of syringe and garbage
  21. Reapply Boo-Boo Buddy to prevent any bleeding or bruising
  22. Getting a prenatal vitamin out of the blister pack and taking it
  23. Taking two fish oil softgels
  24. Getting out one each of Estradiol and Dexamethasone, and taking them
  25. Taking one last drink of water to wash away the "ugh" of pill taking
  26. Throw Boo-Boo Buddy on the floor and hope Kelsey doesn't eat it (I can't put it on my nightstand after all! It's cold and wet!)
  27. Read my Kindle for 5 minutes until I realize I'm too sleepy to read
  28. Take off my glasses, turn off the light
  29. Sleep
Well, last night, as I was getting ready to start step #16, Buster pops his head in the bedroom to say goodnight to me. He sees me getting ready to jab myself, and says:

"Don't stab our baby in the face."

Buster doesn't really talk too much about the baby. I know he's really excited and happy, but he's not a very emotional guy. And honestly, I'm not sure how much this has really sunk in with him yet.

So him bringing up the baby and being worried about me hurting the little bugger made me happy.

I know that sounds really bizarre. What can I say? I'm hormonal and pregnant. I'm really surprised I didn't cry!


  1. This routine totally makes me laugh, it sounds so incredibly familiar! The constant thirst probably won't go away but at least the super sleepiness will, now I struggle to finally fall asleep where as in the 1st tri I slept 12 hrs a night... I miss those 12 glorious hours a night!

  2. Glad that comment was referring to the Lovenox syringe and not something else that is often feared to poke the baby in the face.;)

  3. Well you are helping the baby, not stabing it in the face. Although that comment was really funny. Sometimes it helps to laugh in these situations.
    I take my meds and vitamins in the morning.Eltroxin for my thyroid, ecotrin for the antibodies. Also taking a fish oil and prenatal vitamin and also vit C. At night I take Amloc for blood pressure. It's a regular medicine cabinet around here.

  4. Hahaha That's cute! It would have warmed my heart also.

  5. Love the comment! Totally something my husband would say.

  6. LOL!!! Aww, I think that's really sweet, too! Guys are funny like that :-)

  7. Unaffected I'm so glad that you're doing well! I'm just waiting to ovulate, should be today or tomorrow & then my FET transfer will be at the end of the week.
    You don't mind me asking, why are you on Lovenox?


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