Monday, December 5, 2011

Beta #3: 17dp6dt, or 5 weeks 1 day

My beta from today is:


A doubling time of 46.26 hours. That's increased since last beta, but I'm ok with that, as it's still within normal range (last beta doubling time was 29ish hours).

My progesterone is greater than 20, and my E2 is 451. My clinic seemed pleased with those numbers.

As am I!

My clinic wants me to go back in for a FOURTH beta in a week from today. Just when I thought I was done with blood work...

I was hoping they would let me schedule my first ultrasound appointment, but alas, nothing of that sort was said in the message. I have since sent an email asking if I can schedule this appointment. Hopefully they will humor me.


  1. Congrats! Very happy and excited for you.

  2. Congrats! I think those are great numbers!

  3. Wonderful numbers and it sounds like one step closer to seeing the little bean :)

  4. Whoop Whoop!! Awesome beta! WTF on beta #4... must be because you're in a study. Also for the record I was so so mad that I didn't get an US until 7 weeks but realized after reading all kinds of blogs about it that it is actually a good thing because you will hear a HB by 7 weeks, where as 6 weeks you may or may not and that is normal. I like the cut and dryness of knowing I was on track, did that make any sense?

  5. Cool! Good news! How crazy that you are up for ANOTHER beta! I'm counting down the days til my u/s on 12/15...

  6. SO thrilled for you!!! Wahooooo!!

  7. it's a strong number :) they should just schedule you for u/s at about 6wks6days or 7wks where you can check the heartbeat. Exciting times ahead.


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