Monday, August 2, 2010

All aboard the crazy train!

I have the willpower of...well, someone with no willpower. I went to Target today at lunch with my friend and I saw a two-pack of FRERs on sale for $7.59, so of course I could not resist. I decided to bring them in to work in my purse because it's about 100 degrees in my car and I didn't want the tests to get messed up somehow. After walking in the front doors of my office, instead of my usual left-hand turn to head towards my cubicle, I veer right and head into the ladies room. I peed on a stick at WORK! This is a new low for me! It was a BFN, of course, which makes it all that much worse. So I have become that crazy girl who pees on sticks in bathroom stalls at work. Before AF is due. Yep. That's me.


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