Monday, August 30, 2010

Tables, they turn sometimes...

Back in May I contacted a breeder of Golden Retrievers who came recommended by a family friend. She told me she was breeding her dogs later in the year, and that the pups should be ready around October or November. Yesterday I decided to check back in with her and make sure we were still on her "list". Well, apparently she decided to not breed. And she didn't call to tell me. Awesome.

I was pretty bummed out yesterday regarding this news. I had been looking forward for months to getting a puppy! DH and I would often talk about how excited we were and how we can't wait. So the lady without much business savvy gave me the name of another breeder for me to contact. I emailed her today, and...


I'm so excited! She said she would email me some photos of them today, so when I get them I will post some pics here. If everything works out, it looks like we may get a little four-legged bundle of joy next week!

I'm excited for many reasons. DH and I have wanted a dog for years, and we are finally in a good apartment for a dog (it's 3 bedrooms and quite large). DH can't wait to train the pup, he's so good at it! I'm looking forward to having some canine entertainment in the house, as Goldens are very fun to play with and watch. Also, I'm happy to have a fun distraction from TTC. Also, I've heard that having an animal or two can lower stress, so I'm hoping for that as well.

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  1. I cannot wait for pictures!!!! Puppies are so wondrous. As much as my dog drives me crazy, she makes me so happy :)


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