Thursday, August 12, 2010

some pre-surgery thoughts!

  • I'm glad that my surgery is at the hospital instead of at my doctor's office. I can only handle that parade of preggos in the waiting room once every so often.
  • I was informed today that my eyelids will be taped shut during the procedure, and that is probably why I can't be wearing my contacts. WTF?! That's just a crazy thought to me. I guess it's even crazier to think of me staring creepily up at the ceiling while they are pew-pewing my insides off! (That was a laser noise, btw. Even though it's going to be some volt of electricity, I want to pretend it's a laser!)
  • I'm pretty nervous about saying something completely asinine when I wake up out of the surgery. I've never been put to sleep, so I just don't know what to expect!
  • I had to buy pads today for the first time in... ever! I felt ashamed, like I was purchasing an adult diaper or some shit! I really hope I don't have to wear pads for too long. They really gross me out.
  • I have a baby shower and wedding to go to the day after my surgery. I would like to attend the baby shower and not the wedding, lol. Not sure if I can pull that off or what. I was planning on blaming my absence on the surgery... Unfortunately some guests of the baby shower will in fact be at the wedding.

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