Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday fodder

Happy Friday!!

I called the RE office today and asked to switch doctors. They were ridiculously nice about it, so hopefully it will be a smooth transition. I have a consult with the new doc this Wednesday. I'm excited to hear his perspective and see what he suggests. I am going to push for more aggressive fertility meds to accompany the IUI, and I hope he complies. After 3 Clomid cycles, I'm just not sure that it's the best route for me. But what do I know?!


We are getting our Christmas tree tomorrow! I am so excited. We are going to a place where you cut your own, which I've never done before. I'm interested to see how Kelsey reacts to the tree. I think she will be scared of it. Tomorrow evening we are going to my company Christmas party. It should be fun, as they are giving away 60+ prizes. Some of the prizes include: 2 iPads, 42" tv, laptop, netbook, digital camera, etc. I sure hope I get something nice! Buster really wants the TV, as our 42" LCD TV has this really annoying glitch that sometimes causes a thin blue vertical line all the way down the TV. I'd be happy with anything, to be honest.


After much research and reading, I have opted to switch Kelsey to Innova brand large breed puppy food. When she is old enough, I will switch her over to Evo (made by the same brand, but they don't have a puppy version). I feel pretty happy with this decision, regardless of the price of the food. Thank you all for your advice! I really am still tempted to try the raw food diet, but the thought of Kelsey eating entrails on our kitchen floor kind of makes me ill. But I think I will be giving her some big meaty bones as a treat from time to time!

And on a Kelsey-related note, Buster's cousin and his wife (who are great friends of ours) are getting a Golden from the same lady we got Kelsey from! And...the pups will be half-sisters! They share the same dad. I'm so excited for Kelsey to meet her sisters! Yes, sisters, because we have decided to get the last remaining pup from that litter and give it to MIL for Christmas. It is a joint gift from FIL, BIL & us, and I know MIL will be thrilled beyond belief. So Kelsey will have two new sisters to play with! :)


I love this song, and this video really captures the current state of perpetual cold that I am feeling today!


  1. Aww, that's so sweet that you're getting your MIL a pup. I'm sure she is going to love it!
    And GL at the party! I hope you win something great :)
    And have fun cutting down the tree! Make sure to take lots of photos and post it! hehe
    And finally, GL w/ your new RE. I really hope he's awesome and will help you get your sticky bean soon :D

  2. CONGRATS on finding an RE!!!!! He better be good, or I WILL drive down there and kick some ass.


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