Friday, January 7, 2011

Hey today, you can suck yourself!


Why can't this be easy? Am I being punished for something? Are the stars up there laughing at my misfortune?

Yesterday, at 6pm and again at 11:30pm, I got positive OPKs. Yep. On CD11. WTF?! What in the bloody hell is that all about? I don't ovulate this early. Fran the Fossil Nurse told me to take an OPK on Saturday, and if it was positive call her. She didn't think it would be an issue, and that I could just trigger Saturday night though. Boy, was Fossil Fran wrong! Good thing I like peeing on sticks, and decided to yesterday.

Here is a photo for your viewing pleasure:

They look positive, yes?

So I called the RE's office. My RE was in the operating room, and Fossil Fran was with a patient. So, I stayed on hold while the receptionist (who is very nice) tried to find a nurse. I was on hold for 10 minutes the first time. She came back, asked if I wanted an u/s today so we could be sure, and I said yes. She said I will need to come in tomorrow for my IUI. She asked to put me on hold again. After 12 minutes this time, she comes back and says that we need to do the IUI today (?). So, I am going in at 2:00 EST for an ultrasound. If it appears that I am ovulating, Buster will do his dirty deed in the bathroom with the subpar "reading" material. Then, we will have to occupy ourselves for an hour while they wash his sperm. At 3ish, I will have the IUI.

So much for making any sort of plans for anything! I am a worrier, and right now I'm worried about several things. Is my egg going to be big enough? Is my lining going to be thick enough? Is this a false positive on the OPKs?


Also, I found out that they want to move  my office, again. This time, to a cubicle. Which I will share with a stranger. A one-legged stranger, at that.

Can you tell I'm ready for the weekend?


  1. WHAT??? This is crazy time! I'm like you - I would definitely be distressed with the changes in plans, but I'm glad your clinic was able to adjust so quickly, and it will be fine. Just focus on getting through today, and then enjoy the weekend!

  2. Well on the bright side at least you caught your surge and didnt miss out. Praying that your egg is mature and lining is thick!! My other friend is having her iui done this afternoon. Gl hun!

  3. Hopefully the last minute change in plans will be a good thing!

  4. Oh geez louise! I'm glad you were checking! Changing plans is difficult but hang in there! At least it will be over so that you can enjoy your weekend...I'm sure everything is going to be great!

  5. Haha. A one legged stranger! Can't wait to hear more on that!

    Your iui will be perfect!

  6. Well, at least the clinic is accomdating!

    Fingers crossed, good luck!

  7. Okay, your message failed to say that the cubie partner was a limb short. Did you somehow know I would focus on that small fact and make fun of you relentlessly for it? ;)

    I'm sure everything is great! Now you get to spend a nice relaxing weekend conceiving your baby. :) Enjoy your Kindle time!

  8. Oh interesting, I ovulated early with Femara as well, but it was when they upped my dosage... Hmmm. And I was pretty perturbed too! Those OPK's certainly look positive, and I wouldn't worry about a false positive - the u/s will tell you everything. I know that's frustrating! But now you can take the whole weekend to relax. =)

    Sending you lots of baby dust!

  9. Oh my, cd11 and already ovulating?? Sheesh! Hope the IUI and all of that went well :D

  10. Wow! It's great that you're monitoring so hopefully this will be a wonderful surprise!!! :) Good luck!

  11. Good luck, hope it goes well even if it didn't get off to the greatest start, great things can still happen. :)

  12. Way to catch your early ovulation with the OPK! Hoping everything went well! :)

  13. Good luck!

    Your pic of positive sticks made me want to buy an OPK kit just for the thrill of a for the real thing.

    Anyway, lookng forward to the update.


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