Tuesday, January 18, 2011

We were better off as animals, right?

I'm really tempted to complete the following sentence:

"I could only be unluckier if..."

It would come true, so I refuse to jinx myself.

Buster drove me to work this morning. Well, attempted to drive me to work this morning (FYI, Buster's car is dead in our parking lot). About halfway to my office, we hear a strange noise. That noise that means you have a flat tire. Luckily (ha!) we were right by a gas station. We get over in to the turning lane and pull in right beside the fancy air pump machine thing.

Ok, yes it was bad luck. But, at this point, I'm in the car thinking, "At least I will only be like 15 minutes late for work at this point. This day is salvageable!"
The air machine was broken. The tire looked the same after 15 minutes of "putting air into it". Now what? I suggest to Buster that we call AAA. What's that? We don't have AAA anymore? Awesome! 

Buster decides to change the tire and use the spare. We had a jack in the trunk as well. So, he gets it out and starts cranking the handle on the jack, raising the car. After about 5 excruciating minutes, CLUNK! The jack breaks. Yes, you read that correctly. At this point, I start crying.

So I call my MIL to come get me and take me to work. Buster stays there with the car and waits for a tow truck. En route to my office, MIL tells me that we really should start going to church.

Yeah...here's the thing about that. I am spiritual. I pray. But I don't buy in to the whole church thing. When I was young we were forced to go to church by my grandparents. This was the kind of church that people danced up and down the aisles with tambourines and fainted and talked in tongues. I just can't get down with that. Plus, the whole collection plate and all. I just don't know. 

Anyway, ok, so obviously MIL thinks Buster and I are being punished for our lack of churchgoing. Last week my grandmother hinted the same thing, in regards to TTC. Really? I'm really being punished? I'm a nice person. I go out of my way to do things for the people I care about. I have a hard time believing that some being greater than myself would seek me out to torture me.

Right now we are down to zero working vehicles. They had to order a new tire for me, and it won't be in until tomorrow. 

All I want to do tonight is curl up in a ball and sob. 2011 is not starting out the way I had hoped.


On a positive note (yes, you read that correctly!), I had my third Weight Watchers meeting today. I lost another 2.5 lbs, so I am down 6.5 total. I'm pretty excited about that! I even had two cookies this past weekend (and they were DIVINE!!). So at least that is going well.



Today's title comes from Cursive's "From the Hips":


  1. Hi Kara. I hope I don't offend you by this comment because that is not my intent AT ALL. But, as a Christian, I feel it necessary to say it. I'm not sure what you mean when you say you are spirtual. My hope is that you believe in Jesus Christ, that he came to Earth as a man, and died for our sins so that we may spend eternity with him. Being a good person is great but it won't get you into Heaven. That can only be accomplished by being saved through Jesus. Just had to get that out there. Like I said, I hope I haven't offended you in any way. And I don't think you have to go to church to be saved....I just think it helps us stay on the right path. I will continue praying for you and I hope you get your little miracle soon. I check your blog every day hoping to see that you are finally prego. Later!!

  2. Well that is quite an unpleasant start to a day. Sorry to hear that you and your husband had to go through so much trouble today. Thank goodness you had someone you could call to take you to work (even though it initiated an uncomfortable conversation.)
    Congrats to you for sticking with your weight loss plan! 6.5 pounds is great! :)

  3. Kara, I'm so sorry that you are having such a bad day! I can't believe people in your life are thinking that you are being punished for not going to church! That's absurd! You are a great person and no one gets punished for things like that. It's only if you believe in superstitious things like that you think those things will happen. (If that makes sense) I don't go to church at all and I wouldn't consider myself religious but I don't think someone is punishing me. Anyway, I'm not trying to upset you just trying to tell you how great you are and people should not judge you. Congrats on the weight loss, that's great!

  4. Now that's a bad day. I'm so sorry. I don't believe in that whole 'being punished' crap either. That's just not how life works. I hope tomorrow is a better day. ((Hugs))

  5. Infertility doesn't care what religion, race, nationality, or class you are- it could happen to anyone. My sister flat out told me once that she believes I'm being punished by God, she honestly believes my miscarriages and infertility are because I'm not "saved".

    Hold your chin up- I do not believe I am being punished, and I don't believe you are either. This road we're on has no rhyme or reason- it doesn't discriminate. I'm so sorry they are hinting at that, and making you feel that way.

    Sorry again for the bad day- I've had some of those myself, everyone has. I'm hoping things get better for you soon.

  6. Wow, that sounds like a pretty shitty day.
    I hope thigns get better!

  7. ((HUGS)) Hmm, I wonder who anonymous is? Too bad they couldn't share their real name.
    Love you lady!!

  8. I'm anonymous. My name is Jamie. It wasn't that I "couldn't" share my name. I just couldn't get my comment to post when I was trying to use my google account thing. I haven't been doing this very long. I'm not at all ashamed of my opinion on Christ. I'm quite proud of in fact. I truly pray that every single one of you will one day find the pure joy and peace that comes with knowing Jesus Christ as your personal saviour.

  9. BLEH, I'm sorry the car got a flat, and your mother and grandmother are pestering you about going to church.
    I HATE church and I absolutely hate it when people try to guilt you in to going. DH's aunt does it and it pisses me off so much.
    Anywho... it's still the beginning of the year, hopefully things will turn around for you and anyone else having a bad year so far **HUGS**

    Congrats on the awesome weightloss so far though!!!

  10. Kara- Sorry about the bad start of your day. Congrats on your weight loss though. Also I just wanted to say that I go to church almost every weekend and GOD does not punish people. The thought of that is ridiculous. He loves us and only wants the best for us. I am not trying to preach just stating an opinion. The problem is that so many "christians" are judgmental and do/say the wrong things that are not anywhere in the bible. I go to a church that is what id call "real". Its made of of real people with real problems. I love it, its not the kind of church I went to as a kid. It definately helps me deal with IF, but to each their own. God gave us a choice to live our lives how we want and that choice is yours.


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