Tuesday, April 26, 2011


So for some reason, my work decided to unblock Blogger! Yay!! I can now post at work, and comment on blogs again. I'm pretty excited about that :)

Today I had yet another Weight Watchers meeting. After getting my "10 lb ribbon" last week, I successfully gained a pound and a half. Oh joy. Gotta love emotional eating due to a traumatic Easter!

This week I am vowing to get back on track. I NEED to write down everything I eat, so I can be accountable. I NEED to exercise 3 times this week (at least! But hey, who am I kidding??! I don't want to set my goals too lofty...). I NEED to make dinners this week, instead of opting for the easy choice (which is somehow always really bad for me).

I assumed that, at my WW meeting, I was safe from the reminders of my inadequacies in the reproductive department. Nope. The lady who sits next to me mentioned how wonderful her weekend was, because her niece is 16 weeks pregnant! She put her u/s picture in a digital photo frame, and grandma said, "Why do you have a photo of a hurricane??"

Cute, right?

I'm sure it's really cute if you are not a bitter old pessimist, like me. Luckily no one really cared too much about her news, and the topic passed quickly.


I keep thinking about "unexplained infertility" and how positively lucky I am to have won such a prize in the fertility lottery (please note the sarcasm). Unexplained infertility is awful. Because there is "nothing" wrong with me, everyone around me assumes that we just need to keep on trying, or relax, or drink some kind of tea, or have more sex, and we will magically become pregnant. And maybe we would. Someday. But just maybe.


I'm incredibly saddened and devastated for my great friend Aubre. After getting positive betas and pee sticks, seeing her little bean on an u/s and seeing the heart flickering away, she has lost her baby. She has a D&C scheduled for tomorrow, and I know she would appreciate any kind words.


  1. Hi! Stopping by for ICLW!
    Sorry about the lady at the ww meeting. Some people... leaving you a big hug and I'm going to leave a thought to your friend too.


    ICLW #131

  2. Thank you for posting on my blog. I popped over here and ready your latest post about WW. Man, I could have written the post myself! I am working on WW while TTC and it's quite the fun little cycle.
    I wish you the best of luck and have started following your blog.

  3. Hey there - just wanted to stop by and say hello and let you know I'm thinking of you!

  4. So sorry to hear about your friend :(

    I think it's sad that people think unexplained infertility means there's nothing wrong... I think there is, and either something has been over looked or they just don't have the science yet to find it. It's sad that people would try to undermine it.

    But they do that to me too, even if I tell them our vast medical issues... apparently relaxing can cure PCOS and a crappy endocrine system. Who'd of thought.

    I can't imagine being labeled unexplained, it has to hurt since you have no cause to fall back on. People are just ignorant no matter what, and I'm sorry you have to deal with that too (*hugs*)

  5. grats on the 10lb loss (this is the first blog post I have read here) and boo the the auntie of the preggy girl. gah, its everywhere.

    One place where I don't think you wills ee preggy ladies - the climbing wall. 2 birds (exercise and brief holiday from preggystuff) and one stone!!

  6. You did so good with the 10 pounds lost, I know you'll get right on track! No worries... But the person at your WW meeting - ugh!

    I personally hate the term unexplained infertility - I think it's lazy doctor disease...

  7. Hi. Stopping by from ICLW. Unfortunately, IF follows you everywhere. Just when you think you are safe, it comes flying out of left field like a foul ball. No fun! Good luck with your meetings and I hope the next one is better.


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