Friday, April 15, 2011

Just trying to stay afloat. And sane. Sanely afloat.

It certainly has been a week. This week must have spawned in the dark depths of Hell. Yes, that kind of week.

But, before I divulge this shitstorm to you, I think it's imperative to mention that I have stayed amazingly positive and calm (kind of...?) this week. I am trying my best to focus on the good things coming up. So, here is a list of things I am looking forward to:

  • Phone consult with Dr. Sher TODAY! He is supposed to be calling me between 5:30 and 8:30 EST. Is it bad that I don't have a list of questions or anything? The one question I do have, I'm not sure if it's appropriate to ask. Basically, I want to know if he thinks I would be as successful going somewhere (anywhere?) else as I would be if I went with him. The main reason I'm wondering this is because there has been no medical diagnosis regarding our inability to conceive. I realize that just because there hasn't been one yet doesn't mean there isn't one. I feel like I'm really rambling here, with no real point. So on to my next +...
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One comes out today on DVD!! Buster and I have a Best Buy gift card leftover from Christmas, so we will be heading up to BB after work to pick up the goods! I also have a coupon for a free chips & queso at Chili's so we will go there for an early dinner (I want to be back home for my consult, after all!).
  • On Sunday, HBO's newest series starts. I would probably be excited regardless, but I am SUPER excited for Game of Thrones. I have read the first 3 books in the series of which it is based off of, and am currently reading the fourth. It's an amazing series, and I am beyond excited for HBO's adaptation.
  • In less than a week from today, Buster and I will be trekking to Pittsburgh for a concert! I haven't been to a concert in... well, I don't even know how long. It's embarrassing, really, given how much I love my music. We will be seeing The Decemberists!!! I've never seen them live. I know it will be magical.
  • I have a new patient consultation at a fertility clinic on May 9th. This clinic is about an hour and a half away from me, but they accept my insurance and have evening and Saturday hours. I am excited to hear not only Dr. Sher's opinions, but this doctor's as well. I'm really hoping that I connect with at least one of them. They HAVE to be better than my previous RE, right??!!! 
So good stuff! I love having things to look forward to.


And now for the shitstorm....

Kelsey has been going through what I think is her "adolescent chewing" phase. Sure, she teethed when she was a pup, but she got better. She was so good, in fact, that we got to the point where we were able to leave her out of her crate while we were away.

One day, early last week, Buster came home to find this:
Beautiful carnage, in the form of a suede peep-toe.

Bummer. It was my only good pair of brown pumps! I loved those shoes! So, we realized we needed to start crating her again during the day. Sometimes I ask my brother to let her out at lunchtime if I know I can't make it over there on a weekday. Well, he let her out, but didn't realize he needed to put her back in the crate (because he had been used to just leaving her in the house). I realized that I didn't specifically tell him to put her back in the crate, so I call him and ask him to go back down and put her in the crate. An hour had passed since he had let her out. He found this:

They were once stylish, I assure you!
I'm blind as a bat, mind you. -6.00 and -5.50. I rely on those glasses, heavily. I like to spend an hour or two reading my Kindle before bed, and by that time of night my contacts are like sandpaper in my eyes. So now, I am holding the Kindle about 2 inches from my face so I can read at night, lol. It's got to make for an amusing sight. Buster told me to stop, because it can't be good for my eyes. Um, HELLO. I'm legally blind here!

So I have to get new glasses. I have to pay for those high-index lenses (which means they thin them out so you aren't wearing coke bottles), plus the frames... we are looking at a couple hundred dollars. Just hate to have such an expense that easily could have been avoided. It's my own fault, I know, but I'm still bummed!

The next day, after the glasses incident, I went to an eye exam at Walmart (classy!). I left there without ordering frames/lenses because they did not in fact take my insurance (like they told me over the phone...).

Now, the next part of the story happens directly after leaving Walmart, but I really feel like I need to preface it with some background. Ever since we bought the Jeep, we've had an issue with the driver's side window being a little out of alignment. Because of that, it doesn't always roll down, or up. I had been meaning to call the dealership, but I hadn't (dumb, I know). So when I had gone in to Walmart, I couldn't get the window to go up any more, so I left it. It was down about 3 inches. I leave Walmart, hop on the interstate, and try to roll it up again because the wind was really coming in. Of course it's not budging. But I happen to glance at the window, and it's all cracked in the corner where the door meets the window (by the side view mirror)! Spider web of cracks. Ugh.

I call the dealer, they tell me it's an insurance thing. I say no, because the window was broken when I got the vehicle, and the cracks are the direct result of that. They say they will split it with me 70/30 (them paying 30%, me paying 70%). Jerks. So yeah, we have that issue to deal with.

I get back to work, and my co-worker who is located at our other site shows up at my office. He tells me (without any advance warning!) that he is here to take my computer. He is our team leader, and decided that a new hire at the other site needs my computer because it is the best and most powerful one, and that guy is going to be doing 3D animation. I know it makes sense, but I hate that I have to give away my stuff. Plus, my co-worker/team leader/jerkface sat here the whole time and I was so rushed and nervous trying to back up all my files! Plus I wanted to clear my browsing history and all that fun stuff. I don't need some 22 year old douche knowing that I struggle with infertility. Or anything else about me, for that matter!

And on top of all this... we are dog/house sitting for our friends while they are in Vegas. They also have a Golden Retriever, and her name is Roxy. Seriously. She's crazy. Poor Kelsey gets abused over there! It's awful. I think I got 3 or 4 hours of sleep last night, tops. Kelsey was pacing, Roxy was whining. It was awful. I never thought I'd say this, but I'm ready for this weekend to be over!!!


  1. Oh no! Our new puppy (7 week old Chihuahua) has a thing for shoes too. I would suggest the sour spray, but our older dogs ended up enjoying that... Of course!

    I can't encourage kennel training enough! Our older girls absolutely love it! The new puppy isn't adjusting well, but he's doing better.

  2. I am so sorry! My friend, Amber, just posted about the same dog issue: You are not alone! I hope you have a better week and your consult goes well. I am impressed that you have stayed calm. I cracked under pressure. Sigh. Some days you win, some you lose.

  3. Oh geez! What a mess! Why do you have these weeks from hell every once in a while? At least you have all those great things to look forward to - how did the phone consult go? Have fun at the concert! I hear they're great to see live!

  4. Wow, I got stressed just reading all of that! YIKES!
    One of our dogs went through that chewing phase. It was AWFUL too. She completely destroyed our furniture at the time. I mean just chewed it to the wooden frame and then chewed that too.
    Hopefully your pup grows out of it, or finds something more appropiate to crunch on. **HUGS**

  5. Oh those brown pumps were so cute! I would have been heartbroken! And glasses ruined? Ugh! My pups have started chewing a bit again, and every morning I run all over the house looking for potential chew things from thei perspective. I must say, I'm keeping the house a little neater now!

    So excited to hear what Sher says! Good luck!

  6. What a rough week. however like u said you have some great stuff coming up. My eyes are the same ase yours. I need new glasses too but have been putting it off since they cost SO much!!

  7. Oh wow. I should NOT have read this. Now I'm scared of my new puppy. My new puppy who isn't even home yet. I just hope Lhasa Apso puppies aren't that destructive. IF so I'll get over it but wow.

    I'm sorry about everything, sounds like a crappy week indeed.

  8. Your pic of the chewed shoe just made me have to laugh. My golden did the same thing to my favorite pair of pumps. What is it about the good ones that seem so tastey to the dogs? lol

  9. No Kelsey NO!! Trapper went through this same phase at about 1 year... he'd never chewed anything and then in one week got a pretty pair of bedazzled flip flops and the arm rest on my dining room chair, of course I can't replace it because I got the set at Costco so they don't keep them in stock! PS. Can't wait to hear how the consult with Dr. Sher goes!

  10. I read all the Song of Ice & Fire books around 2005, when the last book came out. I have been anxiously awaiting book 5, which SHOULD SHOULD SHOULD be out this summer! Oh my gosh I almost peed myself when they announced the series, and now that it's on I am fucking thrilled. It's exactly how I always hoped.

    Secret that I am *only telling you*: If C and I ever have a daughter, we're naming her Arya. :)


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