Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I'll have a shot of sperm over dry ice, please

 Oh, what a day.

Buster stayed home from work in order to wait for the Fed Ex delivery of dry ice. He then was to produce a "sample", put it in the vials, package it in the dry ice and ship it back out. 10:41 rolls around, and no dry ice. So I call Reprosource (the company handling our infertility testing) and they inform me that there was apparently some kind of tornado or something and the package is in Memphis, TN.

So glad Buster stayed home from work...

They are sending out another batch of dry ice, and this one will supposedly arrive tomorrow morning by 10:30. I sure hope so! Not only because Buster is staying home in order to handle (lol, get it?!) this, but also because poor Buster will have been abstinent for 3 days tomorrow! Poor fella! :)


I had some spur-of-the-moment stuff to do at work today, that needed to be done ASAP. If you recall, my co-worker/team-lead of my group stole my computer a couple weeks ago. Well, because the computer they gave me only has 4GB of RAM (compared to the 20GB I had before), my video card likes to shit the bed while I'm working in Photoshop. This happened right as I was finishing up the last of my project. My computer blue-screened on me and then rebooted. Oh, lovely. I'm so over this computer shit at work!!!


I found out first thing this morning that my brother's great friend was shot twice last night. One shot hit him in the arm, the other in the stomach, hitting both his liver and small intestines. They are trying to get him stable enough to get into surgery, but as of yet have been unsuccessful.

Please keep Marlan in your thoughts, if you would be so kind.


  1. Awe Kara! Where to start eh!?!? First they best deliever that on time tomorrow grrr

    and totally thinking of your brothers friend! hoping things get better for him asap!

    and screw the work pc can you get another one? in a "look how much this is costing the company to have me work and re work and re work etc"

    thinkin of ya!

  2. Definitely keep him in my thoughts.


    And sorry about the shipping delay, hope it's there on time tomorrow.

  3. Oh my gosh, sending positive thoughts to your brother's friend. How horrible :(

  4. Dang you, postal service! And bad weather! I hope everything goes well tomorrow.

    And I hope your brother's friend is okay...

  5. Wow dry ice, never heard of using it for testing around here. Sounds like a very frustrating day indeed!


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