Friday, September 17, 2010

the good, the bad, and the ugly

the good: I got a raise today! Totally unexpected, and not huge, but hey... I like money! :)

the bad: My car was "broken into" last night. I have that in quotes because I'm an idiot and left it unlocked. So they just opened the door and didn't actually break anything. But, they left my Chanel sunglasses and decided instead to steal my gym bag with my Brooks running shoes and workout clothes. WTF?! Hope you like that comfy sports bra, weirdo! Like I needed any more excuses to not workout... ugh! Oh, and they broke into another car in the parking lot, stole his backpack and $125 school book and cologne, then deposited the cologne in my car. I was secretly hoping my gym bag would be in his truck, like a funny burglar switching people's belongings...alas, no such luck!

the ugly: I went to Olive Garden at lunch today. I had my legs crossed under the table. I had heels on, and so my knee on my top leg was pressed against the underside of the table. When I decided to reposition, I noticed that my pant leg was wanting to remain pressed to the underside of the table. Yes, my knee was pressed into someone's unwanted doublemint. Awesome!


  1. haha, oh no! I could just see that gum thing happening to me. So sorry about your car but congrats on the raise!

  2. I thought "someone's unwanted doublemint" was a euphemisim and had to read it three times before I remembered the gum.



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