Thursday, September 2, 2010

Preparing for the preggo parade.

I'm really hoping that all the preggos had their appointments early in the day! But usually when I'm in the waiting room at my doctor's office I am surrounded by baby bumps. Everywhere. Literally.

I leave work in an hour for my appointment! Hopefully my doc gives me the stamp of approval for an IUI cycle upcoming, and I will call my RE and make an appointment, as today is CD 1. Yes, AF arrived today. Three days early. I'm kind of ok with it, as the sooner she makes her appearance, the sooner she is out of here!


  1. Good luck at your apt! Hoping for an IUI for you!!!

  2. Hoping your appointment brings you the news you want to hear!

  3. I love your term "Preggo Parade" and borrow it (with a link!) here:


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