Friday, February 10, 2012

the leftovers, part 1

Here is a collection of random tidbits and thoughts that are not enough to merit their own post. I'm going to lovingly call these little nuggets of my life, "The Leftovers", and will most likely continue this trend in the future.

This week's Leftovers include: a fender bender, family stresses, SIF's IVF post, and taxes

I was rear-ended on Tuesday.

It was my lunch break, and I was headed to WalMart to stock up on essentials (tampons, bubble bath, Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm, Cokes, pepperoni, cheese, TP). Well, I was at an intersection which required me to yield before merging onto the busy main road. Apparently the college girl behind me (decked out from head-to-toe in "Pink" by VS) decided she didn't want to yield, and subsequently smashed into the back of my Jeep

My first thought: "Are you fucking kidding me?"

It was an extremely busy week at work, and a super busy day, and I just didn't have time to deal with this. So I pull off, assess the damage (some scratches on my bumper; the front of her car is mangled to hell), and force myself to be somewhat nice to this girl. She doesn't want insurance involved because she's "already paying like $130 a month". Welcome to the real world, sweetheart. Anyway, I copied down the info from her insurance card and take off.

I call Buster, and he is immediately perturbed that I didn't call the police and file an accident report. He was worried that she might say I backed in to her, and somehow we would get fucked. Ugh. So I told him I would go to the police station and file an accident report the next day. I never did, because I'm BUSY at work. Who has time to go to the police station?? Not me!

Last night, Buster's mom calls us and says that I need to report this to insurance. Something similar happened to her, and they cut her a $500 check for the damage. So, I called. And I feel guilty! That college girl thought I wasn't going to be reporting it to the insurance companies, and here I am, doing just that. I can't help feeling bad, but oh well. I'm still waiting to hear back as to what is going to happen.


I love my family.

But they certainly know how to stress me out!

I've blogged about this before, but I have a problem saying "no", especially to my family.

My brother has asked me to do a resume for his friend (who was recently fired from his job). Of course, I said yes. My brother said that it should take me too long because they provided all of the info, etc etc.

First of all, what does my brother know about how long it takes to do a resume? I am the one who did HIS resume.


Then I had a voicemail from my aunt (yes, the one of "Have your sister carry a baby for you" fame) asking if I would design an invitation to my cousin's bridal shower. I'm going to say yes (even though Buster is adamant that I say no).


I've been meaning to write up a response to this post by Single Infertile Female. I haven't had the time to get my disjointed thoughts into something someone would want to read, but it's on my agenda.


Taxes. Ugh.

This year, instead of me doing our taxes, I am taking them somewhere. This is because Buster started his business last year, and this just throws a whole new wrench into filing our taxes.

I also might be claiming our medical expenses, if it works out to where it's better than taking the standard deduction for a married couple. This means I get to go back through the last 12 months in my bank account and try to sort through my payments. Fun!


  1. Tax time bites - especially the gathering of medical expenses.... Lots of luck to you!

  2. I just read the SIF article. I'm curious to see your response...

  3. I am the same way with my family!! Drives M crazy!! I am glad you are okay after the accident!

    I read that post from single infertile - not sure how I feel about it!

  4. I'm so sorry about the accident! You did the right thing reporting it, though. If her insurance rates are that high, there's a reason. And considering I have a friend who was hit by a driver like this (friend is, thankfully, recovering quickly), steps taken to get these people off the road are a plus!

    I also read SIF post. I give her a huge amount of credit for posting her opinion on the subject, especially when it is likely to be unpopular. Curious to see what you think.

  5. That's a crap ton of left overs! You need to try and get some relax time in hun! So sorry about the silly college girl... Maryland drivers scare the piss out of me... seriously. LOL... Tax time does bite, but hopefully you get lots of deductions :) And dang family... :( I don't have anyone but my folks and his folks, but his family does the stressing... Sometimes my mom stresses me out. LOL... Still think about ya sweets... And pray for ya. <3

  6. I've been silently following your story for a while now... I love your blog and just how candid you are about everything. I am anxious to hear your thoughts on SIF's post from the other day. I have had trouble articulating my own thoughts about it since I read it....

  7. What a week! Sorry about your Jeep, hopefully it will get fixed quickly!

    I'm dreading tax time, we normally are filing about now but I just don't have the energy to get it all together right now... it can wait a few more weeks! :)

  8. Yikes, what a shitty week! I'm sorry hun. I hope things settle down for you. Always thinking of you.

  9. Well, my initial reaction to the SIF post is that it kind of makes me sick to my stomach. I pretty much completely disagree with her - but can't articulate my thoughts beyond that right now. I'll be interested to hear your response.

  10. I'm sorry about the accident, I think you did the right thing in pursuing insurance action.
    What would it mean to you if you were to say no to your aunt? You do have a lot on your plate right now and it would be good practice in setting boundaries.
    I am super curious to read your response to SIF's post. Super curious. I see her point and at the same time here we are ready to pursue IVF (after trying TCM) so obviously I don't share her beliefs.
    Good luck with the taxes! I somehow managed to do the taxes for my partner's small business (a bakery) last year. I still have a headache from that experience. ;)

  11. Eeeek... I'm not sure how I feel about being a leftover. I will anxiously be awaiting your response.

    As for the accident, you did the right thing. I actually had something similar happen to me maybe 8 years ago, only the guy really did back into me (so it easily could have looked like I hit him!) I was young, and he was a guy in his 30's who convinced me not to call the cops or get insurance involved - he said he would just pay for the damage. After everything was said and done, my dad ripped me apart for going along with what this guy wanted. And he was right. Especially because of how the accident happened, I could have gotten royally screwed. The guy actually wound up being good to his word and paying for everything, but I was a total stress case before that happened. And since then, I've heard of a lot of similar situations where people just weren't so lucky. I get wanting to be nice, but... sometimes you just have to protect yourself!


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