Friday, February 3, 2012

somebody looks like they're coming to America

As many of you know, I'm a big Project Runway fan. I love watching people create something beautiful (or sometimes not so beautiful).

I have several favorites on this season. Unfortunately, one of my faves (April) got the boot last week.

****spoiler alert, in case you haven't watched last night's episode****

Imagine my displeasure when another of my favorites was eliminated last night! Oh Anthony, how I will miss your smiling face, pleasant disposition, and humor. Buster and I belly laughed last night when Anthony said, of Jerell's model, "Somebody looks like they're coming to America!"

I still have some favorites remaining, thankfully. I'm a huge Mondo fan, and always rooting for him. And honestly, how could you not love Austin Scarlett? Hopefully either of my boys will be crowned the winner.

Designers remaining that I'm not a fan of: Kenley, Michael, Mila.


Face Off this week was enjoyable. Last week they did body painting, which is always a bit whimsical. This week's challenge was horror makeup. Bring on the creepiness!

Because there are so many contestants still remaining, it's more difficult for me to give you my list of favorites and non-faves. I am pretty surprised that Athena is still around after last week, though. Does anyone else think she resembles a Ukrainian Britney Spears?


I often check to see what is being googled that brings people to my blog. I find it intriguing. It also reaffirms one of my reasons for blogging: helping others by sharing information.

One google phrase that often points users to my blog is "duck boobies".

Yep. Thanks to this post.

I also think the phrase "duck boobies" has been searched for in German, and it still pointed to my blog.

Today's winner is "voldemort stalker". Yay for Harry Potterness!


In exciting news, The Avett Brothers are coming to my town! Tickets went on sale today, and I was able to snag some. I can't wait!

The Avett Brothers - At The Beach


  1. I absolutely agree with you on Athena. My vote so far is for Matt. I think his work is absolutely amazing! Even though im not a big fan of Beki and her attitude, she does great work also.

  2. Yes! Athena looks like Ukrainian Britney Spears. hahaha

    I am a Beki fan. Her parasite makeup was AMAZING!! Also, I love that this show is kind of a mix between art and geekiness, both things I love. I've been catching up the last couple of days - this is a great show I didn't discover until recently!

  3. Haha yeah I've had some weird phrases looked up that have brought people to my blog.. such as "My dog has been pregnant for 59 days" and stringy white mucous" ---although to be clear I've NEVER used either sentence in my blog ever, definitely not stringy white mucous LOL! But yes I have a LOT of searches for TTC, ultrasounds, cysts, PCOS, that type of thing. It's great when you know what your writing can either help people, comfort them, or let them know they aren't alone. It makes IF a "teeny" bit easier.

  4. LOL, I always love hearing what strange things people search for with your blog. Yay for The Avett Brothers!!

  5. I wish we had cable so I could watch that FaceOff show. Sigh.....
    I watch Project Runway online though, yay :D
    I can't stand Michael and his fake ass crying/surprised/attention whore reactions.

  6. LOVE the Avett Brothers! I'm sure it will be a great show.

    I'm a big Project Runway fan, too. I agree that Mondo is great. Kenley annoys the hell out of me. Why did they bring her back????

    1. I think it must be because people love to hate her! She definitely has a strong personality...

  7. How do you look to see what google searches brought people?


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