Wednesday, February 15, 2012

leftovers, part II

Leftovers, part II includes a little of: Whitney Houston, DMV, Spartacus, coffeeeeeee, Face Off, and Project Runway All Stars. Enjoy!


I am the most uninformed person on earth (minus my unfortunate extensive knowledge on infertility, TTC, etc). I don't watch any news, nor do I read up on any news. I think this is mainly due to my frustration with politics.

Needless to say, I didn't know Whitney Houston died until Monday night. She died on Saturday. I realize that's not an incredible lapse of time, but still... I felt so out of the loop when I found out.

Yes, I'm more distraught about not hearing about Whit's death than I am upset about all of the real news stories I'm missing.

pri • or • i • ties


Why is the DMV always full of the most tragic people in town? I cringe when I go in there. Kids running amok, the worst-dressed people in history, body odor, and the like.

Is your DMV like this?


Buster and I watched and enjoyed the first season of Spartacus. It took me a little while to get used to the blood and violence (ok, I never got used to it. I just cover my eyes like a three-year-old).

The actor who played the lead role of Spartacus, Andy Whitfield, died in September from cancer. They replaced him in the series with someone 11 years younger, and it has thrown everything off for me.

But even more than that, the absence and replacement of several other characters has made this latest season of Spartacus practically unbearable for me.

Also, the writing is just sub-par. It's always been a little lacking, but this season is quite bad.

We've watched the first 3 episodes, and I don't think we will be watching anymore. Although, I'm curious to see how Lucretia's role plays out (played by Lucy Lawless).


All I want to eat today is coffee. I'm on my 3rd cup, and I'm counting this as lunch. I haven't eaten any food yet today. I'm so healthy, right?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tonight is Face Off night!!

As usual, I enjoyed last week's episode. I was thrilled that RJ won the challenge! Although I'm not sure how I feel about him yet, I am cheering for him because he is from my state. And let's face it, not that many people are. So, by default, he gets my support.

I also completely agree with Athena (aka Ukrainian Britney Spears) being sent home. She has done nothing impressive. I fear that Tara may be soon to go as well. She's been in the bottom several times, and hasn't been too memorable.

And I think this is an unpopular opinion based on previous comments from my fellow Face Off fans, but I don't like Beki. She really rubs me the wrong way. Her bloody makeup in the beginning of the episode was very good. I'll give her credit where it's due. But, she's an annoying know-it-all. I don't like her and I will be happy when/if she is ever eliminated!


Unfortunately I will miss the episode of Project Runway All Stars tomorrow night. Bummer! I'm babysitting later than usual.

I really didn't enjoy last week's episode all that much. Yes, the cattiness between Jerell and Michael was amusing. It did seem to me that Michael blatantly ripped off Jerell's idea, but I'm not sure that's against the rules anywhere. Morally it's probably not the best way to go, but they aren't being judged on morals here.

I didn't think Jerell's design should have won. As much as I can't stand Kenley, nor can I see any real person wearing her design, I thought it was interesting, cute and well-made.

Austin's was... well, awful. I hated all of it. Even the pants that the judges seemed to fawn over.

Kara's was super boring.

Mondo's design was just there. Nothing spectacular.

I just wasn't wowed this episode. I guess that might be because it was sportswear. I want to see more evening gowns!


  1. I am so glad there is another person in this world that doesnt care for Beki. I will admit she is talented, definitely. I absolutely hate her attitude toward other contenstants that she doesnt feel are as "deserving" as she is. So excited for tonights episode!

  2. The DMV and Walmart, I swear the people you see there are just plain scary... I also have to admit I almost never read the news, I try and stay informed by listening to NPR on the way to work but most of the time I just don't really care...


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