Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Duck Boobies!

I never get to watch "girly" movies or shows. I think my husband has it pretty good, personally. We watch movies he chooses, such as Howard the Duck and Conan the Barbarian (If you have never seen Howard the Duck, you are a lucky person! The best part of the whole movie is seeing lady duck boobs! So weird...). I have practically given up "girly" movies. He despises Sex and the City. He cringes at romantic comedies. Because of him, I now find most romantic comedies unbearably cheesy.

So, DH knew that I did not want to cook dinner last night, due to the high heat and humidity. I cooked him dinner anyway, like a good wifey. Chicken teriyaki with sauteed red onions and red peppers over fried rice. Because of this, he felt inclined to let me choose a movie to watch. Well, let me back up. I was only "allowed" to choose a movie because amazingly HBO OnDemand (Comcast) had taken The Pacific off! We watched three episodes, most recently Monday night. And POOF! it was gone. So in his mourning state, he agreed to watch a movie I have wanted to see for quite a while, Away We Go.

It was quirky and fun and had great music! Maya Rudolph from SNL is 6 months preggo in the movie, and her boyfriend/baby daddy is Jim from the Office. It really made me want to get knocked up even more than I already do, if that's possible. I definitely recommend this movie!

After Away We Go, I flipped on TLC. The show "Quintuplet Surprise" was on. I had never heard of it, but wow... I missed the beginning of the show, but I'm assuming they were on some kind of fertility medicine or something. The babies cost them over $5000 a month. I could not imagine!


  1. Hahaha, That duck is kinda creeping me out! lol

    You are such a good wife for cooking when you don't want to! And holy moley, 5k a month for quints!!! *faints*

  2. Yeah, the duck is super creepy! I made him rewind that part of the movie like 5 times because it was so weird and/or funny!

    And thanks! It's all about compromise, right? He's making dinner tonight ;)


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