Thursday, June 17, 2010

Google Baby

First, here are some links as to what I'm talking about:
Article on Wall Street Journal
IMDB profile on Google Baby

So I caught the end of this documentary last night on HBO. I wish I would have seen the whole thing, as I feel like my opinions and judgments are a bit skewed, but oh well.

I did not see any stories about the people wanting to have the children. I assumed it was with their own sperm and eggs, and they just needed a surrogate. After reading the IMDB summary, however, I see that often times the sperm and eggs were just bought.

I can definitely see how it appeals to people. I can also see why people would opt for this.

The two things that left me disturbed:

#1) In the part of the documentary that I caught, it was showing a young Indian woman giving birth. She was miserable. Not screaming or crying or anything, but her eyes had this kind of dead look. When the baby was born, the doctor said something about "It's a white baby!" and the surrogate didn't even care to look at the baby that had been in her belly for so long. Also, the parent(s) couldn't make it to get the baby right then. So some other Indian woman, who wasn't the surrogate, was going to take care of the baby, including breastfeeding it, until the parents could come pick it up.

What bothers me most about that scenario is that the poor baby won't have that immediate connection with it's mother. But then again, I think about adoption, and it's about the same way. It was just sad to me that no one was there anxiously awaiting to see the freshly born baby.

#2) I feel in some way that this is exploiting these women in India. I'm sure it pays decent (however I missed the beginning where it probably talked about it). And it showed the surrogates (about 7 of them) in one room just laying on beds watching one 13" b&w tv. It's just...bizarre. I wonder if they care at all about the baby inside them?

I guess I just feel like this is somehow taking the humanity out of having children. I realize a human is still having the baby, but there is no attachment. At least none that I observed in the dead eyes of the surrogate.

In the IMDB summary, it talked about that lady in her late 50s who wanted a baby. I'm not sure what other options she would have. But why rule out adoption? It makes me wonder if she was unfit for adoption or something? Idk.


  1. That's really interesting the little bit that you did catch.
    Yeah, IMO of course these Indian women are being taken advantage of and exploited. I doubt the pay is even that good. Probably goes to some head honcho that pockets most of it and gives nothing to these women. Hope that's not correct though.

  2. Yeah, I think it's safe to say the guy running this thing is making some good money. I'm sure that we would be offended by whatever amount he is paying the surrogates, but in a less-developed area, it's probably good money. Just kind of makes me sad for them tho. :(

  3. Wow, that is really shocking! I am going to have to find this and watch it.


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