Monday, June 14, 2010

I won't drown in the ocean for starving my place at the table

I love my mom, very much. And I know she means well. But twice now in the last week has she told me about her supervisor at work who is pregnant. The first time she told me the story, the supervisor had been trying for 12 years. The next time it was 5. Apparently (according to my mom, which means it is completely unreliable! Getting information from her is like playing that telephone game when you are a kid. It's never the same message as it was in the beginning!) this couple had done loads of fertility treatments and all that for years, and never got pregnant. And now they are doing nothing and BAM! preggo. So mom tells me to not worry about it and it will happen. That's easy for her to say. She had me at age 23, five (almost six!) years younger than I am now.

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